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SJHS Social Media Landscape
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SJHS Social Media Landscape


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Published in: Business, News & Politics

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  • 1. The Social Media Landscape Jennifer Elliott May 7, 2009
  • 2. What is Social Media? • The simplest way to explain social media… 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 3. … and more 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 4. Just kidding… but not really. Official definition: Social Media - The online tools and platforms that people use to share opinions, insights, experiences, and perspectives with each other. 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 5. In other words: Social media is communication… powered by: 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 6. … and more 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 7. Two Important Questions - 1. How could SJHS and its ministries leverage social media for marketing and promoting their brands? 2. How could social media affect SJHS and its ministries? 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 8. Discussion Agenda Key Social Media Tools 1 Tools to Be Aware Of 2 Thoughts & Recommendations 3 Questions / Answers 4 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 9. 1. How could SJHS and its ministries leverage social media for marketing and promoting their brands? 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 10. Use of Internet for Health Information 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 11. Online sources for health information • 67% use search engines to find information (default gateway for online health information) • 46% use health portals (WebMD,etc) • 34% use other social media (blogs, social networks, etc) • 36% want to see what other consumers say about medication / treatments Source: Opinion Research Corporation - How America Searches: Health and Wellness – January 2008 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 12. Communication Preferences By Audience . Born before Born Born Born 1946 1946 - 1964 1965 - 1981 1982 - 2000 Not so serious; Style Formal Semiformal irreverent Eye-catching fun Attainable within Get to the point – Chunk it down but If and when I need Content reasonable time give me everything what do I need to it, I’ll find it online frame know? Relevance to the Relevance to my bottom line and my Relevance to what Relevance to now, Context security; historical rewards matters to me today and my role perspective Openly questions Accepting and Accept the “rules” OK with authority authority; often Attitude trusting of authority as created by the branded as cynics that earns their and hierarchy Veterans respect and skeptics Source: Communication World, March-April 2008, p.20; 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 13. Communication Preferences By Audience cont. Born before Born Born Born 1946 1946 - 1964 1965 - 1981 1982 - 2000 Print; conventional mail; face-to-face Online; some dialogue or by Print; conventional face-to-face (if Online; wired; mail; face-to-face they’re really seamlessly Tactics phone; some dialogue; online needed); games; connected through online information and interaction tools and resources technological technology interaction Attainable within Immediate; when Speed reasonable time Available; handy Five minutes ago frame I need it In digestible Frequency amounts As needed Whenever Constant Source: Communication World, March-April 2008, p.20; 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 14. Leveraging Social Media • RSS feeds • Webcasting* • Podcasting* • eCards • Video-on-demand • eNewsletters* (vodcasting) • Micro-blogging • Blogs/Journals • Expert-to-consumer (SJHS/MD/Patient) Q & A* • Health tools/widgets • Mobile media * Located in Appendix 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 15. RSS Feeds (Really Simple Syndication) Click icon for video explanation • WHAT IS IT: (Need Internet Connection) Ability for user to subscribe to regularly updated content so they automatically get updates when made • POTENTIAL USE: • Hospital Press Releases • Hospital News/Announcements • Podcasts/Vodcasts Notes / Cautions: • Blogs •Free to use •Use standard logo •User needs RSS feed reader to use – also called aggregators 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 16. Vodcasting (Video-on-demand) • WHAT IS IT?: Syndication of video files (mp4) available for play on demand, by download, or RSS feed • POTENTIAL USE: • Reuse existing video • Hospital Information / Virtual Tours • Construction Updates Notes / Cautions: • Educational Series •Target video length = under 3 min • Patient Stories •Potential bandwidth concerns • Career Opportunities depending on hosting arrangement • Community Involvement •Viewers w/o broadband = non- optimal playback 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 17. Vodcasting - Examples 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 18. Blogs / Journals • WHAT IS IT?: Short for “web log” - An online journal comprised of links, images, video and postings in reverse chronological order. Most allow comments/feedback. Think keynote speaker/ expert panel • POTENTIAL USE: • Establishing Online Customer Relationship • Topic Experts (MDs w/ Service Notes / Cautions: Line) / Key Spokesperson •Potential to build relationships w/ • Patients prospective patients • Hospital PR / Communication •Aids in achieving transparency – Established Channel PRIOR to Crisis • ‘humanizes’ BIG health system – Events •Blog must be kept current / – Construction monitored for comments – or does – Notices – Information – Customer Service more harm to brand •Opens 2-way communication •Be prepared / have plan for negative feedback/comments 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 19. Blog - Examples 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 20. Health Apps / Widgets • WHAT IS IT?: Small applications that provide functionality and content online, distributed through a potentially limitless number of websites. They are uploaded onto desktops or sites (personal sites, profile pages, blogs) by end users. • POTENTIAL USE: • Marketing / Brand Awareness • General Health Tips / Headlines • Daily BP / Blood Glucose Tracker Notes / Cautions: • – Free widget • Gift Shop Promotions wizard • Topic Related Screenings / Info •Could be costly to create • Insurance Plan Info •Original & customized widgets need • Interactive Games (kids+health) computer programming 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 21. eCards • WHAT IS IT?: Small greeting with image and personal message usually sent by user to another user via email • POTENTIAL USE: • Fundraising • eGreeting during hospital stay • Branded reminders for users to send loved ones for important screenings, events, promotions Notes / Cautions: – Breast Cancer Month •Very easy to implement – Colon Cancer Month •Might need minimal outside – Wellness Events (Relay for programming Life) •Could be distributed via widget 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 22. Microblogging - Twitter • WHAT IS IT?: A form of blogging that allows users to post brief text updates – usually under 200 characters. They might include links to photos or audio clips -- to be viewed by the public or fed directly to subscribers by RSS. These messages can be submitted by a variety of ways, including text messaging, instant messaging, email, digital audio or the web. Notes / Cautions: • POTENTIAL USE: •Free set-up • Establishing Online Customer •Must be monitored / kept up to date Relationship for success • Delivery of Press Releases / Announcements •Best if managed by one person to • Crisis Communication – keep consistent tone Pandemics, Trauma •Can help build consumer • Commentary on Specific Healthcare Topics relationships • Patient Stories •Have a plan and think out clearly before “jumping in” 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 23. Microblogging – Twitter examples 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 24. Mobile Media • WHAT IS IT?: Data and content delivered / accessed through a mobile device such as a PDA or cell phone • POTENTIAL USE: • Text Message Marketing Click to play video overview • 2D Barcode Marketing • Mobile websites Notes / Cautions: •Message delivery is dependant on user’s mobile device – do they have camera? Do they have barcode reader? •Need barcode generator – easy •Some applications offer to the minute tracking & geographic locations 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 25. Mobile Media – Mobile Website • WHAT IS IT?: Version of website delivered via mobile device • POTENTIAL USE: • Mobile ‘dark’ site • Emergency information (location / directions / phone numbers) • Doctor Finder (location/phone) • Wellness Articles Notes / Cautions: • Health Tips •Simply adding script to website so lean version appears on phones •If possible, should really be done 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 26. Leveraging Social Media Recap So Far: • RSS feeds • Webcasting • Podcasting • eCards • Video-on-demand • eNewsletters (vodcasting) • Micro-blogging • Blogs/Journals • Expert-to-consumer (SJHS/MD/Patient) Q&A • Health tools/widgets • Mobile media These Items Allow the Ability to ‘Retain Control’ 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 27. Leveraging Social Media • BUT… Social Media is not always neat and it’s not always controllable 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 28. Leveraging Social Media Additional (not always controllable) ways for SJHS leverage social media for marketing and promoting brand • Blogs • Microblogging • YouTube® (Twitter) • Health Portals* • Online gaming* • Expert-to-consumer • Discussion boards* Q & A* • List Servs* • Social Networking • Mobile Media * Located in Appendix 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 29. YouTube ® • WHAT IS IT?: A video sharing website where users can upload, view and share video clips. • POTENTIAL USE: • Establishing Online Customer Relationship • Reuse existing video • Hospital Information / Virtual Tours Notes / Cautions: • Construction Updates •Additional exposure to subscriber’s • Educational Series viewers • Patient Stories • Career Opportunities •Video hosted on YouTube – less • Community Involvement bandwidth concern •Viewers can leave comments, rate •Can’t control ‘related videos’ that appear 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 30. YouTube ® - example 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 31. Social Networking (Social Graph) • WHAT IS IT?: The process of creating relationships using forums, blogs, micro-blogging, etc between a user and other people based upon some formal social graph. • SOCIAL GRAPH: A map of the relationships between individuals, ranging from casual acquaintance to close familial bonds. These mappings develop into virtual communities built around similarity and affinity regarding a topic. Think lunch tables Notes / Cautions: • POTENTIAL USE: •Creation of an official account will • Establishing Online Customer provide an avenue with some control Relationship for official statements. Otherwise – • Building/promotion of brand virtually no control over content (in loyalty or “fans” some extreme cases you can contact actually networking company) •Ministries can be ‘tagged’ in photos, etc. 