Holbeck Construction College


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Holbeck Construction College

  1. 1. Construction College & Community Centre 7084726 Jenine Ragab Urban StudioDesign Studio Design StudioIntegrated Technology Holbeck & the Rim Design Proposal
  2. 2. This document summarizes a set of design principles,proposed for the regeneration of Holbeck, a district 15minutes from Leeds City Centre. The masterplan takesinspiration from and makes reference to itssurroundings, seeking to transform Holbeck, physically,socially, economically and environmentally into asustainable and viable community.While the world changes at an ever more rapid pace,the people within it need something familiar to hangon to if they are to accept new place making on alarge scale. They want to be able to recognise it andfeel a degree of ownership, just as they did a centuryago, prior to its deterioration and neglect.With it once being the industrial powerhouse to the cityof Leeds, the time has come for Holbeck to reclaim itsstatus; providing the community with the knowledgethey need for a more positive and sustainable lifestyle.The community of Holbeck needs an educationalfacility with a difference, where people who feelisolated can belong and those that need the support tobetter themselves can find that helping hand.The college will focus primarily on teachingconstruction and technology skills- providing a handson experience rather than the common monotonousblackboard approach, which often lacks the inspirationand creativity that is needed to stimulate the mind.With the proposal of a new residential development tobe sited adjacent to the college, it will be here that thenewly acquired skills of the community are put intopractice- first learning and then applying their skills inthe construction of these new flexible dwellings.The college will constantly draw inspiration from thebelief that.....If you tell me Ill forget,If you show me I may remember, butIf you involve me Ill understand.The college itself will be a new model with the ideathat it belongs to all the people of Holbeck, not matterwhat their background. The college will become a hub,bringing people together......Jenine Ragab REGENERATION>>> HOLBECK
  3. 3. Leeds in a European Context British Isles- Leeds in Context Leeds City Centre & Rim of disconnection>>>INITIAL OBSERVATIONS Disjointed community from City centreAllotments available tocommunity –opportunity topromote a more sustainable &healthy lifestyle HOLBECK Strong industrial heritage-apparent HOLBECK throughout. MOOR Ignored potential of Holbeck viaduct During the last decade Leeds City Centre has seen a renaissance. The skyline has dramatically changed. Money through development has been made in considerable sums. However, in stark contrast, the Rim around the centre of Leeds has looked on, stagnant. Is this fair?...... The Urban Studio will explore the potential of the Rim, particularly to the South of the city and specifically Holbeck..... Community broken up Heavy through traffic along Top >>>IN CONTEXT Moorside causing division Housing in relatively poor state-in need of restoration Division caused by motorwayFormer Matthew Murray Schoolsite left dormant-potential site forredevelopment >>>INITIAL OBSERVATIONS >>> IDENTFY
  5. 5. There are major concerns regarding employmentdeprivation, health deprivation anddisability, educational opportunitiesand the living environment of thecommunity of Holbeck....... have a household income of less Statistics show that with regards alcohol related deaths are the to mortality rate, smoking and most common respectively. 40% affecting health it is in orders that are the most of households within Holbeck £10,000. eral level of ill health due than ion, there are common When observing statistics 40% fact mental & behavioural dis ere deprevat that suffer from sevWithin Holbeck over of prevalent. sity and a gen ge pregnancies, obethe population is considered to and smoking to heavy drinkingbe in ill health, with26% of thesepeople having Like many areas >>>PROPOSITION:a lifelong limit- issues such as teena NURTURING THE COMMUNITYing illness.ONS Beeston& Holbeck >>>IDENTIFY: THE REALITYWard A new way of living-creating a new residential area The City Commuter-an ideal which strives location in close proximity to towards reducing the city centre, with the Creating a core to its carbon footprint proposal of a direct green link the community with and providing a Rejuvenating the existing along the viaduct. The new the introduction of sustainable way of allotment area; educating Introducing a place for higher education- residential development will a hybrid working in conjunction with the existing living the community and provide an opportunity to educational facility providing them with the Ingram Primary School ,providing an expand thus creating a →investigate, tools to led a healthier opportunity for the community to further lifetime home. analyse and lifestyle. their potential mediate. Revitalising the existing back Urban Forest-providing an to back terraces-enhancing Shared Space –improving ideal environment for social cohesion the urban environment outdoor activities NURTURING THE COMMUNITY>>> PROPOSE
