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Chandon v9 final

  1. 1. Directed by: Rob Carlton & Alex WeiNRessPremieres Thursday 19th March at 9.30PMENCORE SCREENINGS Friday 10.30PM & Saturday 5.30PM
  2. 2. SEASO N2 chandon iee Thursday 19th March at 9.30PMENCORE SCREENINGS Friday 10.30PM & Saturday 5.30PM
  3. 3. Chandon Pictures THE SHOWChandon Pictures premiered exclusively on MOVIE EXTRA In Chandon’s second season, Tom returns somewhatin 2007 to wide critical acclaim. The show was nominated defeated from a brief stint in Hollywood. The Chandonfor Best Television Comedy Series at the L’Oréal Paris 2008 house has been sold, his brother Carmichael has taken aAFI Awards, and Rob Carlton was nominated for Best job in Singapore and Chandon Pictures have opened upPerformance in a Comedy Television Series for his role as new headquarters. Tom’s cousin Larraby (Charlie Garber)Tom Chandon. moves in, taking over the role of business manager. At first Tom, the once overzealous filmmaker and driving forceThis popular comedy show returns in 2009 with a much behind the team, seems to have lost his special touch. Butanticipated second season. with some coaxing from his enthusiastic crew, he might just rediscover the great ‘documenteur’ within.The series follows the misadventures of Tom Chandon(Rob Carlton) and his fledgling video production company Returning to the team in Season 2 are loyal cameramanChandon Pictures. Nick (Darren Gileshenan) and pragmatic ‘Executive Producer’ Lucy (Rebecca Massey), while Charlie GarberTom’s portfolio doesn’t extend much beyond the odd also joins the show as Tom’s business savvy cousin, Larrabywedding video or kid’s birthday party, but he is a dreamer Chandon.and along with his long suffering crew, is determined tomake it as a serious ‘documenteur’.
  4. 4. EPISODES
  5. 5. Ep 1: The Lifestyle Ep 2: Run Bitch RunThe team has been asked to film a wedding video - with a Short synopsiS Lucy’s past comes back to haunt her when her father Arty Short synopsistwist. Dion (Matt Zeremes) and Kelly (Catherine Moore) are The team have been asked to film an unusual wedding for a (Doug Scroope) shows up unexpectedly at the Chandon Lucy’s past comes back to haunt her when her father Artyrenewing their vows to include a ‘swingers’ clause. couple who are renewing their vows to include a ‘swingers’ house. He has decided to sell his greyhound farm, and asks (Doug Scroope) shows up unexpectedly at the Chandon clause. Dion (Matt Zeremes) and Kelly (Catherine Moore) Chandon Pictures to film the TV ‘advertorial’. house. He’s decided to sell his greyhound farm, and asksThough they are happily married, Dion and Kelly want are keen to explore the freedom of ‘The Lifestyle’ and the Chandon Pictures to film the TV ‘advertorial’. The crew headto enjoy the freedom of ‘The Lifestyle’: an alternative life Chandon team are ready to capture all the action. But Lucy is mortified as the rest of the team ridicule her ‘bogan’ to the farm where Lucy grew up, enthusiastic and ready tothat encourages them to explore relationships with other they’re about to discover an important lesson in marriage: family, but Tom is determined to turn this story into a great film the secrets to great greyhound training. But Lucy mustpartners. The Chandon team, of course, are ready to capture that three (…or even four or five) really is a crowd! documentary. He’s concerned Lucy’s too close to the topic and face some secrets of her own, in particular the revelation ofall the action. Larraby in particular is curious, and decides asks her to back off, but she won’t compromise the integrity an ex-flame named Boysie (Don Hany), a larrikin farmhandto tag along on the shoot for some experience behind the Guest starring of her family, and reluctantly agrees to be involved. with an unusual Matt Zeremes (Dion), Catherine Moore (Kelly), Roy Billing (Celebrant), David James (Benji), The crew head to the farm where Lucy grew up, enthusiastic Guest starringWith seasoned swingers Krystal (Claire Bowan) and Benji Clare Bowan (Krystal), Matt Moore (Jodee), Josh and ready to film the secrets to great greyhound training. Dan Hany (Boysie), Doug Scroope (Arty), Barbara(David James) on hand for advice, they all head off for Dion Lawson (Carmichael) But Lucy must face some long suppressed secrets of her own, Angell (Margs)and Kelly’s first official swingers party. But they’re about to in particular the revelation of an ex-flame named Boysiediscover an important lesson in marriage: that three (…or (Don Hany), a larrikin farm hand with an unusual hobby.even four or five) really is a crowd!
