10 Elements of_SEO-Most Small Businesses Overlook


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What 10 Elements of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Do Most Small Businesses Overlook? You may be surprised!

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10 Elements of_SEO-Most Small Businesses Overlook

  1. 1. 10 Elements of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Many SMB’s Overlook Write Words Marketing
  2. 2. SEO is Complex Some important SEO components that web writers handle are: •“On page” elements •“Behind the Scenes” code Write Words Marketing
  3. 3. 1-- Content Your content matters. How it’s written, what it says to your prospects and what keyword terms it uses. Google suggests you have a minimum of 250 words per page. AND, they need to be the “right” words. Write Words Marketing
  4. 4. 2-- Header 1 Tags (or H1) Technical term for the headline at the top of your web pages. A good headline is benefit focused – meaning it focuses on your visitor and uses the words they use. Here’s an example, “How a Small Business Can Boost Website Traffic by 37%”. Write Words Marketing
  5. 5. 3: Meta-data “Meta-What?” This is important “behind the scenes” content. Each of your web pages needs a meta-title and description for an SEO boost. – They need to include the keyword term identified for that page. – You get around 8 words for the title and 175 for the description. Write Words Marketing
  6. 6. 4- Design • Design is important but not the MOST important thing. • Focus on ease of use and a “clean” look. • Skip the Flash (it’s not mobile friendly). Write Words Marketing
  7. 7. 5--Loading Time How often have you abandoned a site because it wouldn’t load quickly? Tons of graphics and outdated technology like Flash can slow your site down. Write Words Marketing
  8. 8. 6-- Responsive Design • Keeps your site Smartphone and tablet ready. • 88% of local search is on mobile devices. Make sure your site shows well. Write Words Marketing
  9. 9. 7-- Social Media • Your social media “likes”, shares etc. matter • They’re considered “social proof” by search engines • Develop a solid social media strategy to determine where your audience is and show up there consistently. Write Words Marketing
  10. 10. 8-- Bounce Rate • How long do people stay on your website? • If your visitors land there and leave quickly (“bounce”), you’re not meeting their needs in some way. • Questions to ask: – Does the content need rewriting? – Is the website hard to navigate? Write Words Marketing
  11. 11. 9-- Internal Links • Do you link your webpages to one another? This helps Google keep your site “together” by letting it know they’re related. Write Words Marketing
  12. 12. 10-- External Links • A huge component of good SEO • These are the links coming into the site from other sources. Quality links matter. Write Words Marketing
  13. 13. The Wrap Up If you pay attention to these 10 elements, chances are you’ll be far ahead of your competition. You’ll see more traffic and increased sales. Write Words Marketing
  14. 14. Let’s Connect! • • • • www.jenphillipsapril.com jen@jenphillipsapril.com https://www.facebook.com/JenPhillipsApril @jenphillipsapri on Twitter About Write Words Marketing A web writer since 2004, Jen helps small to medium businesses and nonprofits develop an effective online presence through integrated marketing. A pet lover, she launched www.allnatural-dog-treat.com in 2004 and grew it to 80,000 organic visitors/month with optimized web content. Now she writes and consults for a variety of small and medium size businesses. She speaks on SEO and social media around the country. Write Words Marketing