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Teamwork agile way
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Teamwork agile way


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How to form a software development team? Why I choose cross-functional feature team over functional layer team? The true story of one team.

How to form a software development team? Why I choose cross-functional feature team over functional layer team? The true story of one team.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. TEAMWORK AGILE WAY Jelena Barinova | @jfiodorova |
  • 2. ADFORM Founded in DK 11 YEARS 270 Offices in 12 countries employees
  • 4. ADFORM DEVELOPMENT TEAM Head of development Andrej Ads Management
  • 5. How to form a team? For software product development
  • 6. Two approaches to form a team Functional Cross-functional Common functional expertise Representatives from the various functions Testers System analysts Developers Development team
  • 7. Why we choose cross-functional ? cross-functional Faster feature delivery Customer focus Knowledge sharing
  • 8. Two approaches to define scope for team Layer ownership Feat 1 Feat 2 Feature ownership Feat 1 team Feat 3 Frontend team Frontend Backend team Backend Database team Database Feat 2 team Feat 3 team
  • 9. Why our goal - feature teams? feature Increased value throughput Autonomy Single Point of Contact
  • 10. Two types of team members I-shaped skills JavaScript Narrow but expert knowledge T-shaped skills C#.NET JavaScript Puppet Wide range of shallow & one deep skill
  • 11. Why I hire T-shaped people? May cover each other May suggest alternative solutions
  • 12. Summary Cross-functional teams Feature oriented T-shaped members
  • 13. What surrounds us? In software product development
  • 14. Two approaches to control any process Defined Materials Empirical Step 1 Step 2 Step 4 Step 3 Product Do Act Step 5 Plan Check
  • 15. Which approach should be used? Defined Adform Kaunas Empirical Tesla factory
  • 16. Two approaches for optimization Sub-optimization System optimization Testers System analysts Developers
  • 17. Game: pass the pennies 20 coins 5 departments 5 managers (track time) 1 CEO (track time)
  • 18. Learning points When batch size decreases, total cycle time decreases As total time decreases, worker time increases! People idle more when batch size is high
  • 19. Optimization Sub-optimization is valid for defined process Feature request 6 5 Total system throughput - 5 7 System optimization for empirical process Feature Feature delivered request 6 Total system throughput - 6 Feature delivered
  • 20. Multitasking or single-tasking Working on several features at a time Feat 1 Feat 2 Feat 3 Feat 1 Feature 1 delivered Feat 2 Feature 2 delivered time Working on one feature at a time Feat 1 Feat 1 Feature 1 delivered Feat 2 Feat 2 Feat 3 Feature 2 delivered time
  • 21. Game: fill-in the table 1 I A How long will it take to fill the table? 2 II B What influences speed? 3 III C … Fill in form horizontally (1, I, A, 2, II, B..). Measure time. Fill in form vertically (1..10, I..X, A..J). Measure time. 10 X J
  • 22. Learning points There is no multitasking, but fast switching between tasks Time increases when switching happens
  • 23. Multitasking in team Complete highest priority tasks first Work in small batches 1 completed feature is always better than 7 started
  • 24. Summary Empirical process: Inspect and adopt Single-tasking: Focus on highest priority, work on small tasks System optimization: Team is able and is enabled to decide everything
  • 25. True story of teamwork DSP team
  • 26. Team setup Product owner UI developers Cassandra developer Team advocate .NET developers
  • 27. Extended team Product director Sales Delivery managers Development team Client support
  • 28. I Quarter II Quarter September Feature path from idea to client IV Quarter October III Quarter Feature 1 Feature 2 Feature 3 Feature 1 Task 1 Task 2 October Feature 4 Task 4 Feature 6 Deploy Task 2 Task 3 Task 4 November Feature 5 Dev Task 3 Task 5 October Roadmap Backlog Task list Task board Live Task 1
  • 29. Meetings Backlog review (1 hour, biweekly, team) Standup (15 min, daily, team) Review (1 hour, biweekly, extended team) Retrospectves (30 min, biweekly, team) Other meetings on demand
  • 30. Other facts Team in one room 3 TV screens to monitor system in a team room 6 white boards (all walls covered in whiteboards) Personal coffee machine
  • 31. What are your questions
  • 32. HAPPY TEAMWORK! Jelena Barinova | @jfiodorova |
  • 33. Please give me FEEDBACK!
  • 34. Sources Pictures: Money designed by Joe Harrison from The Noun Project Timer designed by Casey Ochinang from The Noun Project Arrow designed by Luke Macauley from The Noun Project Rectangle designed by Renee Ramsey-Passmore from The Noun Project Arrow designed by Eakarius from The Noun Project Tesla factory picture is taken from The Washington Times Communities Idea to gather feedback: From Jurgen Appelo blog Games: Pass the pennies game is taken from Crisp’s blog