  6. 6. Ep 3: Not a PyramidAn old school friend of Lucy’s, Angelique (Kelly Butler), ropes Short SynopsisLucy into a scheme to sell a range of “hydreaux cosmetics”. An old school friend of Lucy’s, Angelique (Kelly Butler), ropesWhen the rest of the team are enlisted to shoot a training Lucy into a scheme to sell a range of “hydreaux cosmetics”.video, they find themselves caught up in the scheme too. When the rest of the team are enlisted to shoot a trainingBut Angelique is an expert manipulator and Lucy soon finds video, they find themselves caught up in the scheme too.herself in way over her head. But Angelique is an expert manipulator and Lucy soon finds herself in way over her head.Meanwhile, now that Nick has become a Dad to twins,Larraby steps in to help out behind-the-scenes with the Guest starringChandon crew. Nick feels threatened and the tension Kelly Butler (Angelique), Laura Brent (Sarah)mounts, but Tom is too busy flirting with a pretty younghydreaux cosmetic agent named Sarah (Laura Brent) tonotice the jealousy creeping into his team.
  7. 7. Ep 4: The Man with the Dancing FingersChandon Pictures has been asked to shoot a real estate in the team. Tom’s relationship with Sarah is also becoming‘virtual tour’ for a wealthy Sydney couple. Basil (Marshall more serious, a further cause of tension in the ChandonNapier), a famous Sydney gynaecologist, is selling the team.luxurious home he shares with his wife Lorelei (LynetteCurran). Short synopsis Chandon Pictures has been asked to shoot a real estateTom sees the opportunity to make more of this project by ‘virtual tour’ for a wealthy Sydney couple. Basil (Marshalltelling the story behind the man in a doco titled Confessions Napier), a famous Sydney gynaecologist, is selling theof a Gynaecologist. But the ‘perfect life’ of this successful luxurious home he shares with his wife Lorelei (Lynettecouple is not all it appears to be on the surface, and this Curran). The ‘perfect life’ of this successful couple is not allmight turn out to be Chandon Pictures’ most explosive it appears to be on the surface, and this might turn out to bedocumentary yet. Chandon Pictures’ most explosive documentary yet.Back at the Chandon office, there is drama behind the Guest starringscenes as well: Tom has finally found his mojo. Inspired by Marshall Napier (Basil), Lynette Curran (Lorelei)a beautiful young woman, he wants to make a major motionpicture; all he needs is a script! Nick is feeling increasinglythreatened by Larraby, who feels he needs to assert his place
  8. 8. Ep 5: She’s 22 Ep 6: PackMegan (Helen Dallimore) doesn’t appear to be your usual Short Synopsis Larraby’s colleague Jodee (Matt Moore) asks Tom to film Short Synopsisdesperate and dateless loser, but she’s looking for the right Megan (Helen Dallimore) enlists the help of an executive a video for his trendy nightclub, Pack, and it seems this Larraby’s colleague Jodee (Matt Moore) asks Tom topartner and isn’t afraid to use a dating service to help companion service who specialise in corporate matchmaking: straight-laced businessman has a secret “other” life. By day film a video for his trendy nightclub, Pack - by day he isher find that person. She enlists the help of an executive “Executive Connections: The Business of Love”. When the he is a conservative banker – on the side he runs one of the a conservative banker – on the side he runs one of thecompanion service specialising in corporate matchmaking: service sends the