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Jen Crouch Portfolio


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Work done at DeepSea Power & Light

Work done at DeepSea Power & Light

Published in: Business, Career
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  • 1. jen CROUCH DESIGNS 2950 Clairemont Dr Apt 13 San Diego, CA 92117 619.405.9807
  • 2. JENNIFER 2950 Clairemont Dr Apt 13 San Diego, CA 92117 CROUCH 619.405.9807 PERSONAL STATEMENT Talented graphic designer with over seven years experience in marketing, sales, and technical writing seeking employment in a creative field. Primary goals are to work in a capacity to develop marketing strategies and business plans to increase sales, design innovative artwork that demonstrates a cohesive business model and value to customers, utilize organizational “ skills to effectively manage multiple projects and complete tasks in a timely ...worked well manner, while building great customer and work relationships. under tight time PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Graphic Artist / Technical Writer constraints, and DeepSea Power & Light March 2004 to November 2008 was unphased Designed and created over 100 marketing items, including advertisements, brochures, E-newsletters, posters, postcards; Managed and updated 2 when a project websites; Wrote and edited over 30 user manuals, product releases, specification sheets; Photographed more than 40 products and edited for required multiple print and web applications. Accomplishments sign-offs and Promoted within the company 3 times as a result of being proactive and exceeding delegated assignments. incremental “ Formulated a re-branding initiative, resulting in a unified style changes. guide and cohesive marketing scheme. Marketing coordinator of multiple product launches leading to a -Kevin Hardy, VP yearly increase in sales of 30+%. Marketing Assistant Sales Manager New York & Company January 2001 to August 2003 Managed and trained a twenty+ person sales team; Designed and implemented 10 new performance tasks to improve sales and customer service levels. Accomplishments Surpassed sales goals by at least 10% on a consistent basis. Customer service skills received 100% on secret shopper report. Supervision of floor led to exceeding loss prevention goals by 20%. COMPUTER KNOWLEDGE Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver CorelDRAW Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook) EDUCATION Bachelor of Fine Arts, Film and Television Chapman University August 2000 to January 2004 Accomplishments Graduated Magna Cum Laude with a 3.84 GPA. Member of Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society and Alpha Phi Sorority. Samples of work and references available upon request.
  • 3. Let the Thru-Hull SeaLite® extend your boating fun into the night •Night Fishing •Night Diving •Night Entertainment •Night Photography Competition See the clear difference At Walker’s Cay across the dock from each other Thru-Hull SeaLite® DeepSea Power & Light® has over 25 years of experience designing and manufacturing industrial lighting fixtures for deep ocean exploration, at depths exceeding 20,000 feet. DeepSea’s lights have been used by oceanographic researchers, military branches, commercial divers, and even to illuminate the wreck during the filming of James Cameron’s “Titanic.” DeepSea uses only legitimate photos in their marketing material, and accurate figures in their light specs. We see and hear some pretty amazing claims, but at the end of the day it comes down to offering you maximum light penetration in seawater, a rugged design, and the peace of mind knowing that you have a safe light on your boat. The difference is quality, and it’s in the details. ® ® 4033 Ruffin Rd San Diego,CA 92123-1817 Phone (858) 576-1261 Fax (858) 576-0219