  6. 6. 1815-2010>>> TIMELINE Urban Identity Key LOCATION WITHIN LEEDS >>>THE RIM Proposed construction college: At the By analysing the area of which the centre Back to Back Housing Stock heart of the community-bridging the Buildings of Heritage Industrial-In Use Public buildings Restoration Required: is proposed for and reviewing its personal gap between existing and new attributions and context, we can begin to Housing-mixed development. Proposed -Low priority gather key information which will Industrial Poor development-good influence the design of the building and in demolition sites -Medium priority State/Derelict condition -High priority turn result in the right environmental design solutions and strategies being made. The climatic data of the site, shown in the graph below, demonstrates a generally cool temperature throughout the year, which must be taken into consideration when insulating the building and when assessing the use of passive ventilation. With the area seeing moderate to high rainfall throughout the year, there is much potential for rainwater collection and reuse. The new construction college will be situated here on the The images on the following page, observe former Matthew Murray High the area on a Macro Level. School site. With the site being independent from its neighbouring buildings, our centre already has the advantage of not being affected by overshadowing. With this opportunity of gaining large amounts of solar radiation coupled with the medium to high sunlight hours, the area demonstrates great potential for the integration of passive solar design and solar energy solutions Massing Urban Identity City Centre into the scheme. Beyond this climatic analysis, it is notable The massing of Holbeck elucidates a that the close proximity of this site to Leeds well established dense building City Centre, emphasised further by the language. This reinforces the concept Disused viaduct providing potential of the disused viaduct to the of creating a walkable community-a key link for employment. North of the site, is ideal for employees sustainable concept which enhances working in the City who are looking for social cohesion. additional training to supplement their The urban identity of Holbeck career, as well as a key connection for the highlights the major need for people of Holbeck. regeneration. It is visible that there is an existing community which must remain at the forefront of this. There is great potential with direct links to surrounding industrial areas as SITE highlight by access and connections, as well as the forgotten urban fabric of Holbeck, which will is fundamental Linear connection along Brown to the overall regeneration of the ` Direct connection to Lane-main thoroughfare town. industrial zone Climatic Data-Holbeck, Leeds Access & Connection SITE>>> ANALYSIS SITE>>> ANALYSIS
  7. 7. The overall urban strategy for the town of Holbeck, is continuously reinforced by what the place encompasses. It is vital that the towns identity remains at the forefront and that any new development purely enhances what already exists. It is effortless to propose changes to an existing area and end it there, but it is a true commitment to that community when usingPROGRAM>>> ANALYSIS those proposals as a stepping stone towards a better way of life. The key agendas for the revitalisation of Holbeck address issues raised by the people themselves. It is undeniable that they truly know what their needs are, experiencing these concerns first hand. The urban strategy is not to be seen as a short term solution for Holbeck, but a life time commitment and a new way of living. COMPONENTS >>> IDENTFY
  8. 8. The proposals which make up the urban strategy are all part of enriching the town of Holbeck, but who isThe construction college embodies and further enhances a new way of living. With the responsible for making it all happen??........promotion of a more sustainable lifestyle, the centre will become the engine that powers thecommunity. Such renewable features of the proposed new housing, as creating energy and Building the new flexible houses will contribute greatly to up-skilling the community.harnessing water, will be enhanced here-with key components such as the combined heat and -brick layerspower system being sited here. -carpentry -electriciansBeyond this however, there is an underlying educational purpose to the centre. The deprivation These are just a handful of trades that will be needed in part of the construction. The centre will providewithin Holbeck at present is extremely high. With the introduction of new housing and the apprenticeships for the people of Holbeck, and in turn both the person as well as the community will reaprestoration of the area, this issue begins to be addressed, but it is key that the