Job Interviews


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Job Interviews

  1. 1. JOB INTERVIEWS Make the right impression Jenni Proctor
  2. 2. You are over the first hurdle…
  3. 3. But that’s just the start!Before you can start celebrating there is still a lot you need to do.
  4. 4. Breaking through your fears• Being well prepared• Have answers prepared• Consider your image• Do you have any funny habits you need to curtail• How will you greet them? How will you behave?• Yes, we all get nervous! It’s what you do with the nerves that counts
  5. 5. Research• Selection process at that organisation• The company, the team• The job – What are they REALLY looking for?• Image and dress code• Are there any red flags?
  6. 6. Your brand, your mindset• Brand YOU – What they observe vs what they hear• Your Mindset – Who do you think you are? – Is that the person that they are looking for? – How would that person think, act, speak, behave?• What if you don’t believe in yourself?
  7. 7. Preparation• Be clear about why you are there• WIIFM – They don’t care much really • Be clear about what you can offer THEM!• Focus on your achievements• Any patterns of success eg in how you deal with people, communication etc• Consider examples you can use that indicate personal qualities as well as achievements.
  8. 8. Preparation – Be a STAR!• Be prepared to give examples - Situation – Task – Action – Result
  9. 9. STAR formulaS - When I was working at ……………………….T - I accepted a challenging temporary role doing ……………A - I organised/planned/created/developed …………………….R - As a result the company achieved………………………………..
  10. 10. Communication is the key• Product YOU – That’s the person they want! Keep that person uppermost in your mind. Like that person.• Listen to their questions, information and clues.• Clarify anything you don’t understand.• You can take time to think.• Ask if you are worried about something.• Be observant. If something is obviously not working, adapt a little.
  11. 11. End on a strong note• Questions prepared• Have you identified any “red flags”? If so, address them now.• Thank the interviewers. They have taken time to talk to you and give you an opportunity. Appreciate this.
  12. 12. Who is best able to help you?• DIRECTION • DESIGN YOUR – Career Counsellor CAMPAIGN – Career Coach• DOCUMENTS – Résumé writer • DO THE JOB WELL – Career Practitioner – Career Counsellor – Career Coach – Career Consultant – Executive Coach
  13. 13. Jenni Proctor 1300 851821