Building Community in Blogger Outreach


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Building Community in Blogger Outreach

  1. 1. Building Communityin Blogger Outreach { BlogWorld – Social Media Business Summit June 2012 Jenn Pedde @JPedde @TheCmgr
  2. 2. Things to Cover…  What is Blogger Outreach?  What is Community Management?  What are traditional functions of both areas?  Possibilities when doing both together well  Popular & Unpopular Methods  Tools for Blogger Outreach
  3. 3. What is BloggerOutreach?  Blog:  A website containing a writer’s own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other websites  Outreach:  The act of extending services, benefits, etc., to a wider section of the population, as in community work i.e. “an education outreach program”
  4. 4. Traditional BloggerOutreach Goals PR Brand Awareness
  5. 5. What is CommunityManagement? Traditionally it’s Customer/User Focused:  Internally Owned Properties for Customers  Websites, Blogs, Forums, Platforms, Newsletters  Externally Unowned Properties for Customers  Social Communities on Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, etc.
  6. 6. Other sides of CommunityManagement  Internal Employee Communication  Business 2 Business Relationship Building  Building Community in External Blogger Outreach
  7. 7. Blogger Outreach Possibilities  SEO / Linkbuilding  Increased Sales  Engaged Customers/Users  Product Testing  Being the dominant voice in your industry  Being the most trusted voice in your industry
  8. 8. What Does the BloggerHave? Traffic Influence Targeted Audience Potential Social Media Assets Authoritative Website Friends An Opinion About You
  9. 9. What Do You Have? Content Knowledge Resources Tools A Product or Service
  10. 10. Popular Blogger OutreachMethods  Infographics  Giveaways  Product Testing/Reviews/Snea k Peeks  Guest Blogging  Badges  Ambassador Programs
  11. 11. Unpopular Blogger Outreach Methods Sending announcements / press releases Pitching your service/product/company Write about me! Write about me! Lying Cold calling…in blog format.
  12. 12. So how do you becomethis guy?
  13. 13. 1) Know Your Blogs
  14. 14. 2) Have a Game Plan Goals Projects Themes Lists Research
  15. 15. 3) Individualize YourPitch
  16. 16. 4) Play by Blogger Rules Follow the Blogger’s Guidelines as stated by their website.
  17. 17. 5) Don’t “Hit It & Quit It”  Blogger outreach is like getting married.
  18. 18. 6) Build on the Relationship Keep coming back for more Set reminders to follow up with lists one month, 3 months, 6 months later
  19. 19. Case of the Wrong NameDear Organization,  My name is not Joseph Smith. This man has apparently confused his own email address with mine. In fact this email in general is very hurtful to me. I suffer from and lost a foot to diabetes. I therefore cannot participate in your "race" as I am hobbled. Perhaps I would be willing to participate if I could borrow Wilford Brimleys horse from his commercials. Is that something you could arrange? Please look into this. If I am able to ride a horse for the cure I may reconsider being involved. If you are unable to meet these conditions I would ask that you respectfully stop sending me emails that are meant for an inept computer user. Thank you kindly, JARED Smith Jared, I apologize for this mix up. I deleted the email address from Joseph Smith’s account, so the messages being sent to you in error should stop. Please let me know if you receive any more.  Thank You, Outreach & Administrative Coordinator Any word on my request for the horse?  No horses allowed on the race course…not this year. I’ll make a request to our Race director, though. :)"-Thank you, Outreach & Administrative Coordinator"
  20. 20. Never Lie. “Let’s just clarify here. This email is addressed to a website. I got this email on a Thursday. The post she said she enjoyed was the one where I had to dig up my recently deceased dog. It’s pretty clear that Misty had never read my blog before.” with-me-but-i-really-doubt-it/
  21. 21. Blogger Outreach Tools Buzzstream SEOmoz BlogDash GroupHigh Klout Cision (mostly PR)
  22. 22. Buzzstream  Link Prospect Research  Relationship Management  Outreach  Project & Task Management  List Building  Team Communication
  23. 23. Buzzstream:
  24. 24. SEOmoz  Weekly Crawls & Rank Tracking  Page Authority, Domain Authority and link data without leaving a single page (Toolbar)  Webinars, Community, new SEO info
  25. 25. SEOmoz
  26. 26. Thank You   Jenn Pedde    @JPedde  @TheCmgr 