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Presentation evernote

  1. 1. Organized Note Taking with A presentation by Jennifer Collins
  2. 2. Happiness is living in a neat mess, right? Not always. Get organized with Evernote!
  3. 3. What is Evernote? • Evernote is a web service and software application that can be used to take class notes and keep them organized in one convenient place. • Evernote is free. • Notes created using an Evernote account can be accessed from a wide array of platforms. •The company motto is “remember everything” and Evernote helps to do just that.
  4. 4. What Can You Do With Evernote? •Take and access notes from almost any device with a wireless or mobile network connection. •Keep organized with customized notebooks and searchable tags. •Scan and add documents or upload pictures to notes easily. •Capture screen shots from websites and send them to your notebook. •Clip articles, discussions, and images from the web. •Make Audio Notes using your device’s microphone. •Share notebooks to work on group research projects. •Send notes to an email address, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other participating websites.
  5. 5. Using Evernote •To create an account go to You will then have the option to install it for Windows or Linux computers or to download it from the App store for Mac OSX devices. •Once you have an account you can download the Evernote app on your smart phone or tablet devices. •Sign in and you are ready to use the program!
  6. 6. Evernote Layout
  7. 7. Taking Notes •The font bar appears at the top of all Notes and helps to format and organize your text •Selected Format options are highlighted in blue.
  8. 8. Notebooks •To create a new Notebook go to “File” and Select New Notebook •All Notebooks are displayed on the left side of the screen. New notes will become part of the selected notebook.
  9. 9. Tagging Numbers next to the tag name indicate the number of notes marked with specific tags. •Add new tags manually by clicking in the space below the title of the note and typing them in, or go to “File” and select “New Tag”.
  10. 10. Audio Notes To create an Audio Note as part of an existing Note click the audio icon in the font bar. •Click “record” to start an Audio Note. •When you have finished recording hit “save”. •The Audio Note will now appear in the body of your selected Note. To rename it simply right click and select “rename”.
  11. 11. Clipping Items from the Web •Find an article you would like to save to Evernote and then click on the Evernote Elephant tab on your browser. •Evernote will highlight the entire article by default with yellow bars on each side. Bars can be adjusted if students only want a portion of the article. You can also manually highlight items with your mouse and then clip them.
  12. 12. Clipping Items from the Web •When you have clicked on the Elephant Clipper Icon the following window will appear. Decide which Notebook you want the article to be clipped to and add relevant tags. There is also a space to add an annotation. Click “save article”.
  13. 13. Clipping Items from the Web • The next time you Sync Evernote from the web, your phone, computer, or tablet the article will appear in the selected Notebook. •You can then add your own notes to the bottom of the article or copy and paste relevant portions of the article into other notes. •Images from clipped notes can be copied and pasted into other notes. •Clipped notes can also be shared as part of group projects and emails.
  14. 14. Tips for Searching in Evernote •Intitle:”KEYWORD” •Notebook:”NOTEBOOKTITLE KEYWORD” •Any:”MULTIPLE, KEYWORDS” • -tag:”KEYWORD” •Resource:”KEYWORD •Resource:image/* •Resource:image/JPG. Try the following advanced search tips to find notes quickly and efficiently:
  15. 15. Saving Search Preferences There is a simple way to save your favorite search settings in Evernote. In the search bar type the query that you want saved in your settings. Then, click “edit” to to “find” and click “save search”. Give the search a descriptive but easy to remember name, and click “ok”. The search is now saved and will pop up as an option next time you click the search bar.
  16. 16. Exporting Notes Evernote makes exporting you notes for backup, or transfer easy. Embedded images, audio notes and PDFs will be preserved in exported notes.
  17. 17. Conclusion • Evernote helps you to stay organized by keeping all of your class notes in one convenient location. • Notes are Synced to the Cloud which means your notes are protected in case a computer is broken, malfunctions, or is stolen. •You can access your notes from almost any device with an internet or mobile connection. • This has only been a brief survey of what Evernote can do. The more you use it the better it gets. Get an account and try it out for yourself.