ADMA Mobile Presentation 3rd Nov 2008


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A presentation made to the Australian Direct Marketing Association (Digital Media) course regarding mobile devices and how these have changed.

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ADMA Mobile Presentation 3rd Nov 2008

  1. 1. Mobile is the machine, User Interface is the dynamic We will seek out the best user experience EVERYTHING WILL GO MOBILE Jennifer Wilson
  2. 2. The Seven Mass Media* In the beginning was…. 1. The Printing Press 2. Followed by Recording (about 1900) 3. Then Cinema (1910) 4. And Radio (1920) 5. We then got TV (1950) 6. The Internet (1990’s) 7. And finally, Mobile (as a mass media – 2000+) Note: only the final two are personal mass media…… Alan Moore. Communities Dominate Brands
  3. 3. The many screens of Life The cinema screen (screen 1) The TV screen (screen 2) The computer screen (screen 3) The mobile screen (screen 4)
  4. 4. The Fourth Screen
  5. 5. How do we see devices? First there was television, or rather: +
  6. 6. Then there was the internet Which started off as (and in many cases remained): +
  7. 7. Until someone realised what you could do…
  8. 8. Mobile is at the same place Lots of talk about “the mobile internet”…. Kinda sounds like “radio with pictures “ to me
  9. 9. Logarithmic development 2008 First mobile phone Motorola’s DynaTAC 1973 First mobile network (analogue) 1979 2005 First GSM (digital) network 1991 First SMS 1992 (1995 & 1998) 2004 First ringtone (Finland) 1997 WAP 1.0 specification 1998 2003 i-mode launched 1999 2002 Video (3G) 1999 Global roaming 2000 2001 Commercial 3G 2001 1986-96 1878 1880 1910 1947 *Thanks to Sony Ericsson for phone images
  10. 10. Mobile: 1996 - 2002
  11. 11. Mobile: 2002 - 2008
  12. 12. Why is mobile important? There are about 1.2b internet connected PCs There are more than 3.6b mobile phones (3/08) SMS is largest data application on the planet 5 times as many user of SMS than any form of IM SMS is the preferred form of communication The fasted and the most private Over 50% of the globe have them – their primary community connection is through them Gen-C own their phones, unlike their internet or PC connections. Most personal, most intimate 1g = voice; 2G = SMS; 3G = social networking
  13. 13. Internet and Mobile Data Penetration ROW Internet Penetration Mobile Data Penetration West Europe Asia/Pacific Japan USA 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Source: ARC Group Strategic Outlook Executive Summary 2005
  14. 14. But what does it mean to us? 13% regard it as their best friend 2/3rd would be emotionally affected if we lost it) 14% of us answer it during sex Almost 90% would take it to the toilet with them (and too many are willing to answer it there!) 28% of us send sexually explicit SMS messages 23% have dumped a partner via SMS Mobile is our most important connection: 70% would refuse to lend a phone to a friend for a day 18% of the youth market disposable income is spend on mobile and related services
  15. 15. What devices? GPS systems Music Players Watches Book readers Cameras
  16. 16. Mobile moves from phone As handheld adoption moves past early adopter, internet access via handheld will impact on other access forms Mobile Internet adoption: Mobile portals growing at 30% p/month PI on-deck portals, approx. 50m p/m Adoption driven by data costs, handset capabilities and 3G penetration Handheld internet access – we’re talking about much more than a ‘phone’
  17. 17. Shifting Fashions (future)
  18. 18. Life Caching/Lifeblog Nokia Lifeblog creates a diary of all your mobile phone's photos, videos, text messages, and multimedia messages. It's the living timeline that's easy to browse, search, edit, and save - on both your PC and mobile!
  19. 19. Consumers as Journalist
  20. 20. Consumers as Journalist The London bombings, first hand. As the BBC captioned: ...others like Alexander Chadwick near Kings Cross have to walk through the tunnels to safety.
  21. 21. The mobile UI
  22. 22. A good screen is still not a PC
  23. 23. Advantages of Mobile 1. The first personal mass media channel 2. Always with us, always on 3. Location awareness 4. Built in payment channel 5. Creative tool for UGC (video, text & image) 6. Near-perfect audience data 7. Able to capture the social context of media 8. Proactive communication tool Based upon Tomi Ahonen – Mobile as the 7th Mass Media
  24. 24. Media – audience measurement AMF Ventures measured the relative accuracies of measuring audience data by the three major media channels, TV, internet and mobile in 2007 and found that: On TV, the total audience data that can be captured is 1% On the internet, the total audience data that can be captured is 10% On mobile, the total audience data that can be captured is 90% AMF Venture 2007
  25. 25. Numbers Twice as many mobiles as TV sets Three times as many mobile subscribers as internet users Four times as many mobiles as PCs Five times as many mobile as cars. 31% of all music dollars spent worldwide 20% of videogaming software
  26. 26. Truly mass connection China – mobile phone penetration 40% (more than twice that of PC internet) India: 20% (four times more than PC internet) Africa: 15% (three times PC internet) A study by Unisys revealed that if we lose our wallet we report it in 26 hours. If we lose our mobile, we report it in 68 minutes.
  27. 27. Crossing the Digital Divide? Fishermen in Kerala use the mobile to arbitrage the fish market Grameen Bank becomes Grameen Phone
  28. 28. Mobile TV (Video on Demand) UK – 26% report watching video on mobile 32% of those reduce their tv viewing, 8% by a lot, 4% substitute tv with mobile 50%+ want full length shows on mobile, not short form Figures taken from IBM “End of Advertising” Report August 2007
  29. 29. Mobile VoD - growing
  30. 30. Key things: (0,1,2,3) Zero changes to user behaviour (don’t make them act differently for you) One login (remember who they are, regardless of device) Two second respond time Make it simple, make it clean, make it fast Three clicks away (maximum) You’ll lose 10% of users for each added level Kurt Sillen (Ericsson): internal check list to identify a perfect user experience.
  31. 31. Incorporating mobile It isn’t just a smaller web screen But it’s a lot more than sms messages Can it be part of your engagement model? Can this be a content up/download tool? Is position relevant? Can you make it so? Java or WAP? Pros and cons for each The more complex, the more handsets that need to be managed – keep it simple
  32. 32. Words of caution Not all carriers are created equally Data costs are changeable, and can be scary You have no idea of how complex it can be (290 screens, 35 op systems, 2k devices etc) Early adopters are great (and tolerant) Most users will be hi-end phone (xHtml etc) But think about the experience for everyone Mobile is not your cash cow! (But it can add great engagement)
  33. 33. What is coming on mobile? Better personalisation – simpler and less inquisitive (because the machines can learn…..) Use of voice as a navigation tool (search, commands, more) Use of metadata that is not relevant to make better context where it is (eg: making a call, texting) Information aggregated from users, not from a centralised server someone Useful recommendations based on context || local users || my community || request Mobile Augmented Reality? (MAR)
  34. 34. Mobile Augmented Reality….
  35. 35. I hope you learnt something! If not – I can tell you how to steal music legally! THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST (NOW GO MAKE A GOOD MOBILE FUTURE) Lean Forward Jennifer Wilson. 0414 59 58 57