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AIESEC UWA Network Contribution Award Application, July 2012
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AIESEC UWA Network Contribution Award Application, July 2012


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Published in: Education, Business

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  • 1. AIESEC UWANetwork Contribution Award 2011-2012
  • 2. Contribution to Global NetworkOver the past 12 months, AIESEC UWA has continued its tradition of notbeing only active nationally but globally as well. AIESEC UWA strives to offerits members a life-changing experience through exchange as well as CEEDsand international conferences. We believe that a connection to our globalnetwork is crucial in allowing members to develop themselves further and forthem to establish a deep bond with our organisation.Currently, AIESEC UWA has strong ties with AIESEC Victoria in NewZealand. This bond was established at APXLDS 2011 and has flourishedsince. Communication with the LCP, VP ICX, VP TM and VP MAC areregular in order to help one another achieve its goals. The partnership withAIESEC Victoria also involves sending videos (dances, chants) to oneanother monthly.AIESEC Victoria and AIESEC UWA work well together and will continue todo, given the similarity in the reality of both LCs.
  • 3. Contribution to Global NetworkOver the past 12 months, AIESECUWA has encouraged its members toget involved in the various avenuesthat the organisation offers globally.AIESEC UWA sent 5 delegates toAPXLDS 2012 in Japan, wherebyclose ties were built with Belgium,Poland, Russia, The Philippines and Furthermore, AIESEC UWA has also urgedmany more. Attendance at the members to go on other countries’ nationalconference has helped AIESEC UWA conferences in order to have a sense ofin pre-matching our SLAP interns AIESEC’s global impact. As such, we haveand in being involved with AIESEC had 2 delegates at Poland’s NationalMoscow’s project for Australian EPs. Conference in December, 1 facilitator at AIESEC Rzeszow’s conference and 1 delegate at AIESEC Nottingham’s induction conference.
  • 4. Contribution to Global Network In addition to conferences, AIESEC UWA has encouraged its members to get involved in CEEDs. Currently, we have a CEED in external communications at AIESEC CBS, Denmark. This CEED is year-long and is being done whilst our member is completing her study exchange program.AIESEC UWA has also been lucky to have a CEED from AIESEC Jaipur,India. Currently, the LCP of AIESEC Jaipur is working with AIESEC UWA toattract Rio Tinto to our Global Workforce Solutions Program. Communicationbetween our VPBD and the LCP has been regular and meetings with RioTinto are scheduled. The CEED will go for a duration of 2 months, in whichthe LCP of AIESEC Jaipur will complete this internship with Rio Tinto.
  • 5. Contribution to Global NetworkAs mentioned previously, attendance of our VPOGX at APXLDS 2012 hasestablished strong links between the LC and AIESEC Moscow.AIESEC Moscow is planning a project, to be realised in November-December, for Australian EPs only. Through talks and negotiation atAPXLDS, AIESEC UWA has been the LC communicating and working onthe Moscow project. Even though, AIESEC UWA could have kept the14places the project offers for itself, the partnership has been moved from anAIESEC UWA to an AIESEC Australia partnership.Our VPOGX has sent several emails to the VP OGX around the nation andas a result, 7 LCs are interested in participating in the project.
  • 6. Contribution to National NetworkAIESEC UWA has established itself a strong entity in the national network withmany GCPs including our marketing strategy, LC structure and extensive talentmanagement plans.As such, the LC has undertaken further responsibility in helping other LCsaround the nation build strong foundations for future growth. AIESEC UWA ispassionate about growth of the LC and the nation as over the past two years,AIESEC UWA has grown tremendously. We believe that with the rightfoundations and right mentality, anything is possible.
  • 7. Contribution to National NetworkANU Hosting AgreementOver the past 12 months, AIESEC UWA andAIESEC ANU have worked closely together due toour hosting agreement. Despite ups and downsand the distance that separates us, both partieshave continuously tried to help one another and toremain in contact.Through the hosting agreement, AIESEC ANU has benefitted from beingrepresented at SM day through the WA SM, has had support and guidance virtuallyfrom the UWA EB, particularly in the areas of talent management and businessdevelopment, and have had access to WA’s regional support teams in finance andbusiness development, marketing and outgoing exchange.Moreover, AIESEC ANU has benefitted from being part of the WANU region. Theyhave gained a sense of belonging to the region and have thoroughly enjoyedrepresenting WAR at VicCon 2012 and at WA’s StateCon.
  • 8. Contribution to National NetworkCurtin Hosting AgreementOver the past six months, AIESEC UWA has worked closed with itsmembership base at Curtin University to enable our organisation to have abigger impact regionally and nationally.Throughout this time, AIESEC UWA has extensively reached out to Curtinthrough several avenues including functional coaching chats in businessdevelopment, marketing, outgoing exchange, finance and talentmanagement.This guidance and support has recently been formalised through Curtin’sexpansion application. According to the agreement between both parties, theformalised matrix structure whether Curtin becomes an expansion or is anextension of AIESEC UWA. Through this agreement. AIESEC UWA will guideCurtin through re-strategizing its LC plan and monthly tracking. Furthermore,functional tracking and coaching will be done by AIESEC UWA’s EB on afortnightly basis.
  • 9. Contribution to National NetworkFurthermore, AIESEC UWA is currently in the planning stages of the website(EP Blog) that won the LC solutions challenge at VicCon 2012.Such website will involve a map of the world, on which, photos will be placedon the places that we have sent EPs to as a nation. When one clicks on thephotos, the EP’s blog, photos and videos will open in another page.The cost of the website has been approved by the Local CommitteeDevelopment Fund and will be up and running by the start of semester 2,2012.
  • 10. LC Contribution to National Goals Australia UWA LC ContributionTN 34 3 8.82%EP 269 65 24.16%TMP 622 168 27%TLP 266 70 26.31%
  • 11. AIESEC UWA is renowned for its extensive presence at national conferences.The LC has successfully incorporated the importance of conferences into one’sAIESEC experience and as such, currently has 63% of its membership basehaving gone to a national conference.Number of Delegates at National Conferences- 34 at JulyCon 2011- 2 at SPMs 2011- 6 at VicCon 2012- 6 at NLDS 2012- 23 at JulyCon 2012