Chandon crew to film her profile video, hottest clubs in town. hottest nightclubs in town. The Chandon team see this as“Executive Connections: The Business of Love”. Tom’s more interested in filming her story as a documentary. an opportunity to make a video with “edge”, but they are In the process, it seems Megan is unexpectedly falling for The Chandon team see this as an opportunity to make a video distracted on the job.When the service sends the Chandon crew to film her Tom. with “edge”, but they are distracted on the job. Tom hasprofile video, Megan and Tom don’t exactly hit it off. The fallen into a depression over the demise of his relationship Guest starringfirst attempt at a profile video attracts the wrong kind of Guest starring with Sarah (Laura Brent), and his lack of inspiration to write Matt Moore (Jodee), Bruiser (Teo Gebert), Lauramen, and she insists on a re-shoot. Tom’s more interested Helen Dallimore (Megan), Russell Kiefel his own script. And Lucy is desperate to recruit her new Brent (Sarah), Russell Kiefel (Warwick), Jonathanin filming her story as a documentary and in the process, it (Warwick), Elaine Hudson (Enrollment Officer), boyfriend Warwick (Russell Kiefel) to the team. Dutto (Harley)seems Megan is unexpectedly falling for Tom. Laura Brent (Sarah)Meanwhile both Tom and Lucy seem to be caught up insome love dilemmas of their own.
  9. 9. Ep 7: A Script is WrittenChandon Pictures has been recruited to film training sessions Short Synopsisfor an over enthusiastic motivational consultant. Derek (Lachy Chandon Pictures has been recruited to film training sessionsHulme) is hosting seminars to improve the presentation skills for Derek (Lachy Hulme), an over enthusiastic motivationalof a group of deadbeat salespeople needing inspiration. consultant. Meanwhile Larraby completes a feature filmHis techniques go down like a lead balloon, but Tom steps script and Nick drops a to save the day. Guest starringMeanwhile, Larraby has unexpectedly written a film script Lachy Hulme (Derek), Chris Burke (Malcolm),in just one weekend and the Chandon crew are ready to Rhonda Doyle (Melanie), Russell Kiefel (Warwick),dive in and make a feature film. The only problem is none Monique Dykstra (Trace), Andrew Ryan (Simon)of them have read it!And Nick drops a bombshell – could he really be leavingChandon Pictures for good?
  10. 10. Ep 8: Rock$tar - Season FinalThe Chandon team have scored a huge coup – their first Short Synopsisrock video! Rockstar Tracks Wilcox (Dan Wyllie) is finally Rockstar Tracks Wilcox (Dan Wyllie) needs an A-list teamgoing solo from his band and he needs an A-list team to to shoot his first video, “You Wanna Give”. Chandonshoot his video, “You Wanna Give”. Pictures set about making a spectacular video, and soon find themselves being dragged into the debaucherous rockChandon Pictures set about making a spectacular rock video star lifestyle. Carmichael (Josh Lawson) returns to find thefor Tracks and his manager Scotty (Damon Herriman). In the house, and the team, in total disarray. Could this spell theprocess, they soon find themselves being dragged into the end for Chandon Pictures?debaucherous rock star lifestyle. Carmichael (Josh Lawson)returns to find the house, and the team, in total disarray. Guest starring Dan Wyllie (Tracks), Damon Herriman (Scotty),Could this spell the end for Chandon Pictures - or are all Josh Lawson (Carmichael), Russell Kiefel (Warwick)their dreams finally about to be realised?