people as the rewards.individuals are given a life line that not only benefits them on a personal level, but that alsoenables the town of Holbeck to be ‘rebuilt’. Greening the streets of the existing back to back terrace houses is a major part of promoting social cohesion within the community and an outdoor space that all can be proud of. -civil engineers & site workers -landscape designers -gardeners Such trades are vital in making this happen. In addition to this they will also aid in..... Creating a place for the people, such as the proposed communal space situated at the top of Brown Lane. In addition to learning such trades the public can also learn about healthier ways of living and protecting the environment; improving their overall lifestyle and well being. Enjoying the new flexible housing and green space. Urban Retrofitting the streets of Holbeck Bridging the gap between as designed and actual performance. >>>PROGRAM ANALYSIS Places for people- a communal space for all to be part of. PROGRAM ANALYSIS: A BY-PRODUCT>>> PROPOSE
  9. 9. By analysing the purpose and function of each distinguished area within the centre, such environmental issues as heating, ventilation and lighting Ground Floor First Floor can be addressed. Certain events within a building can generate excessive Children’s Play ZoneLearning with Crèche heat or produce superfluous moisture and therefore require particular Nature COMMUNITY design specifications to accommodate these spaces. Light quality can also have a direct impact on the comfort of a space, therefore highlighting the ARCADE task and general illumination of an area is key. Indoor GardensBiodiversity Natural Daylight Habitat Control Reception LIBRARY Community Arcade Study areas Help Desk The heart of both the These learning areas centre and the community-a large will be open primarily to the Offices indoor space, for recreation and students for use in both group Office ICT sessions and individual studies. Naturally Lit access to all adjoining zones. Meeting Study Areas The public may also use them on Rooms Staff Room request. Kitchen Consultation Managers CAFE facilities Workshops Library Offices office The library will Soft Lighting Practical work spaces- each designated to a specific facilitate both the community and the Cookery skill. Direct delivery access for centre, providing a key information First Aid heavy goods and materials. and ICT zone to all. Department Lecture Theatre Classrooms WCs Task Lighting These spaces should be Toilet facilities Workshops COLLEGE flexible to accommodate a variety pin pointed around the centre for of subjects and methods of both students, staff and the teaching, to small or larger groups public. of students. Power Wood Work Conservation Shade Tolerable Consultation rooms Changing rooms Changing rooms and Electrics Private space for the shower facilities for the community to use. These areas POWER GENERATION Group Learning provide a private meeting space when students, in close proximity to the centres practical workshops. Areas seeking advice and help from the Brickwork Classrooms centre. Willow Daylight control Coppice CHP Quiet Learning (combined heat & Site-work Areas Kitchen Lecture rooms power system) The cafe kitchen will Primarily the theatre will be available to the students for also occasional play host to the Plumbing group seminars, however the space will cookery departments students, for Naturally practical experience. also offer an auditorium for pre booked Sustainable Ventilated public events. Water System Rainwater Harvesting Reception Offices Foul Water Photovoltaic Mechanically Situated at the entrance Staff facilities will Treatment Solar to the community arcade, the reception provide office and consultation System ventilated Gain will be the initial information point space as well as a central staff for both students and members of public. room for recreation. >>>PROXIMITY DIAGRAM Cafe Power Generation Private Heated in Winter The proximity diagram, demonstrates the importance of the The cafe offers a Building systems, Educational Facilities building layout and how spaces work in conjunction with one another in order to create a harmonious environment. recreational space to students, as well as key public space for the community. z including both mechanical and passive systems- sited here for maintenance and building governance. Public Areas The diagram shows, that even when a building is comprised of a number of functions, it is still integral that each Sustainable individual space works as part of an overall strategy and Zones not independently. >>>PROGRAM SCHEDULE STRATEGIC VISION >>> SUPPOSE
