Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Sneak Peak


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Review this presentation for a sneak peek to experience the new and enhanced functionality spanning many product areas, including financials, human resources and payroll, supply chain management and service management. In this webcast, we will learn how to extend the connection between Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Office, get better insights to your data using dashboards and drill back from structured query language (SQL) reports to your Microsoft Dynamics GP system.

In this sneak peek we will discuss how to help:

• Automatically track budget changes as transactions for detailed recordkeeping
• Use Word templates to produce sales and purchase order forms
• Fulfill requests for reports using role based dashboards
• And so much more…

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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Sneak Peak

  1. 1. GP 2010 Sneak Peek Presenter Charles Allen Managing Consultant
  2. 2. Introduction Charles Allen  Managing Consultant  More than 20 years experience  Microsoft MVP
  3. 3. GP 2010 Sneak Peak Microsoft options for Business Intelligence  Office Excel Reports  SQL Server Reporting Services  Analysis Cubes for Office Excel
  4. 4. Microsoft Dynamics GP Vision Extend the Reach RoleTailored Design Deep Office Integration Rapid Time To ValueRole Appropriate Customizations & Total Cost of Ownership Deployment Web Service Connections Deep Office Integration
  5. 5. Microsoft Dynamics GP Roadmap Continued innovation targeted at mid-market Continued innovation with particular focus on: targeted at mid-market • Next Gen UI • Deep Functionality with particular focus on: • Contextual Role • Simplicity Tailored Workflow • Role Tailored BI• Extender • Productivity • Microsoft technology • Next level of Office Functionality • Dynamics User integration and• Microsoft Dynamics Workflow Experience CRM Adapter for Leadership • Corporate Microsoft Dynamics • Contextual BI Performance GP Management • Time-to-ValueMAJOR RELEASES 2009 2010 2012-2013 2015-2016SERVICE PACKS/MINOR RELEASES GP 10.0 GP 2010 SP4 May Aug
  6. 6. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Enhance Make It Extend Insight Easier Connections
  7. 7. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Enhance Make It Extend Insight Easier Connections • Increases • Builds Better • Delivers Role- Productivity Relationships Tailored Insight • Automates Business • Connects People• Streamlines Access Processes and Systems to Information • Simplifies• Enables Advanced Personalization BI Capabilities More Visibility More Collaboration Less Effort
  8. 8. 20 Business Intelligence Features15Field Service Features 22 Word Forms
  9. 9. 119New Charts and KPI’s 20 New SRS Reports 11New Excel Reports
  10. 10. 83 New Web Services11System Features 25 Financials Features
  11. 11. 3 New Workflows 12 Distribution Features20 Payroll Features Human Resources/
  12. 12. 22 Word Forms 25 Financials Features119 New Charts and KPI’s 12 Distribution Features 20 New SRS Reports 20 Human Resources/ Payroll Features 11 New Excel Reports 15 Field Service Features 83 New Web Services 11 System Features 3 New Workflows 20 Business Intelligence Features
  13. 13. Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade1) Better Insight: Dashboards and KPI’s with Drill-Back2) Get More Out of Excel: Predictive Modeling and Analysis3) Work with Over 90 Built-In SRS Reports4) Create Professional External Documents: Word Forms5) Tailor Your List Pages: Navigation List Builder6) Create mini-applications: Extender7) Connect Easier with People: Communicator Integration8) Integrate Systems Better: Web Services9) Leverage Other Technologies: 64 Bit, Workflow on WSF10) Upgrades are Easy: Proven by beta customers going live
  14. 14. Some New Features Automatic Logon for Company and User Home Page Metrics via SRS Send Sales Documents via E-mail Word Templates Clear Recurring GL Batch Amounts Enter GL Budget Transactions Replace returned items on purchase order
  15. 15. For More Information Charles Allen 713.499.4600
  16. 16. Thank You