  11. 11. THE SHOW
  12. 12. Director, writer, producer and actor, Rob Carlton, started Tropfest: Carmichael and Shane, about a father raising channel – which is unique in that it seeks out edgy, originalChandon Pictures developing Chandon Pictures over ten years ago. He shot a 48 minute show, which Rob concedes wasn’t very good, but twins by favouring one over the other. They utilised Alex’s “verite doc style to capture the story. The films were due on and provocative series. inspired the character of Tom Chandon. the Thursday; we shot it on the Saturday morning - there Our ongoing relationship with Tropfest and its film and The Beginning Rob then began developing the idea of this character and was no script but we knew the story”, explains Rob. television production arm, the Tropfest Feature Program, is based around a shared ambition of unearthing and the world around the desperate documentary maker. Over Carmichael and Shane got accepted in to the Top 16, and providing opportunity to emerging local film and television the next three years Rob bought in other key development went on to win Best Film, and it was at a Tropfest party that writers, producers, actors, directors and technicians.” writers Russell Smyth and Alex Weinress, who would also Rob met Peter Jenetsky from Movie Network Channels. be co-director on the project. Peter Jenetsky, General Manager, Marketing & Content Alex’s background echoed the world of Tom’s in some ways Strategy for Movie Network Channels, acts as Executive which created immediate appeal for Alex. He says, “The in Charge of Production on the project. He credits Rob’s project was about a documentary filmmaker who had made comedic talent and his success with Tropfest in making the one documentary and thought he was this great filmmaker development deal a feasible one. but who made wedding videos to survive, and that is basically what I was doing at the time!” He says, “Both Rob and Alex can thank John Polson and Tropfest for the opportunity to meet and pitch to executives After initial rejection of the idea from some networks, Rob from Movie Network Channels, resulting in finding a and Alex decided to create a variation of the show for suitable home for Chandon Pictures on our MOVIE EXTRA
  13. 13. Casting the principal actors that make up the team is pivotalChandon Pictures to the show, and the key cast returns in Season 2. Tom Chandon helms Chandon Pictures with his trusted and loyal staff cinematographer, Nick Brenner (Darren Gilshenan) On A Role and producer, Lucy Canon (Rebecca Massey). Charlie Garber also joins the show in Season 2 as Tom’s cousin and business mentor, Larraby Chandon. Rob had worked with Darren previously in a role reversal, when Darren had cast Rob in The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. As Darren recalls then, “we forged a really strong relationship based on a mutual kind of understanding where comedy was at and teaching each other.” Darren’s character Nick was in fact drawn from something Rob had seen Darren do in a theatre production. Rob also knew Rebecca’s work very well but they had never worked together previously. Rebecca said her involvement was a simple offer, “I was writing a TV series and asked Rob to come and do a bit of collaboration to see if we could work together. We didn’t end up working together on my project but he asked me to come and shoot this pilot.” With the exit of Tom’s brother Carmichael (Josh Lawson) in
  14. 14. Season 2, a new role was also created for Charlie Garber, Rob is therefore very particular about the casting processwho Rob thought would be perfect to play Tom’s nervy and and draws on his wealth of knowledge and experience withnaïve younger cousin, Larraby. a variety of Australian film and television actors.According to Rob, “Charlie Garber is a really exciting, Veteran Australian actor Lynette Curran came in as a guestnew acting talent. He’s one of the funniest creatures I’ve actor in Season 2 and felt the process was both collaborativeever seen on stage. He’s quite phenomenal.” Charlie was and creative, “You’re on your toes, and everybody’s workingequally excited to have the opportunity to work with Rob together. And if something doesn’t suit you then speak up, orand the rest of the cast, “To get a phone call saying, ‘I’ve forever hold your peace. It’s democratic in that way. There’sgot a character in this comedy show that I’d like you to read the right attitude to it and there’s a fairness and there’s nofor,’ is great. Especially having seen you act and maybe anger, or the anger’s used in a creative way.”put that into how they’ve written the character. These wereactors I had seen a lot of, so I was really excited to workwith them.”The guest stars for the episodes are equally as important asthe main team, as each guest brings with them not only anew story but also a different dynamic.As Rob says, “This show is largely built on the calibre of ourguesties, and the characters that we ask them to bring to life.The idea of each guest is to put pressure on the leads. Sowhat area of the leads do we want to explore, and how canwe get this guest cast to come in and push their buttons?”