  10. 10. The roof topography is This dynamic environmental enclosure is being designed with conservation 1. Community arcade → Hydrophilic roof used to direct water to enclosing main space: aiding power generation and education requirements as key principles. depressions where large and harvesting rainwater amounts can be stored -> 2. Cafe & kitchen → upper level: additional cafe Such methods of water The idea of having this shared semi open space would make any members of seating and student recreation area. collection can be seen in the community passing through feel part of the building 3. Library → upper level: ICT suite insects with hydrophilic— 4. Lecture Theatre water attracting—and 5. Crèche hydrophobic water 6. Cookery Department repelling—biological 7. Woodwork & Pre-fabricated housing features, created to The roofscape is incorporated into a system of construction. intersperse, collect and urban green surfaces that provide important 8. Brickwork direct the flow of water. links for the migration of species, possibly 9. Civil engineering (groundworks) supporting existing biotope structures and 10. Power conservation habitat networks and promoting biodiversity 11. Plumbing in the local environment. Access to the roofscape from 12. Electrics inside the building 13. Staff Zone-offices and consultation rooms 14. Plant Room & Environmental Studies Direct delivery access to workshops Brown Lane Car Park Main Entrance ADirect link to 7 2 new 6 1 residentialdevelopment 3 11 12 13 8 9 10 A plerergate is a polymorph of an ant, also known as a replete or rotund, 14 4 characterized by an enlarged abdominal area, for the purpose of food storage. This occurs in honey ants. Other ants then extract nourishment from them. They function essentially 5 as living larders. This function is ideal for working in conjunction with the hydrophilic Ground Floor Plan 1:1000 A roofscape, collecting water and storing it. Crèche opening directly out onto play zone The reactive facade responds to movement of passers by, creating a staggered image in motion KEY: Initial Impression of construction college- Public Educational A section through the central space and roofscape First Floor Plan 1:1000 Environmental >>>HOLBECK CONSTRUCTION COLLEGE STRATEGIC VISION >>> SUPPOSE
  11. 11. Hydrophilic Roof The main roof ETFE is to be used in the construction of the roof.>>>LONGITUDINAL SECTION A-A structure will be It’s u-value of 1.96 w/m²°K outweighs that of >>>MATERIAL EFFICIENCY AS PART OF A composed of triple glazing, as well as having an extremely triangulated Glulam high light transmittance and the benefit of being SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION joists which will be extremely lightweight. the preliminary The existing support to the ETFE ETFE can be recycled with ease, but due to its architecture of cushions. These will properties (does not degrade under UV light, Holbeck, consists be integrated with a sunlight, weather, pollution) it has a very long mostly of the Victorian photovoltaic life which is estimated between 50-100 years, era and therefore the membrane, utilising making the need for recycling small. Excess use of brick is the vast area for material from the cushion manufacturing process substantial. As shown maximum solar can be recycled effectively by all ETFE suppliers. to the left many of the gain. original back to back terrace houses have already been, and are proposed for, demolition. It is proposed that full advantage shall be taken here, and reclamation of materials shall be integrated into the colleges construction. Principle of integration: PV Flexibles on the ETFE cushion structure Timber shall be used extensively throughout the building, composing d Sustainable Goals>>>HYDROPHILIC ROOF STRUCTURE the structural system of the college. Timber columns shall be used in conjunction with large Glulam beams d Energy d Materials d Water which will span the building and Material selection Waste Management provide structural support to the adjoining triangulated roof system. The canopy of the Glulam Sustainably sourced timber shall be The concept behind the overall roof design has been maintained-with the trees’ will channel the rainwater down from the used as much as possible. Efficient use of finite d Use less material d Waster avoidance and minimisation intention of educating the people rooftop. through design still prevalent. This has been developed further, with the natural materials d Use local C&D waste/reclaimed products d Return surplus material idea that the function of the roof is d Segregate, recover, exaggerated externally and that the users view the structure and the Minimising environmental d Use products with higher recycled content reclaim and recycle ‘mechanics’ from within the main Specification of materials arcade. damage d with low environmental impact>>>HOLBECK CONSTRUCTION COLLEGE STRUCTURE & MATERIAL CHOICE>>> SUPPOSE
