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20 year marketing plan
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20 year marketing plan


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  • 1. 20 Year Personal Marketing Planfor the BOOKWORM by Jem Caraig Jem Caraig January 2012
  • 2. The Bookworm CHAPTER 1 Vision/Mission Tips to have the best novel. My Brand Launch CHAPTER 2 Inspiration Today and the Future The Bookworm Daily CHAPTER 3 Epilogue: Adventure is life.
  • 3. Vision - Mission My purpose in life to capture life as a bestselling novel and an adventure by sharing mystory to people through my career in thehospitality industry and in future businessventures in the food service industry.
  • 4. Vision - Mission As a BOOKWORM, I will share myknowledge with people especially childrenwho does not have the opportunity to readbooks. To fulfil my duty as one of God’schildren, I will be a good citizen of thePhilippines while continuing the search for mydeeper purpose in this life.
  • 5. To write my best selling novel in need to:... be creative... get inspired.... not be afraid to explore.... learn from other authors.... share my story.... never settle.
  • 6. Be Creative and Get Inspired
  • 7. Don’t be afraid to explore.
  • 8. Learn from others FAMILY andFRIENDS
  • 9. Bookworm, Jem Caraig - Travellerbookworm gem car + pig = carpig travel
  • 10. Inspiration (Based from a best selling book by Mitch Albom, “tuesdays with Morrie” The Orientation  As a BOOKWORM, I am to read and explore things in this world. The Classroom  The world is my classroom The Student  As an MBA student, I am to learn business theories as well as life lessons
  • 11. Inspiration (Based from a best selling book by Mitch Albom, “tuesdays with Morrie”“People are only mean when theyre threatened, and thatswhat our culture does...And when you get threatened, youstart looking out only for yourself. You start making moneya god. It is all part of this culture.“ – Mitch AlbomCulture should not be my shelter. It may be a guideof something who I am but it should never definemy whole being. In this materialistic world, moneyplays a bigger role than religion. I should notsuccumb to that desire. Money may lead me todifferent places but happiness cannot be measuredby it.
  • 12. Inspiration (Based from a best selling book by Mitch Albom, “tuesdays with Morrie” "Whats wrong with being number two?“ – Mitch AlbomI may lose a game, once or twice,but that does not mean I’m not agreat player. My rank as second orthird place does not matter as longas I put up a good fight.
  • 13. Inspiration (Based from a best selling book by Mitch Albom, “tuesdays with Morrie”"So many people walk around with a meaningless life. They seem half-asleep, even when theyre busy doing things they think are important. Thisis because theyre chasing the wrong things. The way you get meaning intoyour life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to yourcommunity around you, and devote yourself to creating something thatgives you purpose and meaning." - Mitch AlbomI will not be contented on material things as a main reasonfor happiness. Instead, I will put my best foot forward andlearn to appreciate God’s creation as a gift that shouldalways be taken cared of. As a striving Filipino citizen, I willchoose a path wherein I will be of help to others and willtry my best to fulfil my goals as a person.
  • 14. Today and the Future. NOW IN 20 YEARS 25 years old  45 years old Single  Married and with beautiful and MBA Student intelligent kids Looking for a job  Employee in a hotel or a Dependent restaurant. Healthy  Independent Saving money for the future  Healthy  Saved enough money for travelling
  • 15. The Bookworm DailyTo succeed and reach 2032, I need to...  Say “yes”  Search  Monitor dates and time  Deadlines  Activities/Hobbies  Bank accounts
  • 16. Epilogue: Adventure is life. In my life, where everything is spoon-fedand presented on a silver platter, I am tofulfil my role as God’s child. As I mature, Iwill be of service to others wholeheartedlyand I will help those who help me throughthis journey.
  • 17. Epilogue: Adventure is life. As a student of AGSB, I must be able to learnand enrich my knowledge with valuable lessons anddeeper understanding to business andentrepreneurship. As I pursue my career in the hotel and foodservice industry, I must apply the lessons I’velearned during my stay in Ateneo.
  • 18. Epilogue: Adventure is life. I will forever owe this life to my parentswho worked so hard to give us shelter, foodand security. Also, I will forever be gratefulfor being brought up with full respect and aloving environment.
  • 19. 20 Year Personal Marketing Planfor the BOOKWORM by Jem Caraig Jem Caraig January 2012