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IS 201 Docks IS 201 Docks Presentation Transcript

  • Disruptive Docks
    How the Break in Mobile Technology Will Effect the Market
  • The Dock
    Google, Oracle and Motorola have combined their technologies to create the next mobile necessity planning to sweep the market.
    Motorola Atrix
  • The Atrix
    This new dock is a shell; once the Motorola Atrix cellular device is plugged into it, users are then able to expand the capabilities of the mobile phone.
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  • Capabilities
    The new dock allows users to expand the area used by the Smartphone by adding a full display screen comparable to that of a laptop.
    Peripherals such as USB, HDMI and mouse are able to plug into the dock as well
    The dock also has an A/C power adapter which will allow you to charge the phone as well as keep the dock active.
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  • How do organizations plan for this inevitable event
    If the organization is a step behind, they wait for it to come out, buy it, then reverse engineer it to make a product they want.
    Or the organization starts making a similar product and try releasing it before Motorola device does.
    Software Companies
    Attempt to rewrite their current programs and applications to run on the Android Operating System
    Increase Costs
    Teachers will have to find online educational applications that are compatible with the docking systems
    Current Applications used for Educational Purposes are only compatible with Windows and Mac
  • Impact of Android and Smartphones
    Increase of Cloud computing
    Software typically restricted to a desktop setting will be available anywhere there is a 3G or wireless connection
    3G network traffic will increase rapidly over the next few years, causing congestion in heavily populated areas
  • Benefits to Corporations
    Easy, low cost way to gain additional market share through advertising and mobile apps
    Android has a very low barrier to entry due to the open source nature of the operating system versus the proprietary nature of the iPhone
  • Winners!
    Cellular Companies
    Business will grow dramatically as long as the Smartphone docks catch on like suspected
    Can offer internet and wireless services in one combined service plan
    Developers of Mobile Applications
    Producers of Femtocells
    (indoor 3G stations that boots signal strength and reception)
  • Losers!
    Software Companies
    Will have to rewrite their applications so they can run on the android operating system
  • Disadvantages to Corporations
    Possible need to hire those with expertise in mobile technology
    Investments in technology beat out by the new trend of cloud computing will fail
    Cell phone carriers will need to dump even more capital into their networks to ensure stability
  • Disadvantages
    If Cell phone is lost or broken, then you would not have a laptop.
    Minimal storage capacity since all the memory is stored solely on the cell phone
    Popular programs like Microsoft Office will not be compatible with the new dock
    Short Battery-Life since laptop dock runs on the charge of the cell phone
  • Sources (Cloud Computing Article) (Business Benefits of Android) (Article on 3G congestion and the Femtocell market)