  15. 15. The unique aspect of filming both Season 1 and Season 2 Line Producer Catherine Durr was a new addition to the She adds that Rob and Alex’s directing style has alsoChandon Pictures of Chandon Pictures is that as well as the two production cameras, the character of Nick Brenner is also constantly team in Season 2, having been recommended to Rob by the Producer of Comedy Inc. She says selecting the crew developed since Season 1, and they work well together as co-directors, “Rob and Alex are used to working as a team, filming. So Rob, Alex and editor Stafford Wales edit into was crucial, “Rob was very particular about who to include and they’re used to being business partners and they knowThe Technical Bit each episode the fly on the wall footage that Darren takes during filming, creating within the series a kind of in this production. He probably spoke to me about a year ahead of it even going into pre-production. And he took as how each other thinks…they’re both very generous in letting each other fulfil their creative vision.” documentary ‘feel’. Co-director Alex Weinress also draws much care in selecting everybody else as he did in finding on his videographer background to create this feel for the my role.” show. She felt the freedom of working for Movie Network Channels According to Alex, while filming the second season, he and allowed a creative working space for the directors and Rob were able to take a lot of their experience from Season crew that is quite unique, “Once they were across casting 1 on board to improve on their product, “we worked a lot and writing, once they were across Rob’s vision, they were faster, we were able to understand what we were doing actually quite hands off, which is refreshing. So they agreed and knew the kind of show we were making…and also just in principle to the vision, but they don’t have to be there not having the brand of ‘first time director.’ We kind of had standing over the director’s shoulder or at rushes every some credibility from the first season, so it just took a lot night. (Executive Producer) Ted Robinson certainly represents of the pressure off.” The production quality is also higher them and so he will view rushes. But on the whole they in Season 2, which was shot in HD, achieving what Alex are very supportive, much more actually than a commercial describes as “a whole new look”. network.”
  16. 16. KEY CAST
  17. 17. Rob describes Tom in Season 2:“He flies high and low. He’s apassionate guy that can have hisoptimism pulled from him. I think that’swhat makes him compelling. He can behugely empathetic, he can be hugelysupportive, he can be dark and black.And I think we’ve got that in all of us.Season 2 picks up, Tom has come back Rob Carlton - Tom Chandonfrom Los Angeles, clearly there’s Rob Carlton has been a professional actor since he was 14 years old. He is a recognised face in Australia for bothbeen some sort of breakdown. Tom comedy and drama in TV, film and theatre.comes back from Hollywood deflatedfrom that major dream but we still Rob’s TV credits include roles in All Saints, Fireflies, McLeod’s Daughters and Water Rats.get that great Tom passion, what wascharming about Tom was that he always In 2006, Rob wrote, starred in, co-directed and co-produced the short film Carmichael and Shane, which won Tropfest. Rob also starred in the film How Many Doctors Does it Take to Change a Lightbulb, which won Best Comedy at the festival.wanted to do something great while he He also won Best Actor for his two performances in both films – the first time an actor has appeared in two finalist’s films.was alive. About four seconds witha beautiful woman reinspires him to Rob’s play A-Framed, was first produced by his company in 1998 to critical and box office success and has since beenmake the great movie.” produced in Sydney and Melbourne. In 2008, Rob was nominated at the L’Oréal Paris 2008 AFI Awards for Best Performance in a Television Comedy Series for his role as Tom Chandon in Season 1 of Chandon Pictures.
