Geological sciences hons 2013


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Geological sciences hons 2013

  1. 1. GEOLOGICAL SCIENCES HONOURS 2013 LIBRARY & INFORMATION SKILLS INTRODUCTION TO UCT LIBRARIES PRESENTED BY JEN EIDELMAN UCT LIBRARIES 2013 E-mail: Telephone: 021 650 2773 Please contact me for individual and/or group research consultations or for any library queries.
  2. 2. GEOLOGICAL SCIENCES HONOURS 2013 LIBRARY & INFORMATION SKILLS Finding material in UCT Libraries : ALEPH, e-journals, Primo, Subject Guide Doing your literature search : DATABASES (Boolean searching) Retrieving materials: SFX; e-Journals, ALEPH, SABINET; Interlibrary Loans Organising your results : RefWorks Writing help : Style Guides; Information Fluency Website; Referencing help Keeping up to date : Current Awareness; Alerting services Off-campus access: EZProxy
  3. 3. WHERE TO START? - Subject Guide On the Library Web Page: This is where you will find a link to your Subject Guide:
  4. 4. LINK TO SUBJECT GUIDES This is your subject guide:
  6. 6. Important Websites : Library web page: Subject guide: RefWorks guide: Interlibrary loans: loans Off campus login (EZProxy):
  7. 7. ALEPH – Library catalogue
  8. 8. ALEPH – Library catalogue – Finding Maps • Choose Multi-field from the tool bar. • In the subject field type geology south africa • In the ‘limit search to’ section from the drop down menu in the ‘format’ section choose Maps.
  9. 9. ALEPH – Library catalogue – Finding Maps
  10. 10. ALEPH LOGIN: Insert your student or staff number hereYour password is your year of birth in the following format:YYYYMMDDe.g. 19801205
  11. 11. Exercise: Find this book in ALEPHUse the BROWSE function in ALEPH to find this book:Title: Encyclopedia of geology.What is the shelf number?
  12. 12. Lucky draw questions:Find this journal title in ALEPHUse the BROWSE function in ALEPH to find this journal title:Journal title: Journal of the geological society1.What are the dates of the print holdings?2. Do we have electronic access to this journal?
  13. 13. Finding e-journals &Find, thene-Journals
  14. 14. Finding e-journalsType NAME of journal
  15. 15. Finding e-journalsExample:Stimpson, Ian (2011)Japans Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami.Geology today. 27(3):96-98 NAME of journal Volume(issue):page numbers
  16. 16. Finding e-journalsLucky draw question: Find this journal articleXia, Shaohong. (2012).Three-dimensional tomographic model of the crust beneath the Hong Kong region.Geology. 40(1):59-62 Volume(issue):page numbersNAME of journal
  17. 17. SA CAT onWorldCat.orgIf you cannot find a journal title atUCT Libraries or if UCT Libraries doesnot have the date of the journalarticle that you need, you can searchSA CAT on WorldCat to find outwhether that journal is available atany other Southern African libraries.
  18. 18. INTERLIBRARY LOANS You can request items that are not available at UCT via UCT Libraries Interlibrary Loans Department. The request can be done online once you have registered with the Interlibrary Loans Department. Alternatively, you can visit the Department in the library and make the request in person. You will then be notified by e-mail when the article arrives in the library.
  19. 19. OFF CAMPUS LOGIN It is possible to access library resources off-campus. Use the OFF CAMPUS LOGIN BUTTON on the library webpage.
  20. 20. If you’re off campus you can still access UCT Libraries Catalogue, Databases and other resources USING the off campus login button on the library web page by Jen Eidelman
  21. 21. Primo – Books and More Selecting: UCT Libraries’ Books, DVDs etc. Always Sign in firstLogin using your studentnumber and your network password
  22. 22. Primo – Books and More Selecting: UCT Libraries’ Books, DVDs etc. 31. Choose the ‘Books and more’ tab and type your search term(s) 2. From the drop-down menu select ‘UCT Libraries’ Books, DVDs, etc.’This is the equivalent of searching in UCT Libraries catalogue (ALEPH). 3. Click Search.
  23. 23. Primo – Save and Alert – Books and More Selecting: All UCT Materials + Articles. 3 1. Choose the ‘Books and more’ tab and type your search term(s) 2. From the drop-down menu select ‘All UCT materials + Articles ’ This selection searches UCT Libraries catalogue (ALEPH) and the PRIMO central database. 3. Click Search.
  24. 24. Click on Save Query to save your search
  25. 25. Primo – Save and Alert – Books and More Selecting: All UCT Materials + Articles. Give your query a name. You can save the query and create an alert. The results of the search alert can be directed to your e-mail. Choose Save This service alerts you to items that have been added to the UCT Libraries physical collections and also articles that have been added to the resources in PRIMO Central.
  26. 26. Primo – Save and Alert – Books and More Selecting: All UCT Materials + Articles. To retrieve your saved search, go to eShelf
  27. 27. Primo – Save and Alert – Books and More Selecting: All UCT Materials + Articles. Choose the ‘Queries’ tab and click on the query name to re-run your saved search
  28. 28. Primo Lucky draw exerciseConduct a search in Primo, using theARTICLES tabSearch for a journal article using thesearch terms:Seamount subduction ANDTohoku earthquakeWhat is the name of the journal inwhich the article with all thesekeywords appears?
  29. 29. Primo – Search results
  30. 30. Let’s have a break!Photo by Jen Eidelman
  31. 31. Databases for Geology
  32. 32. Databases: ScienceDirect Search for a journal article about the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami event.
  33. 33. Databases: ScienceDirect Click on PDF to get full text
  34. 34. Databases: SCOPUS Search for Earthquake OR tsunami AND Tohoku From the Document Search tab. You can add as many search boxes as you like.
  35. 35. Databases: SCOPUS Click on the SFX button. This tells you the availability of the article.
  36. 36. Databases: SCOPUS
  37. 37. Databases: SCOPUS Click on link to view articles
  38. 38. Databases:GEOREF – via EBSCOHOST
  39. 39. Databases:
  40. 40. You do not have to sign in to use these databases, but if you register you can create your own profile, save searches and create alerts. Click on theYou can refine SFX button.your search here. This tells you the availability of the article.
  41. 41. The SFX screen will tellyou if the article isavailable in full text ornot.It also tells you in whichdatabase the article isindexed.In this case it is availablefrom ScienceDirect. Click on the GO button to get the full text.
  42. 42. Useful databases: GeoRef SA Geolit ScienceDirect Scopus SpringerLink Web of Science includes Wiley Online Library
  43. 43. OK - Let’s have another break!Photo by Jen Eidelman
  44. 44. Retrieving materials• SFX button• Electronic Journals• ALEPH … for print availability at UCT• PRIMO… search and discovery tool• SABINET … availability in SA (SA Cat)• Interlibrary Loans
  45. 45. Organising your Guide:
  46. 46. Writing up … Writing guide: Writing Help: UCT’s Writing centre Referencing Help at UCT Libraries. Style guides: Books at shelf numbers: 808.42 / 808.0665 / 808.0666 Referencing Guide Information literacy:
  47. 47. Keeping up to date: Current Awareness:  Regularly run saved searches in latest updates of databases Alerting services :  Journal Table Of Contents Alerts (Swetswise, EbscoHost, ScienceDirect)  Search/Subject Alerts (Science Direct, Ebsco Host etc.)  Citation Alerts (ScienceDirect)
  48. 48. THANK YOU!
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