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 32. Social Network - Examples 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 33. Additional Social Media Other Social Media to be aware of…. • Wiki / Wikipedia • Meta-Social Media • Customer Review /Social Bookmarking Sites • Photosharing 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 34. Wiki - Wikipedia • WHAT IS IT?: A wiki is a collection of web pages designed to enable anyone with access to contribute or modify content, using a simplified editing too – usually a WYSIWYG. • POTENTIAL USE: Notes / Cautions: • Internal knowledge base •Virtually uncontrollable • Internal shared knowledge •Monitoring is essential for ministries 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 35. Wiki Example 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 36. Customer Review Sites • WHAT IS IT?: Sites that allow users to share their experiences or rate just about anything. Think “word of mouth” meets the Internet • POTENTIAL HARM: Notes / Cautions: •Growing importance as these • Negative publicity made sites gain popularity public 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 37. Customer Review Sites 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 38. Customer Review Sites 59.1% 72.2% 74% research choose Use social companies’ companies/ media to “vent” customer care brands based about a online prior to on others’ customer care purchasing customer care experience products and experiences services at shared online least sometimes 2008 Society for New Communication Research 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 39. Photo Sharing • WHAT IS IT?: Websites for transfer of a user's digital photos online, enabling them to share them with others (whether publicly or privately). They can connect with mobile devices for instant sharing. They usually allow for comments • POTENTIAL USE: • Sharing photos from ministry- Notes / Cautions: sponsored events •How will photos taken at the hospital be handled? Policy? 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 40. Photo Sharing Example 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 41. Social Bookmarking Meta Social Media • WHAT IS IT?: A method for Internet users to publicly ‘share’ bookmarks of web pages on the Internet using metadata -- typically in the form of tags that collectively and/or collaboratively become a folksonomy. • FOLKSONOMY - also called social tagging, the process of many users adding keywords to help the ‘search’ of shared content Notes / Cautions: • POTENTIAL USE: •Can increase the viewing of • Can increase the viewing of NEGATIVE content across the entire content exponentially across the entire web. Internet. Think Domino’s Pizza Video 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 42. Social Bookmarking/ 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 43. Leveraging Social Media So we don’t have control of what appears on the Internet? • In reality, great branding has always been about influence – not control • Shift is not ‘controlling’ but rather ‘managing’ the brand’s reputation through listening and responding … so how do we do that? 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 44. Recommended Steps: 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 45. Recommendation #1 - MONITOR • If you haven’t already, start monitoring what – if anything is being said about your ministry… 1. Develop key words to track (even competitor names and industry) 2. Set up news feeds of those words – Google Alerts – Technorati Watch – TwitterSearch 3. Set up a RSS Feeder (GoogleReader) 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 46. Recommendation #1 - MONITOR Secure brand name - 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 47. Recommendation #1 - MONITOR • Be customer-service agents and reach out to people personally who have reported problems for resolution -- as a person with empathy. 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 48. Recommendation #2 PLAN • Start the discussions with leadership to weigh your ministry's benefits and risks for using social media • Don’t Jump In -- Make a realistic plan – Who will have responsibility? • Do they have the time? Are they engaged? Personal passion for technology? Will you trust their communication? • What will be the scheduled time to update? Daily… Weekly? – Their back-up? – Handling of negative comments? • (filtering comments and feedback is strongly unadvised) 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 49. Recommendation #2 PLAN • Set objectives- – Increase reach of messages to public? – Proactive media relations? – Increase reputation? – Increase patients? – Drive traffic to website? 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 50. Recommendation #2 PLAN • That said… – Don’t wait until a crisis occurs to start using social media. – Establish your relationships prior so that there’s history with credibility within the social media realm before you really need it. • Best used with a single person who communicates “as a person” and not a paid mouthpiece 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 51. Recommendation #3 STRATEGY Wordpress (blog) Every channel links and connects 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 52. Recommendation #3 STRATEGY • Repurpose any existing content you may have as – Podcasts – Vodcast – You Tube – Facebook 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 53. Recommendation #3 STRATEGY • Secure names at key social media sites to prevent brand hacking – Twitter (I’ve reserved them) – You Tube – Facebook Group / Fan Page 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 54. Recommendation #3 STRATEGY • Remember – it’s not about the tool, it’s the relationship. So be sure to cultivate social media relationships by: – Let others tell their story – Read other blogs, facebook pages, You Tube, etc and leave comments – Don’t just ‘sell’ - be human 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 55. • The conversation online about your ministry will take place with or without you. • Will you engage and leverage it? 