  • 4. THRU-HULL SEALITE ® You won’t find a better thru-hull light! THRU-HULL SEALITE Serviceable from Inside the Boat Changing lamps is a simple 5 minute job HID-X 150W, 110/220VAC HID-S and -O models Water Tight Fitting Sealed front and back also available High Color Temperature Lamp For maximum penetration in sea water LED Lights (18 LED and MiniLED) Gas Discharge Lamp No filament to break 18 LED Sapphire Crystal Port One of the hardest and most thermally 9-32VDC conductive transparent materials Serviceable from Inside the Boat Effective and Efficient Reflector Allows access to LEDs and drivers Color options: Ensures a wide beam angle and maximum use of light White, Green or Blue Temperature Compensating Circuitry Allows for in-air operation Gas Discharge Lights High Brightness Maximum penetration in sea water (HID and Xenon) WWW.DEEPSEE.COM 50,000 Hour LED Life No bulb changing required Xenon 35W, 8-32VDC Thermally Coupled Design Ensures longevity of LED Individual LED Reflectors Distribute light for maximum effect MiniLED 9-32VDC HID LED XENON MINILED 110VAC or 220VAC 9-32VDC 8-32VDC 9-32VDC Color options: Power White, Green or Blue 3.5” 3.0” 2.375” 1.25” Thru-Hull Size 316SS or Titanium 316SS 316SS 316SS Thru-Hull Material Features • Sapphire crystal • High performance • Sapphire crystal • High performance window Polymer window window Polymer window • Wide beam angle • Color options: • Wide beam angle • Color options: Camera • Leak intrusion White, Green or Blue • Fully sealed design White, Green or Blue 12/24VDC, Color detection (X model) • Ultra long life • Ultra long life • Over temperature (50,000+ hours) (50,000+ hours) Fixed focus detection (X model) • Integrated driver • Integrated driver ® Wide angle • UL Recognized board board • Fully sealed design • Fully sealed design • Fully sealed design
  • 5. DEEPSEA POWER & LIGHT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: JENNIFER CROUCH (858) 576-1261 x393 DeepSea Introduces an Innovative New LED Thru-Hull SeaLite® San Diego, CA - For decades DeepSea Power & Light (DeepSea) has been designing innovative underwater products that exceed industry standards. The LED Thru-Hull SeaLite® is the next evolution of the proven Thru-Hull SeaLite® product line. This new thru-hull lighting system uses the latest LED technology to create a fixture that offers amazing light output, is extremely rugged and most importantly, safe. Boat owners enjoy using the Thru-Hull SeaLites® as attractive mood lighting while at the dock or functionally to aid in nighttime fishing, diving and photography. DeepSea’s LED Thru-Hull SeaLite® features 18 high color temperature LEDs, each with its own reflector to distribute the light for maximum effect. The result is a wide, even dispersion of light that is pleasing to the eye. The 316 stainless steel housing was engineered with two double seals, ensuring that the LED Thru-Hull SeaLite® will remain watertight, even in the harshest environments. With the LED driver board integrated into the watertight housing, installation is trouble-free; simply run the power cable from the back of the light to your power source. In addition, thermal compensation circuitry regulates the temperature of the LEDs, improving the life of the LEDs and allowing the light to be run in air. Unlike other LED lights on the market, DeepSea’s LED Thru-Hull SeaLite® is serviceable from inside the boat. But, with a 50,000 hour life, the unit requires no bulb maintenance. DeepSea Power & Light’s underwater products are used daily in the most demanding environments on the planet. The LED Thru-Hull SeaLite® provides the peace of mind in knowing that it was designed by a company with 24 years expertise as a leading manufacturer of underwater lights for deep diving submersibles, offshore oil and commercial divers. For more information, please visit or call 858-576-1261. Thru-Hull SeaLites® - whiter, brighter and more durable. ### DeepSea Power & Light 4033 Ruffin Road San Diego, CA 92123-1817 4033 Ruffin Rd. (858) 576-1261 San Diego, CA 92123-1817 (858) 576-1261 Fax: (858)576-0219
  • 6. 