Election Management Solution


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Election Management Solution

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Election Management Solution

  1. 1. Creativity + Technology as Service Election Management Solutions
  2. 2. Approach  BLISS ad:tech
  3. 3. Data driven decision making Approach Establish Voter Connect Derive Actionable Decisions from Data Track Party , Candidate performance and Voter Sentiment Capture Data from Mobile Apps and Social Media Define and establish Data driven decision process  BLISS ad:tech
  4. 4. Data driven decision making Approach Establish Voter Connect Provide Mobile Connectivity of Party Initiative and activities to Voters Capture Data Capture Data from Mobile apps using Survey , Opinion Polls, Pre-poll Surveys Establish Data Control Define Reports For Tracking Define Objective for the system using Measurable and Relevant Metrics Engage Voters in Manifesto creation at constituency level Empower Voters by allowing them to proactively engage in party activity Actionable Decisions Setup data driven action ability Measure performance of Party , Competition , Candidates , Leaders and Volunteers Establish iteration of Party campaign using Data Capture Data from Social Media and Web Notify and communicate Party Objectives Track Performance Capture Data from Volunteer Connect Analyse Voter Impact and engagement. Establish a Powerful System that can handle the volume and mobile connect that can dynamically change Establish a system that can dynamically create reports Re-connect and ReMeasure  BLISS ad:tech
  5. 5. Party Management Solutions  BLISS ad:tech
  6. 6. Cloud Based Admin Solutions •Logistics & Asset Management for Party Activities & Events (Party BTL) •Web, Mobile and Social Crowd Funding for Donations. •Cash Management for Candidates and Volunteers •BI Dashboard on Smart devices. •Content for Manifesto Creation through Crowd Sourcing emails, fb updates, twitter feeds, Photos •Instant Info sharing to Voters, volunteers, Candidates, Party Decision makers enabling through Actionable Chatter applications, Candidate Volunteer Relationship building •List the donors name in the Public Website, Facebook to increase the credibility of the party. Organize and Administer Activities of the Campaign  BLISS ad:tech
  7. 7. Digital Campaign Solutions Integration with other Connect Solutions SMS Campaign Solutions Email Newsletter Solutions Landing Page Micro site Responsive Websites Establish Top of mind Recall of Party and Candidates in a Unified way  BLISS ad:tech
  8. 8. Party Connect Solutions  BLISS ad:tech
  9. 9. Social Media Connect Solutions •Social Media Monitoring Dashboard for Ruling & Opposition Parties •Track Trending Topics •Monitor Social Media Opinion over Leaders •Public Comment/Feedback Management for Social Medias like FB, Twitter (Actionable Social Media Monitoring for Volunteers) •Establish Pre Election Public Relations Track Sentiment of Voters. Monitor Influence and Engagement  BLISS ad:tech
  10. 10. Volunteer Connect Solutions  BLISS ad:tech
  11. 11. Volunteer Connect Solutions •Volunteer Enrolment & Engagement (Volunteers Self Service App) •Volunteer Activity Remainders •Volunteer Communications. •Provide Volunteer to Voter Connect. •Post photos, Videos real time •Public Comment/Feedback Management for Social Medias like FB, Twitter (Actionable Social Media Monitoring for Volunteers) Leverage loyalty and proactively engage Volunteers in party activity  BLISS ad:tech
  12. 12. Direct Voter Connect Solutions  BLISS ad:tech
  13. 13. Voter Connect Solutions Establish Contact Centre, Email, SMS Number to raise the voters issues  Voters Enrolment & Engagement (Voters Self Service Mobile App). Post photos, Videos, Comments, Surveys,  Pre poll voting Voter Surveys Measure and Voter Connect on Party's ATL using Augmented Realty and QR Code  Interesting Game App to collect Geo specific Meta data voters Be in constant touch with Voters and continuously Communicate.  BLISS ad:tech
  14. 14. Technology  BLISS ad:tech
  15. 15. Powerful Technology to Create Impact Cloud Solutions Marketing Cloud Social Connect Solutions Mobility Solutions  BLISS ad:tech
  16. 16. Decision Management Preview  BLISS ad:tech
  17. 17. Measure Customer Sentiment through Connect  BLISS ad:tech
  18. 18. Master Dashboard for Tracking  BLISS ad:tech
  19. 19. Key Opinion Leaders Identification
  20. 20. Sentiment Analysis
  21. 21. Reach Evaluation
  22. 22. Party Comparison and Performance
  23. 23. Candidate Comparison Solutions
  24. 24. Digitized Branding Solutions