The Promise of Coaching


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This is the presentation I gave at the NESA Fall Leadership conference in Katmandu, Nepal in November 2010.

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The Promise of Coaching

  1. 1. THE PROMISE OF COACHING Jen Munnerlyn: Literacy Coach November, 2010 NESA Fall Leadership Institute, Katmandu Nepal AMERICAN COMMUNITY SCHOOL OF ABU DHABI 11:45-12:45, Boardroom I
  2. 2. Jen Munnerlyn Background Contact Information How we work Purpose of today’s meeting Structure of this workshop
  3. 3. “I know! Let’s get a Literacy Coach!” Why a coach? (For the size of school, coach vs. assistant principal) How coaching is currently working at ACS. (Where we started and where we are now.) Items (we feel) were key to our success.
  4. 4. Some of the things I do... Implementing new programs/instructional strategies Supports teachers in... Finding the time to fit it all in- Instructional Minute Guidelines Building capacity/accountability through vertical teaming Giving, analyzing, and using assessments to impact student learning Long-term ordering needs Coaching into classrooms
  5. 5. My #1 Job as a coach... Unit planning Implementing Reading and Writing Workshop- Vertical Teams Strategies for Teaching Word Study- Vertical Teams Administering and using assessments to inform our teaching- Data Analysis Early Release Day sessions- Whole school Planning for attending and sharing external PD: NESA, TCRWP Weekly “Learning Lunches” Working with instructional assistants Professional Development
  6. 6. Early Release Days Regie Routeman’s PD Kit: TransformingYourTeaching Through Reading to Understand
  7. 7. Curriculum Team Meetings Reading TeamWriting TeamWord Study Team “Lunch and Learn”
  8. 8. Data Analysis Meetings • DRA • MAP • Words Their Way Spelling Inventory• Reading/Writing Continuums• Classroom data from R/W Workshops
  9. 9. Multifaceted Professional Development= Collegiality Accountability Responsive Leadership From the principal’s perspective... Carrie Ekey- NESA Coaching Cohort A model for a 3-year plan (p. 7 in the handout) Specific steps that raise the level of teacher collaboration and accountability Highlight the next steps in the coaching model
  10. 10. Learning Curves for Us: Adult Learners Professional Development for the coach Support of principal as coach learns to be a leader of teachers Parents: Why talk to the teacher when you can talk to the coach? Raising the bar- all PD needs to be targeted and worthwhile and planned Where do we go from here? End of our 3-year plan...
  11. 11. Questions/Sharing