18LED Thru-Hull SeaLite® The 18 LED Thru-Hull SeaLite® is the next evolution of the proven Thru-Hull SeaLite® design. Several features come together in the 18 LED Thru-Hull SeaLite® to create a light that offers amazing light output, is extremely rugged and most importantly, safe. There are 18 high color temperature LEDs, each with its own reflector to distribute the light for maximum effect. Thermal compensation circuitry regulates the temperature of the LEDs, improving the life of the LEDs and allowing the light to be run in air. The 316 stainless steel housing has two double seals, ensuring that the 18 LED Thru-Hull SeaLite® will remain watertight, even in the harshest environments. To simplify installation, the driver board is integrated into the watertight housing. The 18 LED Thru-Hull SeaLite® is even serviceable from inside the boat. And, with an ultra long life, the 18 LED Thru-Hull SeaLite® requires no bulb maintenance! The 18 LED Thru-Hull SeaLite® provides the peace of mind in knowing that it was designed by a company with over 25 years expertise as a leading manufacturer of underwater lights for deep diving submersibles, offshore oil and commercial divers. Light Specifications MECHANICAL Housing Material: 316L Stainless Steel Pressure Tested To: 100 PSI Size: Length: 8.73 in. (22.17 cm) Diameter: Thru-Hull Fitting: 2.95 in. (7.49 cm) Outer Flange (1/4 in. thick): 5.0 in. (12.70 cm) Weight: 7.00 lb. (3.18 kg) Lens: High performance polymer Cable Length: 15’ (4.57 m) standard (longer available on request) Recommended Hull Thickness: Minimum: 1/4 in. (6.35 mm) Maximum: 5.0 in. (12.70 cm) LAMP Type: LED Rated Average Life: 50,000 hours Color Temperature: 5,700-6,700º K (Cool white, green and blue) Actual Lumens (in water): 2,000 (white version) Beam Angle: 17º center spot within 90º flood OPERATING Warm Up / Re-strike Time Instantaneous Minimum Operating Temperature: -22° F (-30° C) ELECTRICAL Input Voltage: 9-32 VDC Input Current: 4.3A at 12V Wattage: 52 Watts Specifications subject to change without notice DEEPSEA POWER & LIGHT • 4033 Ruffin Rd. • San Diego, CA 92123 USA • TEL (858) 576-1261 • FAX (858) 576-0219 Web: • E-mail: Rev. 09/05/08
  • 7. ® ® LED Multi-SeaLite LED Multi-SeaLite The revolutionary LED Multi-SeaLite® from DeepSea Power & Light will change the way you look at underwater lighting. Gone are the days of downtime caused by lamp changes. LED Multi-SeaLites® have a 50,000 hour lifespan, and are incredibly shock and vibration resistant. The LED Multi-SeaLite’s® high color temperature white LEDs, variety of monochromatic colored LEDs, and state of the art reflectors give you the BH3MP BH3MP M ability to put light where you need it, reducing the amount of wasted light (1=Hot, 2=Neutral, 3=Ground to shell) that is often experienced as backscatter. DeepSea’s proprietary driver circuitry and high efficiency LEDs combine to create a light that produces over five times more light per watt than halogen lamps. To top it all off, you can easily convert your current suite of Midwater or Deep Multi-SeaLites® to LED Multi-SeaLites®, using the same bodies, mounts, and connectors that you keep in your spares kit. XSG3BCL XSG3BCL GB (1=Ground, 2=Hot, 3=Neutral) Mechanical Body Material Hard Anodized Aluminum (6061) Window Material Acrylic GENERAL NOTES & WARNINGS 1. You may run your LED Multi-SeaLite® in air. As the light heats up you will notice 3. Do not tamper with the split retaining ring that holds the front window. The front Mounts High Strength Plastic Mounting Collar that the output will diminish. This is normal, and the light will come back up to full window requires a press to install the split retaining ring, and it is very hard to (Standard) brightness once it is submerged and allowed to cool. reinstall. Tampering with the lighthead in any way may damage the light and 2. !DANGER! When the LED Multi-SeaLite® is operated in air, the body may will void your warranty. Stainless Steel Yoke Mount and Helmet reach temperatures in excess of 65°C. These temperatures may be enough 4. !DANGER! Do not operate any high voltage electrical equipment in or around to cause burns if the light is handled without protective clothing. water without using a Ground Fault Interrupt circuit (GFI) and an isolation 1503 15030 Mounting Bracket (Optional) transformer, especially when divers are in the water. (1=Hot, 2=Neutral, 3=Ground to shell) o, eu a , 3 G ou d o s e ) u Air Weight 896 g (31.6 oz) PRE & POST DIVE INSPECTION Water Weight (salt water) 420 g (14.8 oz) 1. Rinse your LED Multi-SeaLite® in fresh water after use in saltwater. !DANGER! After each deployment, carefully check to make sure the light has not Implodible Volume 57 cc (3.5 cubic in.) flooded. It is possible for the light to partially flood and then reseal itself while 2. Always check to make sure that the rear bulkhead connector assembly is secure underwater. Upon surfacing, the light