  18. 18. Rebecca describes Lucy in Season 2:Rebecca Massey - Lucy Canon “It’s a combination of a really driven person, who is not very smart...she’s really ambitious but doesn’t have such greatRebecca graduated with an Honours Degree in Law and a Bachelor of Arts from Auckland University, New Zealand. She skills. When we start off, the whole team’sworked for three months as a lawyer before bursting into tears, leaving at lunch and never returning. a little bit vulnerable and kind of fragile because Tom’s abandoned us to go toSince moving to Australia, Rebecca has worked extensively with Company B, most recently as Queen Marie in Exit the King Hollywood. And Lucy, you learn more aboutstarring Geoffrey Rush, and Gertrude in The Underpants. Other credits with Company B include: Macbeth, Cloudstreet,The Small Poppies (Sydney Festival and Dublin Festival productions), The Caucasian Chalk Circle, The Seagull, WASP and her, where she’s from...she finds love...aThe Alchemist. lot happens to her and it’s been a great adventure.”Rebecca’s TV credits include All Saints, Stepfather of the Bride, Small Claims, Grass Roots and Bloodsports.Rebecca has appeared in the feature film Son of the Mask as well as Gary Eck’s short film Final Call and The Black Balloon,a feature starring Toni Collette and Gemma Ward. She recently finished filming Accidents Happen starring Geena Davisand Erik Thomson.Rebecca was nominated for a Helpmann Award for her role in Steve Martin’s play The Underpants. Rebecca won a GreenRoom Award for Best Female Performer in the role of Pearl in Stephen Sewell’s play It Just Stopped. Rebecca has recentlybeen nominated for a Helpmann Award for Best Supporting Actress in It Just Stopped.
  19. 19. DARREN DESCRIBES NICK in Season 2: Darren Gilshenan - Nick Brenner“Nick unfortunately has no social skillswhatsoever. So he’ll just blurt stuff out Graduating from The National Institute of Dramatic Art in 1988, Darren has made 15 appearances with Bell Shakespeare, including Measure For Measure, Wars Of The Roses, The Servant Of Two Masters - for which he received the Helpmannwithout any sense of consequence. But we Award for Best Male Actor in a Play in 2004, The Comedy Of Errors - for which he received a Green Room Awarddiscovered the best way to do it is with nomination, Henry 4, Henry 5, Much Ado About Nothing, The Taming Of The Shrew, Pericles, Twelfth Night and In this season Nick kind of separates Darren created the movement design for the players in Bell Shakespeare’s Hamlet. He has also conducted student workshopsa little bit emotionally. The twins come, for Bell Shakespeare’s Education Programme. Darren was recently awarded the Gloria Dawn Gloria Payten Scholarshiphe is kind of a father in Season 2 and for 2007 and will be heading to England to co-write a one man show based on Shakespeare’s clowns with Christopher Harris from the Royal Shakespeare Company.dealing with all that. So the dilemma formy character as the breadwinner, is to Other theatre credits include Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, The Players and Last Cab To Darwin for Pork Chopfind some bread. I think it’s been a really Productions; Moby Dick, a Queensland Theatre Company and Marion Street Theatre co-production; A Midsummer Night’sfertile storyline for me.” Dream in the Botanical Gardens; Alive At Williamstown Pier for Griffin Theatre Company; The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare (Abridged) for Spirit Entertainment; and The Venetian Twins for the 2000 Olympic Arts Festival. Darren was recently seen as Cuddlepie in Neil Armfield’s production of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie for Company B and the Sydney Festival. He is currently rehearsing Not Like Beckett for Northern Rivers Performing Arts. Later this year he will be seen in Bell Shakespeare’s The Government Inspector alongside William Zappa. Darren’s film and television credits include Idiot Box, Dark City, Swinger (winner Cannes Film Festival Jury Prize), Police Rescue, Full Frontal and Dossa and Joe (BBC/Granada). In 2005, he wrote, co-directed and starred in Derrick, which was launched on the Comedy Channel.
