Google Analytics Training


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The Jellyfish Google Analytics courses will teach you actionable, practical skills that will deliver insights to improve your website & online marketing

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Google Analytics Training

  1. 1. Google Analytics Training Courses Booktoday on08444883775 | | DigitalMarketingTrainingCourses Learnmore,domore Google Analytics Training
  2. 2. Google Analytics Training Courses Booktoday on08444883775 | | GoogleAnalytics Training Our hands-on training courses will help you get the most from Google Analytics. We teach you the practical tips essential for monitoring your online marketing and improving your website. Book onto one of our in-house Google Analytics training courses where we will teach you the practical skills and analytics tips you will be able to use every day. Our training days are informal, engaging and involve a mix of teaching, individual exercises, group exercises and Q&A sessions. TheGoogleAnalyticsAdvanced TrainingofferedbyJellyfishwas terrific!Evenforthoseofuswho havebeenusingGoogleAnalytics foryearslearnedmanynewthings. Highlyrecommended!
  3. 3. Google Analytics Training Courses Booktoday on08444883775 | | Ourstandard trainingcourse We introduce some of the fundamentals of web analytics, the Google Analytics interface, and the key reports. We take a deeper look at the most useful ones (and custom reporting) and give you valuable hints and tips we’ve learned from working in the industry ourselves. Thiscoursehasbeendesignedtogivenewand intermediateGoogleAnalyticsusers-oranyoneusing thetoolday-to-day-theopportunitytogainpractical knowledgeinwhatthissystemcanreallyoffer. £499+VATperplace At the end of the day, you’ll have gained solid, valuable Google Analytics skills that will help you achieve more and go further. › IntroductiontoGoogleAnalytics › Keycomponentsofwebanalytics › Metrics › Conversionreports › Interpretingthedata › Objectives › SettingupGoogleAnalytics › Filteringreports › Settingupgoals › DeliveringtheData › Dashboards › eCommercetracking › Sharingreports › GoogleAnalyticsmetrics › WhychooseGoogleAnalytics? › Trafficsources › Eventtracking › Tagging › Troubleshooting › Universalanalytics Here’swhatwe’llcoverontheday Break 15:30 End 17:00 Start 10:00 Break 11:30 Lunch 13:00 Arrive 09:45
  4. 4. Google Analytics Training Courses Booktoday on08444883775 | | Ouradvanced trainingcourse Our experts will show integral elements of how things actually work - and how to maintain your account so you can keep doing so reliably. TheAdvancedcoursehasbeencreatedtohelppeople whoareresponsiblefor,orinterestedin,settingup andmaintainingareliableGoogleAnalyticsaccount. £499+VATperplace During the day, we’ll cover advanced implementation techniques for tracking third party payment gateways, i-frames, and much more. Everything you need to know to become an expert yourself. › Advancedimplementation › Profilespropertysetup › Eventtracking › Customvariables › Filtersadvancedfilters › Cookies › eCommercetracking › 3rdpartyintegration-socialmedia › Integrationtools,Adwords,YouTube › PayPalpaymentgatewaysolution › CrossandSub-domaintracking › Multi-channelfunnels › Attribution › Sitespeedanalysis › Socialintegration › Datadelivery › UniversalAnalytics Here’swhatwe’llcoverontheday Break 15:30 End 17:00 Start 10:00 Break 11:30 Lunch 13:00 Arrive 09:45
  5. 5. Digital Marketing Training Courses Learnmore,domore Booktoday on08444883775 | | WeatJellyfisharedigitalmarketing experts.Afteryearsofworkingclosely withourclients,webegantonoticethere wasarealneedforustotalkingreater detailaboutourexpertisetohelpthem achievegreatersuccesspersonally, asateamandasabusiness. Sowestartedrunningafewcourses hostedbyourin-housemarketing experts.Theyweresosuccessful weexpandedtherangeanddates toencompassagreaterbreadthof marketingskills,fromSEOtoSocial MediatoAnalyticsTraining–and everythingin-between. JellyfishTrainingCourses Herearesomeofbrandswe’vetrained
  6. 6. Digital Marketing Training Courses Learnmore,domore Booktoday on08444883775 | | OurCourses Google Adwords Training Google Analytics Training Conversion Optimisation Training SEO Training Social Media Training Analytics Insights Training LearnmoreLearnmoreLearnmore LearnmoreLearnmoreLearnmore