can become internally pressurized, which may before deployment. be potentially dangerous. Additionally, if the power remains on when the light has Environmental partially flooded, it is possible for electrolytic generation of an explosive mixture of LPBH3MP LPBH3MP B3 3. Before and after each deployment, check the following areas for damage, wear or hydrogen and oxygen gases. If a light appears flooded upon removal from the Depth Rating 6,000 m (20,000 ft) corrosion: Rear bulkhead connector assembly, power cable, front window, water, it should be treated as potentially dangerous. Point the light away from (1=Hot, 2=Neutral, 3=Ground to shell) retaining cowl. persons and valuable equipment, and make sure that the power is discon- Test Pressure 10,000 psi nected. See the Flooded Light Repair procedure for more information. Crush Depth* 9,700 m (14,500 psi) Min/ Max Op. Temperature -10ºC to 40ºC (14ºF to 104ºF) TROUBLE-SHOOTING Flooded Light Repair: Troubleshooting: Optical If the light stops working while underwater, you should assume that it has been 1. If the light stops working while underwater assume that it has been flooded. See Mount Drawing Mount Drawing t rw flooded. When working on a potentially flooded light, it is important to use appropriate Flooded Light Repair procedure. Colors White, Blue, and Green personal protective equipment to include, at a minimum, eye and hand protection. 2. Once it has been determined that the light is not flooded, or if it does not turn on during pre-deployment checks, troubleshoot in the following sequence: Lumens in the Water** 2,400 lm to 2,800 lm (white only) 1. Place the light face down on a table making sure that the connector side is a. Check the power cable/inline connector to make sure that correct facing up. voltage and current are being supplied, and that the correct sockets are Color Temperature 5,000ºK to 7000ºK 2. Slowly unscrew the connector socket assembly to allow any internal pressure to being used. See the back of this manual for electrical specs and connec tor be equalized. pinouts. Dominant Wave Length*** White: n/a, Blue: 475nm, Green: 525nm 3. Once it is determined that the light is not internally pressurized it is recommended b. Remove the connector/socket assembly (see step 1 in the Disassembly that the light be returned to DeepSea Power & Light (DSPL) for evaluation and procedure). Inspect the assembly for visual signs of wear. Using a multi- Beam Pattern Medium 30º repair using the RMA Procedure. meter, check for continuity or shorts in the connector. Try a spare 4. In case of emergency, you may attempt to repair the flooded light by following the connector/socket assembly if available. steps listed in the Disassembly, Inspection and Assembly procedures. Any parts c. Disassemble the rest of the light using the Disassembly procedure (steps 2 Electrical that were exposed to saltwater should be cleaned with de-ionized water to through 7). remove any salt residue before reassembly. Make sure that all parts are d. Check the wires that go from the driver board to the lamp base for wear. If Input Voltage 85-135vAC (100-180vDC), 185-265vAC completely dry before reassembly by baking them in an oven at 140°F for 30 they appear worn, replace the driver board. minutes. e. Check to make sure that the driver board is securely attached to the light- Input Current 550 mA (typ.) at 120vAC head. If it is loose, check for damage on the board. If there appears to be !IMPORTANT! DeepSea Power & Light cannot be responsible for any damage no damage, reattach the driver to the lighthead (see step 3 in the LED Lifespan 50,000 hours incurred during emergency field repairs. Such repairs should be undertaken Assembly procedure). Try using a spare driver board if available. only as a last resort and by qualified personnel. f. If the light still does not work, return it to DSPL using the RMA Procedure. True Power 44w Power Factor 0.66 * Crush depth based on one sample only. 4033 Ruffin Road, San Diego, CA 92123-1817 ** True amount of light leaving the fixture, measured in lumens with a calibrated integrating sphere. (Calibration (858) 576-1261 Fax: (858) 576-0219 traceable to NIST) ® Web: Email: *** Dominant wavelength of monochromatic light. ****Product specifications subject to change without notice. Rev. A. 11.19.08 Rev. 11/19/08
