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Jehan final buzz


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Best PPT of my Colg days....

Best PPT of my Colg days....

Published in: Design

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  • 1. Industry Analysis – Where does the product stand? FOOD & BEVERAGE Carbonates RTD Coffee SOFT DRINKS ConcentratesFruit/Vegetable Juice RTD Tea Bottled Water Functional Drinks
  • 2. What made us choose this product• Whenever you go to a supermarket these days you will find many energy drinks that market claim to give you energy, like red bull ,cloud 9, and many more.• You may be wondering if these drinks actually give you energy and if they are healthy to drink?• This made us to launch a new energy drink which gives you energy with and healthy touch and we named it as “BUZZ”.• According to the market research the sales of any energy drink couldnt go high because of its high price.• So we as a company thought of launching an energy drink at competitive low price but not forgetting its standard and quality.
  • 3. About buzzWe have launched with two products -Buzz – It has a extra ordinary taste with the feel of energy in it.Buzz Sugar free – the taste remains almost same with low sugar calories for the people have sugar level high.You can say it is an diet energy drink which does not affect in any sense.Our product is available in two sizes1. A tin packing of 300 ML costing 49rs.2. A small handy plastic bottle of 200 ML costing 30rs.
  • 4. IngredientsIts seems energy drink companies are cramming more and moreingredients into their products. “What do all these ingredients supposedlydo to/for my body?”
  • 5. Caffeine: The most common stimulant, found in coffee, Coke and Mountain Dew. Foundin much higher quantities in energy drinks. Most energy drinks contain between70 and 200 mg.Tourane: Tourane is an amino acid that your body naturally produces. It helps regulateheartbeat, muscle contractions, and energy levels. Usually your body makes enough thatyoudon’t need to supplement.Creatine:Creatine is naturally obtained by eating meat. Creatine helps with supplyingenergyto the muscles and is usually found in energy drinks and products that aremarketedto body builders.
  • 6.  Sugars: Glucose is the body’s preferred fuel. That’s why you get hyper with a lotof sugar.Energy drinks contain a ton of sugar.Anti-oxidants: Anti-oxidants are things that help your body gracefully recover from thedamageof free radicals. (Vitamin C)Yerba Mate: This substance is derived from leaves of a shrub in the Holly family. It isa natural source of caffeine, but some believe that the form of caffeinein Yerba Mate’ doesn’t produce the negative side affects like the caffeinein coffee and guarana.B Vitamins:These are essentially the things that help you convert food to energy, likesugar which is found in abundance in energy drinks.
  • 7. Market survey We did a random market survey to know more about the consumerbehavior before launching our product.Sample of survey:- ENERGY DRINK CONSUMPTION1) Name of consumer:-2) Age:-3) Frequency of consumption-4) Reason Of low frequency of consumption:-5) Would they like to increase their frequency of consumption??6) Favorite Energy drink:-7) E Mail Id:-
  • 8. About CompetitorsBefore launching any product we need to know about our competitors our competitors…1. Red bull 3. Cloud 92. Power horse
  • 9.  Pricing - “ PRICE MEANS THE EXPRESSION OF VALUE IN TERMS OFMONEY!!” Pricing is a very important and delicate area of marketingmanagement. Price is the base of entire marketing system. It facilitatestransfer of ownerships and possession of goods and services from producersto consumers. Price is a matter of life and death to sellers and buyers. Buyers and sellers are equally interested in the pricing policy. MAKET SURVEY helped us to decide the price of our product. We expectour sales to be highest as compared to other competitors because our priceis fully decided as suitable for the consumers.
  • 10. Comparisons according to markets surveySpecificatio Red bull Power BUZZns horseRates 75 (250 ml) 70 (250 ml) 49 (300 ml) 30 (200 ml)Target 10,00,000 7,00,000 14,00,000sales per (Increasesyear gradually )Public **** ***rating ***** expected
  • 11. Financial Status Of The Company : Particulars Amount Balance (Crores) (Crores) Opening Balance 75 75 Assets (Corporate office, production factory, Machinery, Delivery vans, etc.) 32 43 Production 17 26 Marketing 15 11 Free samples / Introductory Discounts 1 10 Cash at Bank/ in Hand 10 for product innovation or introducing new product
  • 12. What are our intentions? Launch and market a completely unseen-before beverage product, in order to achieve the following: MARKETING OBJECTIVES Become the market Re-affirm theCreate strong consumer leader in the company’s title of awareness for Bubble functional drinks market leader in Buzz through the 4 P’s segment through product innovation and sizeable market successful product shares launches.
  • 13. Benefits to consumer• They will be able to consume the energy drink more frequently.• We are able to provide such low rates because we deal directly with the retail market.• This helps us to save the commissions of wholesalers and distributors and this benefits to the customers.
  • 14. Industry Analysis - Strengths, OpportunitiesStrengths: Brand name Effective presence in new markets Results of operations Strong existing distribution channelsOpportunities New product introductions Brand is attractive to global partners
  • 16. THE FOUR P’s ARE:Product: The product aspects of marketing deal with thespecifications of the actual goods or services, and howit relates to the end-users needs and wants.Pricing: This refers to the process of setting a price for a product,including discounts. The price need not be monetary - it can simply bewhat is exchanged for the product or services, e.g. time, energy,psychology or attention.Promotion: This includes advertising, sales promotion, publicity,and personal selling, and refers to the various methods of promotingthe product, brand, or company.Placement or distribution refers to how the product gets to thecustomer; for example, point of sale placement or retailing. This fourthP has also sometimes been called Place, referring to the channel bywhich a product or services is sold.
  • 17. Marketing plays an very important role in the sales of any product.We as a company have taken all possible steps to make our product WellKnown in the market.Marketing Ways:- Advertisement / Promotion :-Advertisement is one of the oldest forms of public announcement andoccupies a vital position in an organizations product mix.According to the American Marketing Association, "Advertising is any paidform of non personal presentation of ideas, goods and services by anidentified sponsor.“Advertising should be targeted towards the prospective audience in such away that it forms a positive impact on the customer and in the processcreates brand recognition.Marketers generally target advertising campaigns at the groups ofcustomers.
  • 18. We have taken Many Steps to Market our product in following ways :- Painting the shutters of shops so that evenwhen the shops are closed they can advertise ourproduct.
  • 19.  Making the famous Indian Cricketer SACHINTENDULKAR as our brand ambassador:-
  • 20. Giving Advertise in news paper:- Try the new TREND In ENERGY DRINK
  • 21.  PROMOTIONS  Distributing free key chains on which we have advertised our product so that our product comes in the mind of people again and again.  Distributing free samples of our product during various events.
  • 22.  Word of Mouth Advertisement Word-of-mouth marketing is probably the best form of advertisement acompany can ever invest in. Not a single penny is spent by the company with thiskind of advertising, only excellent customer satisfaction is needed to make thiscampaign effective.We always keep a proactive approach in dealing with customers and go the extramile.Building good relationships with customers keeps us in the business.The good news is they will tell their friends and people they know about yourcompany and the kind of customer service you have.With an effortless process, your customers gradually increase in number which inturn increases company profit.
  • 23. When it comes to the energy drink market,no one really cares about being healthy withvitamin C. No one cares about building strongbones with D.Nobody even cares about vitamin A and…well whatever A does, The golden vitamin is inOur Product BUZZ. It contains all the usefulVitamins.