SEO and Flash 3.0


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How to SEO Flash.

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SEO and Flash 3.0

  1. 1. SEO and Flash Jonathan Hochman
  2. 2. Progressive Enhancement • Core content and functionality must be available to all users • Browsers with additional capabilities can enjoy enhanced formatting (CSS), content (Flash), and functionality (JavaScript) • Enhanced features are loaded from external files, if needed. This conserves bandwidth. • Sites that use PE are better prepared for SEO because of excellent accessibility.
  3. 3. Tool: NoScript for Firefox • Blocks all client side scripts: JavaScript/AJAX, Flash, Silverlight. • Safely view pages with malicious code. • See pages the way bots do. • Find out if content is accessible.
  4. 4. Modern Coding Methods Replace HTML content with rich media Via the Document Object Model (DOM) Open source solutions for Flash: – SWFobject() 2.0 is general purpose – sIFR (scalable Inman Flash Replacement) is for creating fancy fonts and headings.
  5. 5. SWFobject() 2.0
  6. 6. SWFobject() • Detects if browser supports Flash • Replaces a specified container, such as <div id=“MyMovie”> <!-- HTML content goes here --> </div> with Flash content. • Apply usual SEO tactics to the HTML. • Make sure the HTML text = the Flash Text
  7. 7. A site using SWFobject()
  8. 8. Scripts Disabled Good: Flash deployed via swfobject() with plain HTML content available for spiders and users who lack Flash support. Bad: Needs images and CSS styles.
  9. 9. SWFobject() is effective
  10. 10. – Cache at Google Check the cache to uncover potential indexing issues. If content is in the cache, Google has seen it.
  11. 11. A risk: Cloaking Do not stuff keywords into the text! Do not add HTML content that is not visible in the Flash!
  12. 12. Tips for Flash Applications • HTML content generated by server side scripts (PHP, ASP.NET, Cold Fusion) can use the same data source as Flash. • Using same data source reduces risks and maintenance costs. • swfAddress() can provide deep linking within a Flash application.
  13. 13. WATCH OUT for search problems when Flash files get indexed • Flash files are indexed separately from their host page. • They can be dead ends if they lack navigation links. • Could be a poor user experience to see just the Flash part of a page. • Use robots.txt to block spiders from indexing Flash files.
  14. 14. Flash simplifies coding Use Flash to create menus, navigation elements and slide shows. Examples: • • • pre-launch test site destined for
  15. 15. Millions of users, no Flash Make sure your site works for them too.
  16. 16. Progressive Enhancement (II) • Mobile web is gaining market share. • Savvy users block scripts for security, and to avoid ads. • Search ‘bots have limited Flash ability. Better to feed them easy-to-digest HTML.
  17. 17. Questions? Jonathan Hochman @Jehochman