Presentation on Gardner's Multiple Intelligences


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Presentation on Gardner's Multiple Intelligences

  1. 1. Gardner’s Multiple intelliGences By Jennifer Smith
  2. 2. Musical Intelligence The band Dropkick Murphy’s from South Boston is myrepresentation of musical intelligence. They play a wide variety ofinstruments including: bagpipes, a banjo, flutes, an accordion,guitars, drums and more. They play at varying speeds and changeplayers of instruments during different songs. They exhibit a largeamount of musical intelligence. Musical intelligence allows people to use patterns, sounds orrhythm easier or have a better understanding of it than those withlesser musical abilities. Some common characteristics areenjoyment of singing or playing instruments, easily recognizingtones and musical patterns, good memory for songs and melodies,and a good understanding of notes, structure, and rhythm. Thesepeople would do well in careers as musicians, music teachers,singers and other music-related fields. The tend to be verycreative.
  3. 3. Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence David Beckham is an English Association Footballer, and my example for Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence. People displaying Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence are coordinated with their physical movement and haveexcellent motor control. They are most often good at activities like dancing and sports, making things with theirhands, physical coordination, and remembering things by doing them rather than seeing or hearing examples.They would do well in careers as builders, sculptors, dancers, and actors.
  4. 4. Logical-Mathematical Intelligence Albert Einstein is a great example of Logical-Mathematical Intelligence. He was brilliant when it came tological, or scientific work and discovered things in the field of math that no one else had, which are still used today. He was well equipped to solve mathematical operations and conduct intense problem solving with ease. Characteristics are excellent skills for problem-solving, thinking about abstract ideas, conducting scientific experiments, and solving very complex computations with little or no difficulty.They would be well suited for a career as a scientist, mathematician, accountant, computer programmer or as an engineer in most all fields.
  5. 5. Linguistic Intelligence Stephen King has very strong Linguistic Intelligence. He is one of the most popular authors in the world and has written 155 titles in his career.People excelling in this type of intelligence are often very good with language, writing,and words . The can express themselves more so with words than individuals lacking in this area.People who lean toward this intelligence are often good at remembering spoken and written items, enjoy reading and writing, and have a flair for explaining things, oftenwith a good bit of humor. They can also do quite well at persuading someone to see it their way or holding up well in a debate. They are well suited in careers like writers, journalists, teachers, tutors and lawyers.
  6. 6. Spatial IntelligenceSalvador Dali was known to be odd, to say the least, but displayed great Spatial Intelligence.People displaying great Spatial Intelligence are often able to have detailed visualization skills. They are often quite good with maps, videos, images and art. The commonly enjoy reading, writing and are good with puzzles. They will tend to enjoy painting, drawing and other visual arts and can recognize patterns easily. They are well-suited for careers as architects, artists, and would also do well in some engineering jobs.
  7. 7. Interpersonal IntelligenceSigmund Freud had great Interpersonal Intelligence. He was a very famous psychologist and therapist. He had great skills in understanding and relating to other people. People who excel in this type of intelligence are often good at verbal communication and skilled in non-verbal communication as well. They are able to see situations from manyperspectives, create good relationships with others and are good at resolving problems with individuals or groups. Common careers for this type would include psychologists, like Freud, philosophers, counselors, and sometimes could include polititcians.
  8. 8. Intrapersonal Intelligence Friedrich Nietzsche was a well-known and insightful Philosopher in his time. He is a goodexample of Intrapersonal Intelligence. He discovered and wrote about many views he felt were logical and many are still considered to be great words of his wisdom even in our modern times. He was often discussed for his introspection and abilities of self-discovery. People specializing in this type of intelligence are often excellent at analyzing strengths andweaknesses along with theories and ideas. They usually tend to be very self-aware and wouldhold a great deal of knowledge pertaining to their motivations and feelings. They would do well in a career as Philosophers, Writers, Theorists or Scientists.
  9. 9. Naturalist Intelligence Jane Goodall is my representation of Naturalist Intelligence. She is a personal hero of mine and has done much to further the field of conservationism, animal welfare and education of nature. People who specialize in this type of intelligence often do well in finding patterns andrelationships in nature. They will be inclined to subjects like botany, biology and zoology. They are often quite good at categorizing and classifying information they discover or observe.Hobbies might include camping, hiking, exploring nature or gardening. They often do not enjoy things un-related to the field of nature or animals. They would be suited best for careers as Biologists, Conservationist, Gardeners or Farmers.
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