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5th Massachusetts Green Career Conference Presentation: Green Autos

5th Massachusetts Green Career Conference Presentation: Green Autos



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    Craig vanbatenburggcc2013 Craig vanbatenburggcc2013 Presentation Transcript

    • Greening the Auto Industry: Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo 2011AutomotAutomotive ACDC 2013 www.fixhybrid.com
    •  To make the conversation easy we will put Hybrids, Plug-in Hybrids and Electric Cars into one basket and call them EMVs (Electric Motor Vehicles). EMVs are here. It is a Game Changer. ACDC 2013 www.fixhybrid.com
    • Agenda • Hybrid, Plug-in and Electric Vehicle (EMV) market • Current service issues with EMV’s • Needs and Wants for servicing EMV’s • Training Required in servicing EMVs • Future of Servicing EMV’s • Bottom Line – Is there a future working on EMVs ACDC 2013 www.fixhybrid.com
    •  Craig Van Batenburg, CEO, ACDC: Hybrid / EV Training Resources – Worcester  George Sotiropoulos, Owner, Bravo Auto Sales and Service, Inc. – Worcester  Nicholas Medeiros – Automotive Instructor at Greater New Bedford Vocational Technical – New Bedford We are proud to represent the Auto Repair Industry ACDC 2013 www.fixhybrid.com
    • Where are we today? • Nearly 3 million hybrid vehicles currently on the road • Massachusetts ranks in the top 10 states • 130,000 Plug-in cars in USA • Hybrid owners likely to buy another hybrid or EV • Highest population of hybrid owners are 45-54 years old and make over $150k per year ACDC 2013 www.fixhybrid.com
    • EMV Sales are UP ACDC 2013 www.fixhybrid.com
    • Massachusetts makes up 2.15% (6,437,193) of the total U.S. population  2.76% of all hybrid sales occur in MA  2012 ACDC 2013 www.fixhybrid.com
    •  With an increase in total hybrid sales of 34 percent year-over-year. 2012 vs. 2013 As of September 3, 2013 ACDC 2013 www.fixhybrid.com
    • • Fuel economy complaints • LRR Tires, poorly maintained, factory “fixes” • HV Battery failures 7 – 10 years • Rebuilt and aftermarket options • Cooling system issues • New cooling pumps for High Voltage parts • Re Flash Computers in the EMV • Must Know Microsoft and Laptops Current Hybrid Problems ACDC 2013 www.fixhybrid.com
    • What does a New Technician need to know to service EMVs? • Safety • Use of Hybrid Meters • Use HV Safety Gloves • High Voltage Systems • Electric Motor Diagnosis • If Hybrid/Plug-in...all the conventional car training • Factory level Scan Tool use • Information on the Internet • Life Long Learning ACDC 2013 www.fixhybrid.com
    • What does the Shop Owner need to change to Service EMV’s? • Properly Trained Technicians • Dedicated bays to keep equipment near by • Specialized Equipment • HV Battery tester • Insulated table and tools • Dedicated A/C equipment • • EV’s some PHEV need lift equipment for the HV battery packs (400 -600 lbs) PHEV - EV have a specialized Charging Station ACDC 2013 www.fixhybrid.com
    •       More Public Charging Stations It is changing from wrenches to laptops…Bravo needs tech trained in Microsoft and high tech tools Better Prepared Techs out of School City and State Cars/ Trucks need to be EMVs ASE Testing will have Hybrid Test in 2015 Public Awareness of Shops / Techs George’s Wish List ACDC 2013 www.fixhybrid.com
    • Roadblocks to Service and Repair • Supply of good reasonably priced parts • Lots of dealer only stuff right now • Will see cars that are economically not repairable • HV battery failure coupled with a transmission issue = $$$$$ • Aftermarket and OE is getting there with lower cost options • Customers will not tolerate less than stellar service • Dealerships and Independent Shops are now competing ACDC 2013 www.fixhybrid.com
    • Certifications / Qualifications • Currently no one is certifying techs on EV’s or hybrids • ASE is developing a Hybrid Test for 2015 • No hybrid-specific certification is available to date You will see the word “qualified” used instead of certified. • ACDC has a Qualification process • Auto Career Development Center (ACDC) has created a Qualified Shop List available on their web site • www.hybridshoplocator.com ACDC 2013 www.fixhybrid.com
    • What the future holds • EV’s • Volt, Leaf, Tesla, More • Charging station at your facility • Advanced battery and motor technologies • Fuel Cell technologies • Advanced user interface • Internet, iPhone, smart phone…… • Factory tools and information will be mandatory • Knowing and being comfortable with hybrids will make transition to EV’s easy ACDC 2013 www.fixhybrid.com
    • • Students at Freshman level are learning Electrical Systems • Hybrid Training Board is new ($10k) What can a High School Do? • ACDC 2013 www.fixhybrid.com
    • • Need EMVs to study on • Build / Update an EV • Climate Change Education Nicks Wish List ACDC 2013 www.fixhybrid.com
    • Google Search for Post H.S. ACDC 2013 www.fixhybrid.com
    • What was done in Iowa ACDC 2013 www.fixhybrid.com
    • Independent EMV Shops ACDC 2013 www.fixhybrid.com
    • Are Shops Making Money Servicing EMV’s? • 15 to 40% of overall car count • Is the work profitable? • Can be high $$$ amounts with a low margin, job pricing is important • Customers will price shop you with the dealer but will generally lean toward the “little guy” • You need to have a desire to experiment. You can spend a lot of time on the first couple jobs. • Great opportunities to stand out from competition since few will become good at this type of work. ACDC 2013 www.fixhybrid.com
    • The Diesel Story ACDC 2013 www.fixhybrid.com
    • Discussion & Questions ACDC 2013 www.fixhybrid.com
    • Come Visit us at the Booth or Outside at the EMVs Thanks for Your Time ACDC 2013 www.fixhybrid.com