  20. 20. CHARLIE DESCRIBES LARRABY in Season 2: “Larraby’s the straight guy, he’s kind of naive, a little bit innocent, he can be kind of goofy. I guess in some ways the audience might be seeing the other characters through Larraby’s eyes...He’s just a young guy who’s a bit serious and sensible and has to deal with people who aren’t. A lot of the comedy is seeing Larraby reactCHARLIE GARBER - Larraby Chandon to what the other characters are doing. Initially, he’s looking up to his older cousin because he thinks he’s a filmmaker,Since embarking on his acting career in productions for the University of Sydney from 2001 – 2003, Charlie Garber has realises that might not be the case, andestablished a reputation as an accomplished young talent in Australian theatre, television and film. then he himself gets the bug to be a filmmaker. And that takes him to a reallyHis theatre credits include Julius Caesar for the Sydney Theatre Company (2005); Merchant of Venice for the Bell Shakespeare interesting place.”Company (2006); and Glass Boat and Simply Fancy for small theatre group Pig Island, a creative collaboration with actorsClaudia O’Doherty and Nick Coyle (2007 - 2008).In 2004, Charlie played Phil in the popular Working Dog television production, Russell Coight’s Celebrity Challenge,starring Glenn Robbins. His film work includes Lost Things (2003) and Ghost Rider (2004).
  21. 21. KEY CREW
  22. 22. Rob Carlton - Co-DirectorAlex Weinress - Co-Director Kim Batterham - DOPAmerican born director, producer, writer, cinematographer Award winning DOP, Kim Batterham, has more than 20and editor, Alex Weinress, is an award winning filmmaker. years experience in the Australian and international film andAlex and good friend Rob Carlton won the 1st Prize at the television industries. Her impressive body of work includes2006 Tropfest for their short film Carmichael and Shane, AFI winning documentaries Gumshoe (1992), Watch thethe 6 minute black comedy about a single father who has a Watch (1993) and The Maitland Wonder – Les Darcyunique approach to raising his two-year old twin boys. The (1997), as well as the Emmy nominated children’s televisionfilm has gone on to win the Audience Award at the Melbourne series, Johnson and Friends (1991). Her extensive televisionInternational Comedy Festival as well as screenings at the credits include the four hour mini-series The Potato Factory,Telluride, Tribeca and Seattle Film Festivals. the SBS documentary series First Australians and McLeod’s Daughters on Channel 9. In 2002 she worked on the PeterAlex also produced and directed the critically acclaimed Weir directed feature Master and Commander, which wasdocumentary feature, The Last Game. The film premiered nominated for an Oscar® for Cinematography in SXSW in 2002, won Best Documentary at the Sonoma Most recently Kim completed work on the upcoming featureValley Film Festival and received the Special Jury Award at film Elise, starring Natalie Imbruglia.the 2003 Worlfest in Houston.
  23. 23. Heath Watt - Executive Producer Catherine Durr - Line ProducerHeath has been involved in the Australian film and television Catherine began her career in production management inproduction business for over a decade. He spent a 1994 at Beyond Productions, where she produced variousconsiderable period working as a television and film lawyer series for the Nine Network, Discovery Channel and ABC.and business affairs executive both in private practice and She then spent several years working at the Seven Networkin-house, representing both television broadcasters and as Production Manager and Production Managementindependent producers. More recently, Heath has held Supervisor, Light Entertainment, where her credits includedsenior executive positions with Australia’s international Border Security, The Mole, Auction Squad and Undercovertelevision network, Australia Network. Angels. In 2004 she was contracted to Washington DC by Beyond Productions to produce a makeover series for the Discovery Channel called Garage Takeover. Since then she has been working regularly as a Production Manager for Australian television and her impressive list of credits include Missing Persons Unit, My Restaurant Rules, Australian Idol, Project Greenlight, Ready Steady Cook, Make Me a Supermodel and Deal or No Deal.