  • 8. ® LED Multi-SeaLite ASSEMBLY & DISASSEMBLY Disassembly: 4. Inspect the light body to make sure that it is clean, and that the sealing surfaces 1. Before working on your LED Multi-SeaLite®, be sure that you have a clean, dry, on the front and back are smooth and free of scratches or rough spots. Check the flat work area available. entire body for evidence of corrosion. 2. Unscrew the connector/socket assembly from the back of the light body using 5. Inspect the retaining cowl for cracks or chips. your hand or a 13⁄8” wrench. Gently pull the connector/socket assembly away from the light body and unscrew the lamp base (the thing with wires running to 6. Inspect the connector/socket assembly for wear. Clean the o-ring groove with a it) from the socket in the connector/socket assembly. Remove the o-ring (2-213 lint free wipe and reagent grade alcohol. This is also a good time to check the NO674-70) from the connector/socket assembly. Place all items in a clean, dry continuity of the connector/socket assembly. place. 7. If any of the above parts show signs of wear or damage they should be replaced. 3. Unscrew the retaining cowl using a large size spanner wrench to hold the cowl If there appears to be anything wrong with the lighthead, it should be returned to and a small size spanner wrench to hold the light body. DSPL for evaluation and repair using the RMA procedure. 4. Optional: If you wish to remove the retaining cowl and locking ring, do so before separating the lighthead from the body. Once the retaining cowl is loosened, Assembly: retighten it so that it is just hand tight. This gives the locking ring some resistance 1. If you removed the mounting collar from the light body, reinstall the rubber to hold it out of the way during removal of the retaining cowl. Using a small allen mounting collar ring first, making sure that the rounded corner of the ring is on wrench or screwdriver, press in on the locking ring rthrough the small sight holes the outside and facing the rear of the body. Place the light body face down on a in the retaining cowl. Work your way around the cowl until the locking ring has flat surface. Loosen or remove the allen head screw in the collar. Place the collar bottomed out in the groove in the lighthead. Pull the lighthead directly away from over the light body making sure that the ridge on the inside edge of the collar is on the body and cowl to separate it. This process may need to be repeated several top. Press firmly on the collar until it is seated over the rubber mounting ring. times before the lighthead releases. This process takes some practice, and care Tighten the allen head screw. should be taken not to damage or force any of the parts. 2. Place the lighthead/driver assembly face down on the flat surface. 5. Carefully separate the lighthead from the body, making sure that the lamp base passes through the connector/socket assembly hole. The retaining cowl will 3. If you separated the driver board from the lighthead, reinstall the driver board by remain connected to the lighthead, if you have not removed it already. plugging the green connector back into the driver board. Make sure that the Silpad is sitting on top of the FET (black, D shaped component on the driver 6. Remove the o-ring (2-037-NO674-70) from the back side of the lighthead. Place board), and that it contacts the lighthead body when the driver board is seated. in a clean dry place. Reinstall the four screws, shoulder washers and spacers that hold the board to the light engine. 7. IMPORTANT! Do not attempt to open up the lighthead or remove the split retaining ring on the front window of the lighthead. The front window 4. If you removed the retaining cowl and locking ring, reinstall them by compress- Parts List requires a press to install the split retaining ring, and it is very hard to ing the locking ring in the groove in the lighthead with your hand while lowering Body reinstall. Tampering with the lightehead in any way may damage the light the retaining cowl onto the lighthead. and void your warranty. 