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Evaluation   question three
Evaluation   question three
Evaluation   question three
Evaluation   question three
Evaluation   question three
Evaluation   question three
Evaluation   question three
Evaluation   question three
Evaluation   question three
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Evaluation question three


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Published in: Education
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  • 1.
  • 2. Evaluation
    Audience Feedback
  • 3. This is the questionnaire that I posted on Survey Monkey in order to evaluate how successful my product was. A questionnaire allows me to find accurate results as all questions are answered anonymously so there is no chance of bias. A questionnaire allows me to also compile results in a more accurate format than other sources. This questionnaire allows me to focus upon my target market group.
  • 4. The fact that the entire audience who took part in this questionnaire (8 people) agreed that the narrative was understood reinforces the decisions made during the production and editing process. It highlights that I was successful with theaim to make a short film. It conveys that all the camera work, editing, mise-en-scene etc was important in producing an interesting and unique short film. I am exceedingly happy with the results as it shows that my message has come across to the audience.
  • 5. Knowing what genre the audience put the short film under is important for establishing whether they truly understood the narrative. It also informs me if my message wasn’t communicated in the way I had planned. Six out of Eight people put the film under the horror genre. This statistic pleases me as this genre was the most apparent. Also the fact that the social genre was voted surprised me, as even though this is a genre that I produced my short film for, I hadn’t expected anyone to classify it as such due to its ambiguity.
  • 6. By asking my audience to rate my product it highlights the importance of the conventions and if they feel that my product adhered to these or if it challenged them. The fact that my short scored mostly 7+ in the audience rating section pleases me because it reinforces that my product was successful and managed to keep the audience interested till the end of the piece. It also highlights that the fine balance between narrative and mise-en-scene was correctly met for my target audience.
  • 7. What are your feelings towards the characters in this piece?
    This question asked the participant to write down their own personal feelings towards the characters. Due to the nature of this question it made it difficult to produce a chart to portray their answers. Overall, the questionnaire produced the results I had expected from the audience In the case of Rhys sympathy and compassion where the strongest reactions the audience felt towards him, which is the interpretation I to had created. Lucy constructed feelings of admiration and pity from the audience. They felt that she was brave but yet could be sympathised with due to the understandable fear she shows. Kathy’s results surprised me as only two people felt any true compassion for her. The general consensus was that her personality was difficult to connect with. Personally, I do not find this the case but it highlights the importance of different interpretation in short films.
  • 8. What improvements would you offer for my short film?
    This question was only answered by 3 people. The remaining five participants did not specify their reasons for not answering this question. It could be that I had met their expectations with my short film or it could be that they didn’t wish to seem negative about my work in fear of causing offense. One of three improvement suggestions made was that my clips at certain points should be more focused and the camera should be less jittery. I agree with this suggestion, if I had the ability to shoot this again I would address this point by using a stronger more practical tripod. Another improvement suggested was that I should try to vary the camera shots I use. Although I agree that the types of camera work are limited in this piece, this is a convention of the short film and the space of the location made varying shots even more complicated. The final suggestion was that I use more sound effects and transitions within my piece.
  • 9. Summary
    Overall, it shows that I have managed to produce a successful short film. The target audience’s perspective is crucial in supporting this point and the questionnaire shows this. The comments I have largely received on this piece are positive and the information I have established should be carried on in my ancillary tasks in order for them to meet the audiences expectations . I think that the moral message I wanted to established has been taken on board by the audience.