  7. 7. Digital Marketing Training Courses Learnmore,domore Booktoday on08444883775 | | WhychooseaJellyfishcourse? Expertsintheirfield Our courses are taught by experienced experts, when they aren’t training they are working on successful campaigns in the subject they teach. Practicaltheoretical coursecontent We think it is important that delegates get involved in the courses, which is why we offer a nice mixture of practical and theoretical content, which delegates can interact with and utilise within their own workplace. Accessiblevenues All Jellyfish training locations are within walking distance of a mainline or underground station, meaning you need less time to find the venue and get more time to relax. Our Reigate office also offers free on-site parking (on request). Coursecontentevolves withtheindustry The digital marketing industry is still relatively new, meaning there are always new technologies, strategies and information being shared. As experts working in the industry we are able to keep up to date on everything, to ensure nothing new is missed from our courses. Refreshmentsprovided If you are training in Reigate you can expect to get a 2 course deli style lunch. Delegates who choose our London venues are also offered a course lunch but from an option of 3 hot main meals and a selection of desserts. Pricecompetitive We keep a close eye on our competitors offerings and pricing, we know from surveys that we are price competitive with in the digital marketing training market. Reducedratesforcharities If you are a registered please contact us before making a booking. We know that is it equally important for you to promote your business and generate donations. We have a number of discounts available to you. Discountson multiplebookings Do you want to book more than one course, but want to know if there is any movement on the price, Hey it doesn’t hurt to ask, please contact us before making your booking.
  8. 8. Google Analytics Training Courses Booktoday on08444883775 | | OurFacilities Reigate | Brighton | Victoria | Paddington | Farringdon Jellyfish offer you a welcoming, bright and modern training environment hosting some of the most up to date technology and services. We now offer our professional Training Courses in five locations, Reigate (head office), Brighton, as well as Victoria, Paddington and Farringdon in London. If these locations don’t quite suit you, we also offer Tailored Training Courses where we deliver our training at a location of your choice (see page 11).
  9. 9. Digital Marketing Training Courses Learnmore,domore Booktoday on08444883775 | | Whatourclientssay Weareextremelyproudtosaywehave100% positivefeedbackfromdelegateswhohave attendedourcourses.Thesecanbefoundon IlearntfarmorethanIhad hopedinashortperiodoftime. Theaddedbonusisthereally goodpostcoursesupporttohelp outwhenIstartapplyingmy newlygainedknowledge. Thetrainingwasgreatandthe instructorstakingthesession wereflexibleinadaptingthe sessiontoourrequirements. Excellent!Veryorganized, extremelyprofessionalandvery useful.Averycoolbrandand agency,very,veryuseful-exactly whatIneeded.Iwouldrecommend toanybody!
  10. 10. Digital Marketing Training Courses Learnmore,domore Booktoday on08444883775 | | Meetthetrainers Ourcoursesaretaughtbyexperiencedexperts, whentheyaren’ttrainingtheyareworkingon successfulcampaignsinthesubjecttheyteach. RichardHartley GoogleAdwordsTrainer VassilisTourtouropoulos ConversionOptimisationTrainer HannahRainford SocialMediaTrainer NickFettiplace SEOTrainer AlexDavies GoogleAnalyticsTrainer
  11. 11. Digital Marketing Training Courses Learnmore,domore Booktoday on08444883775 | | Weknowthatjust asbusinesses,people, andskillsetsdiffer, sodotheirdemands. Whichiswhyour TailoredCourses havebeenspecifically designedtohelp yougetthecourse youwant,exactly thewayyouneedit. › Theclasssizeyouwant › Thedatesyouwant › Thelocationyouwant › Thecourseyouwant › Thedurationyouwant › Thecustomisedcontentyouwant TailoredTrainingCoursesgiveyou:Our Tailored Training Courses prove popular with organisations that have a number of employees or departments involved in the subject areas we teach. Our courses provide the opportunity for these individuals to come together (which is not always logistically possible) and receive dedicated, expert training. It also becomes a platform where individuals can ask questions and brainstorm new ideas for the business, inspired and motivated by what they’ve learnt during the day. TailoredTraining Courses Yourcourse,yourway