712-012-010-0A-02 LML 6061 Aluminum body 5. Lubricate the o-ring (2-037-NO674-70) with Dow 111 and place it into the groove 8. Optional: If you wish to replace the driver board, remove it by unscrewing the four in the back of the lighthead. Cowl screws that hold it to the light engine. Carefully unplug the green connector that 712-012-012-0A LML Ultem plastic cowl attaches the lighthead to the driver board. Place all parts in a clean dry place. 6. Lower the body onto the lighthead and fish the lamp base through the hole where the connector/socket aseembly will go using tweezers or needle-nose pliers. Mounts 9. Optional: If you wish to remove the mounting collar, unscrew the allen head screw at the top of the collar. With your thumbs on the rear of the light body and 7. Tighten the retaining cowl, first by hand, and then using the spanner wrenches, 710-040-019-0C Delrin mounting collar 774-000-013-0A Universal helmet mounting bracket your fingers on the collar, pull back on the collar while you push on the light until it feels snug and no threads remain visible. Be careful not to cross thread 774-000-016-0A Yoke mounting bracket 774-000-014-0A Universal hand grip body. It may take considerable force to remove the collar. Once the collar has the cowl. Look through the larger sight holes in teh retaining cowl to make sure been removed, remove the rubber mounting ring. the lighthead and body are in contact all the way around. O-Ring Kits 8. Lubricate and reinstall the o-ring (2-213-NO674-70) into the groove in the Inspection: 712-012-603-0A O-ring kit 710-04106-0A Sealing ring (not included in LML-OR) connector/socket assembly. 1. Inspect all o-rings to make sure that there are no nicks or cuts present, and Lighthead that they are still supple and flexible. Clean with a lint free wipe and reagent grade 9. Screw the lamp base into the socket in the connector/socket assembly. Rotate the alcohol. 712-012-151-0A-01 Lighthead, 18Cree, white, flood 712-012-151-0A-04 Lighthead, 18Cree, white, spot connector/socket assembly three full revolutions in a counterclockwise direction to preload the wires that connect the lamp base to the driver board. Screw the 2. !WARNING! The front window of the lighthead is made of acrylic plastic and will 712-012-151-0A-02 Lighthead, 18Cree, blue, flood 712-012-151-0A-05 Lighthead, 18Cree, blue, spot connector/socket assembly into the back of the light body until hand tight. cloud and craze if exposed the alcohol. Do not clean any part of the lighthead 712-012-151-0A-03 Lighthead, 18Cree, green, flood 712-012-151-0A-06 Lighthead, 18Cree, green, spot with any type of alcohol. 10. It is recommended that the light be pressure tested once reassembled. If Driver pressure testing facilities are not available, soak the light in clean, fresh water for 3. Clean the o-ring groove on the back of the lighthead with a lint free wipe. Check several hours to insure that the light is sealed. the wires that connect the lamp base to the driver board for nicks or wear. 712-012-902-0A-06 120V driver circuit board assembly Bulkhead Connector 705-00014-0B BH3MP connector/socket assembly with 705-00053-0B XSG3BCL connector/socket assembly female locking sleeve RMA PROCEDURE 705-00048-0A LPBH3M connector/socket assembly 705-00069-0A 5507-1503 connector/socket assembly 140-00031 Female Delrin locking sleeve for bulkhead 140-00032 Male Delrin locking sleeve for For warranty and non-warranty repairs please contact DeepSea Power & Light for an RMA contact information: RMA number before shipping your item. Please have your light model number, serial Phone: 858-576-1261 ext. 324 connector with snap ring mating connector with snap ring number and any other pertinent information along with a description of the problem Fax: 858-576-0219 In-Line Connector at hand when you call, or include them in a fax or email. When shipping your item, be Email: sure that the freight is pre-paid (CODs will not be received) and that the RMA number 706-000-022-0A-0002 Mating connector for BH3MP on 18” (0.5m) 140-00094 Mating connector for LPBH3MP on 18” is clearly printed on the outside of the box. All shipments should be sent to: whip with male locking sleeve, supercedes (0.5m) whip DeepSea Power & Light p/n 140-00062 Attn: RMA #XXXX 4033 Ruffin Rd. 140-00112 Mating connector for XSG3BCL with female 140-00196 Mating connector for 5507-1503 CCP on San Diego, CA 92123-1817 locking sleeve on 18” (0.5m) whip 18” (0.5m) whip