  24. 24. Russell Smyth - Script development Ingrid Weir -Costume DesignerRussell is a Creative Director at high profile Sydney For the past decade Ingrid has had a varied and creativeadvertising agency, the Campaign Palace. Strangely career, working as a venue Event Designer, Art Directorenough, he also spent nine years working as a high school for television commercials, and Costume Designer forscience teacher. He developed his comedy writing skills over theatre, film and television. Her costume designing creditsthat time by writing for Doug Mulray’s Triple M breakfast for television include The Potato Factory for Channel Sevenradio program, later making a successful leap into stand-up as well as Changi, Playschool and The Chaser’s War oncomedy and featuring at many of Sydney and Melbourne’s Everything for the ABC. She worked as Assistant to themajor comedy venues. Designer on Gillian Armstrong’s Oscar and Lucinda in 1996, and in 2003 for Art Department Graphic Design on Master and Commander, directed by Peter Weir.
  25. 25. Stafford Wales - Editor Ted Robinson - Executive ProducerA graduate of the AFTRS Editing programme, Stafford Ted Robinson has been involved in Australian television,started out as an Assembly Editor on All Saints. After film and theatre for over three decades. In recent yearsvarious television editing work, including Pizza for SBS and he has had several satirical comedy series on the ABCJTV for the ABC, and further Assembly Editing on McLeod’s (The Glass House, The Side Show etc.) and on free to airDaughters and Love My Way, he worked as editor on The commercial TV Good News Week - Network Ten. Ted wasSurgeon (Dir Matt Saville), and later on McLeod’s Daughters also Executive Producer for Chandon Pictures Season 1.(Dir Steve Jodrell).
  26. 26. Peter Jenetsky - Executive inCharge of ProductionWith 17 years experience in the media industry, Peter has workedwith some of Australia’s largest media organisations, including seniorroles with Austereo and The Seven Network, and is now GM ofMarketing and Content Strategy for Movie Network Channels. In thisrole he is responsible for the marketing of the channel brands as wellas developing new content opportunities for the channels. In recentyears he has expanded the programming to include both scriptedseries, observational documentary, and entertainment formats suchas the filmmaking competition, Project Greenlight, and the televisionadaptation of the live theatre event, Short & Sweet.
  27. 27. FULL CAST CREDITSTom Chandon Rob Carlton Young Male Executive Nick Hernandez Basil Marshall Napier Female Dancer Shannon O’SheaNick Brenner Darren Gilshenan Jodee Matt Moore Lorelei Lynette Curran Derek Lachy HulmeLucy Canon Rebecca Massey Boysie Dan Hany Megan Helen Dallimore Malcolm Chris BurkeLarraby Chandon Charlie Garber Arty Doug Scroope Warwick Russell Kiefel Melanie Rhonda DoyleCarmichael Chandon Josh Lawson Margs Barbara Angell Enrollment Office Elaine Hudson Trace Monique DykstraDion Matt Zeremes Customer Natasha Cali CafE Patron 1 Kathy Harwood Simon Andrew RyanKelly Catherine Moore Angelique Kelly Butler CafE Patron 2 Dionne Fyvie TrackS WILCOX Dan WyllieCelebrant Roy Billing Sarah Laura Brent CafE Patron 3 Nikayla Fyvie Scotty Damon HerrimanBenji David James Presentation Attendee 1 Anna Erickson Bruiser Teo Gebert Track’s Girl Rebecca WoodKrystal Clare Bowan Presentation Attendee 2 Kylie Francis Harley Jonathan Dutto Larraby’s Girl Samantha SilvaHousewife Catherine Durr Presentation Attendee 3 Theresa Harper Trevor Paul White
  28. 28. Interviews Available Publicity Contact Amanda Herbert Network Publicist Movie Network Channels Phone: +61 2 9433 1041 Mobile: +61 448 240 006 Email: Web: 6/39 Chandos Street, St Leonards NSW Australia 2065