  12. 12. “Urban theory and architectural theory of any kind operates at the level of opinion. It is successful not as a predictive device but as a prescriptive one. Its success is measured to the extent it persuades the undertaking of Taking advantage of the South real action.”Cantilevered over orientation of the building and At the heart of thethe surrounding integrating photovoltaics into ‘University of Life’ → William Ellis, Opposition Reader, Princeton Architectural Press,grounds → the roofscape → the main zone of the 1998 the area aiding in the sustainable building is spreadprovides an ideal heating and lighting of the across two levels →work space for building. the lower levelobservational accessible from allstudies directions and the Working with mother upper level nature → the green overlooking the room living roof provides a below. permeable surface for rainwater and enhances natural insulation → the community can fully interact with their surroundings with the ability to walk and lay on the roofscape. Raising the entire educational centre up creates a direct The sustainable water thoroughfare through facility demonstrates the ways in the facility- which water can be used most encouraging people to Reed bed and gabion efficiently and elucidates how such approach and integrate wall sewage Cantilevered upper a system works. within the ‘university of treatment system level-extension of educational facility and life’ observation area. View from educational facility- allowing analysis of living facilities and everyday life to take place Creating a direct thoroughfare -Access, movement and circulation -Upper Level of main educational hub -Outer buildings >>>Initial configuration of through the facility- encouraging people to approach and -Outdoor green space core facilities integrate within the ‘university of -Main educational facilities -Cantilevered ‘viewing’ platform life’ -Sustainable Water facility -New residential quarters -Ponds-as part of the sustainable water system STRATEGIC VISION >>> SUPPOSE
  13. 13. The concept behind Holbeck ConstructionCollege is derived from its context andsurroundings.A strong identity is formed by the existing backto back terrace houses and the way in which theyare placed.The parallel arrangement, creates a patternbetween the street, form and threshold. With thestreet being the point of interaction, it becomesthe driving force behind a sense of place.Applying these factors creates a dialogue >>> existing terrace formationbetween what is new and what already exists. >>> applying new form COMMUNITY ACADEMIC STREET’ ‘THE >>> utilising the formation >>> building configuration >Terrace threshold >College threshold >>> vertical and horizontal cohesion ARCHITECTURAL LANGUAGE>>> PROPOSE
  14. 14. THEORY: FORM>>>The hypothesis of the building was derived from thecommunities needs and its relation in fulfilling thoserequirements.With the building being a multi-functional space, it wasvital that there was a distinguished connection between spacesthroughout. The structure and form is composed of a number of facades transforming intowrapped elements; withroofs and walls amalgamating into walkways. >>> wrapping concept fluidityThis striking technique elucidates the of spaces within,demonstrating that this a cohesive space.The wrapped elements go beyond this, allowing the access ofnatural light, as well as framing views over the buildingssurroundings.Holbeck Construction College strives to cultivate space thatembraces, encourages and empowers thepeople that occupy it. >>>Visual interpretation of the South side of the college, with the design element of wrapping, becoming visible throughout. ARCHITECTURAL LANGUAGE>>> PROPOSE
  15. 15. Pre-fabricated straw-bale panels Straw-bale construction techniques have changed little CO2 → 50% of the worlds YOUR CARBON ASSET independently certified forests since they were developed in the 19th Century. Other are in Europe. Sustainable forest building materials have evolved to suit machine- Increasing the environmental management for timber manufacturing in factories, while straw-bales are typically production converts CO2 from hand-made. This is why, even today, straw-bales are return on your investment the atmosphere into building products. mostly used to build domestic houses.Carbon homes and carbon For a building on the scale of Holbeck Construction TIMBER → Across its product College, modern techniques are required. Whereas strawschools deliver measurable lifecycle timber has the lowestenvironmental return in stored energy consumption of any bales are often used as load-bearing walls, we are usingCO2 that can be offset against building material. Timber them as insulation within a hanging curtain wall. Whereasemissions associated with the structures are carbon negative. straw bales are usually hand-laid on-site, resulting inconstruction of new buildings. variable quality and a longer programme, our straw bales STRUCTURE → Timber acts as a carbon sink. A solid timber are pre-fabricated off-site, in a controlled environment,A return on your investment Carbon Home contains 30-40m3 of and delivered on-site ready to assemble.that demonstrates a clear timber, equivalent to However, remote manufacturing greatly increases approximately 32 tonnes of CO2. embodied energy by requiring the transport of materialsenvironmental contribution anda commitment to the UK’s ENERGY → Recover energy from over a long distance. The College will