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 56. • Questions or comments? 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 57. Appendix 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 58. Podcasting • WHAT IS IT?: Syndication of audio files available for download (or by RSS) and played on demand w/ mp3 player (iPod) • POTENTIAL USE: • Reuse of existing audio content – Talk/Radio Shows Notes / Cautions: – Topic Experts •Also offer online play • Educational Series •Not web-search friendly • Patient Stories w/ Service Lines •Bullet point key topics/messages •Many people prefer reading – the ability to ‘scan’ articles for interest •Used more for entertainment that true information seeking 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 59. Webcasting • WHAT IS IT?: Live streaming presentation (webinar) which might allow interactivity via “chat box” or use a webcam to show live footage (Think Genesys) • POTENTIAL USE: • Online Seminars Notes / Cautions: • Live Surgeries •Usually requires pre-planning, • Educational Series technical coordination, advertising, and resources to provide an effective and successful event. •Need outside software – can be costly •Potential technical issues with attendees 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 60. Podcasting - Example 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 61. eNewsletters • WHAT IS IT?: Combination of articles / blurbs which are sent via email to a mailing list. Usually part of a bigger marketing campaign • POTENTIAL USE: • Marketing – Brand Awareness • Promotion of News, Services • Hospital Information Notes / Cautions: Construction Updates •User must ‘subscribe’ to receive • Educational Series • Patient Stories •Must include easy way to opt-out of • Community Involvement future emails •Recommend using email marketing vendor/software (Constant Contact, Campaigner) 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 62. Expert to Consumer Q&As • WHAT IS IT?: Form of two-way communication which includes mechanism allowing users to submit questions. Expert then uses a blog-type application to answer submissions. All answers are usually indexed. • POTENTIAL USE: • Internal communication between leaders and employees • Physician fielding community questions regarding topic Notes / Cautions: • Establishing ‘expert’ relationship with other healthcare-related •Creates content that is most useful topics such as quality, patient to end users (Q otherwise not safety and billing addressed) • Information sharing •Must be frequently updated •Can build / strengthen relations between parties •Helps in creating transparency •Could be a coordinating nightmare unless team is committed to feature •Do you trust the chosen experts?Jennifer Elliott 05/07/09
  • 63. Expert to Consumer Q&As – example 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 64. Health Portals • WHAT ARE THEY?: Websites that contain information, advices, videos, interactive tools, databases – all in one location for end users • POTENTIAL USE: • Similar to traditional media, submit stories and articles • Participation in forums, blog comments • Extension of brand Notes / Cautions: • Promotion of top-docs •Allow interactive comments which are not controllable •Can’t control other site content related to religious-sensitive issues 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 65. Online Gaming / Virtual Worlds • WHAT IS IT?: Using online gaming and virtual worlds to deliver promotion and advertising • POTENTIAL USE: • Opportunity for brand interaction • Promotion of services Notes / Cautions: •More appropriate for national brands • Sharing general health information – screenings, tips, •So far, early adopter report low ROI etc.. •For VW success--companies must interact with their customers and embrace VW culture. Users are sensitive to advertisements placed there. •Viral Gaming – customized game to promote brand or concept 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 66. Online Gaming Example Sponsored by Humana 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 67. Discusion Boards / Forums • WHAT IS IT?: Communication tool that allows one individual to post a comment or question online. Other individuals may read that comment/question, and respond with their own remarks over time. Commonly referred to as threaded discussion. Think social mixer – everyone at same level • POTENTIAL USE: • Establishing Online Customer Notes / Cautions: Relationship •Need to heavily continuously • Promotion of service lines promote • Connect community members on shared interests •Need monitoring • Sharing general health information – •Need plan / policy for inappropriate screenings, tips, etc.. use •Possibility of negative “fights” between users 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott
  • 68. Listserv • WHAT IS IT?: An electronic discussion group based on common interests that uses a mailing list to distribute all messages & posts to all members via email. POTENTIAL USE: • Support Groups • Class / Training • Sharing general health information – screenings, tips, etc.. Notes / Cautions: •Volume of email messages can be overwhelming •Users receive emails of all discussions –even those not of interest •Easy for misinformation to be widespread 05/07/09 Jennifer Elliott