use a manufacturingcarbon reduction policies. timber. Recycling timber products process known as the ‘flying factory’. Rather than Modern technology in straw-bale construction into energy releases more stored fabricating the straw-bale panels in a distant factory, energy than was used in the products production. panels will be assembled in a local barn. This will also bring employment to the local community. Design considerations Issues Wood Straw Render (Lime) >>>How it’s made • Life cycle cost • Maintenance cost Aspirations • Create a highly sustainable development • Overall goal to reduce CO2 A manufacturing process known as the emissions ‘flying factory’ was used to produce It takes 3 hours to make 1 the modular cladding system. Rather Approaches straw-bale panel. than fabricating the straw-bale panels in The College brief is for the new a distant factory, panels were Each full height panel is 13 building prefabricated in a local barn using meters long and weighs to achieve a minimum BREEAM local labour and delivered ready to be almost 2 tons. rating of put in place. ‘Excellent’. There are a number of design The solid vertical components of the facade are proposed to be formed from straw-bale panels. A choices which will influence the typical straw-bale panel is made of three natural buildings environmental impact and sustainable materials: timber, straw and lime and overall sustainability, render. however these can be classified The straw element provides the necessary into two main categories: insulation value for the panel. The strategy is to use locally sourced straw from a neighbouring farm for the infill of the components. 1 Minimising energy The timber element will be sustainably sourced, consumption cross-laminated timber that provides structural • Building orientation and facade integrity for the panel. It will need to be stained articulation The timber cross-laminated frame can use ‘off- to ensure it weathers gracefully over time. • Material selection cuts’ from the lumber mill. The lime render is a breathable coating for the • Thermal mass straw and protects it from moisture and the external environment. It also reduces the • Heat recoveryMATERIALITY>>> PROPOSE greenhouse gas effect. Over its lifetime, due to the cycle of lime changing from limestone to 2 Low or zero carbon quicklime and back to limestone again, most of energy source the CO2 released during the manufacturing • Combined heat and power process is re-absorbed during the lifetime of the plaster, thus being close to carbon neutral. The internal face of the straw-bale panel will be covered with ply lining. THEORY: ENVIRONMENTAL>>> PROPOSE
  16. 16. With society todaytaking an ever moregreener approach tothe way we live andbuild our environment,more and morealternative approachesto construction arebeing applied.The innovative andbespoke facadecladding design pushesthe boundaries ofcurrent straw-bale Bales are stacked vertically into long woodenconstruction technology boxes, which are waterproofed and fitted to thedelivering a modern, face of the building. The sides of the boxes will bedistinctive building visible and eventually weather down to a silverywhile using one of the grey colour > > >oldest constructionmaterials - straw. This isused as insulation >>>Constructionwithin a curtain wall, in Timberwhich each panelcovers every floors of Straw Bale spandrel panelthe building in one (compacted Internalprefabricated piece.Each straw-bale panel ) grade Internalconsists of a cross- timber Externallaminated timber frame back board Operablefilled with compressed grade windowstraw and finishes with timberrender for a naturallook to the externalface. The breathable Glazed opaquecoating prevents decay spandrel paneland protects the straw Timber capfrom the external Inside to holdenvironment.This particular render Fixed windowtechnique allows the boardbuilding to contribute tothe reduction in CO2 Render onemissions, as well asmaking the building cementitious Timber finclose to carbon neutral. Board Outside Lime render >>>The components (Straw-bale behind)Straw-bale panels Timber frame/fins WindowsThe straw-bale panel consists of The timber frames and fins, where The window detail consistsa timber sub-frame filled with exposed, are protected by a light of operable and fixedcompressed straw. The external stain. This will prevent the timber units mounted betweenface is rendered with lime for from rotting or becoming the straw-bale panels ornatural finish, while the internal discoloured (turning grey) through timber fins. The windowface is lined with timber. These exposure to the sun. It is intended units will have spandrelpanels will be prefabricated in to use a stain that will retain as panels to conceal slab >>>Typical cladding detailstorey-high units and installed much of the natural feature of the edges. These will have anas a unitised cladding system. timber as possible, while affording opaque glass finish. sufficient weather protection. STRUCTURE & MATERIALITY>>> PROPOSE