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Twitter Chats for Brands

Twitter Chats for Brands



Presented during Carri Bugbee's (@carribugbee) six hour workshop on Twitter for Business at 2011 Social Media Masters, Feb 11, 2011 in San Diego. ...

Presented during Carri Bugbee's (@carribugbee) six hour workshop on Twitter for Business at 2011 Social Media Masters, Feb 11, 2011 in San Diego.

The mystical Google Doc of Twitter Chats: • https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AhisaMy5TGiwcnVhejNHWnZlT3NvWFVPT3Q4NkIzQVE&hl=en#gid=0



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  • Intro
  • Intro
  • Weekly, daily, monthly Mention timezones
  • Custserv – five continents, last 10K tweets over 1400 participants, different cultures
  • Market the hashtag – in literature, show guides, blogs, social networks
  • Some of the hashtags I participate in
  • Things to consider in setting up a chat
  • Legal circles might say that the hashtag #sears could be copyrighted or trademarked
  • Optimized background, SEO tags
  • Red arrow – Profile for your brand and the chat Orange arrow – different ways to share the chat, on twubs Green arrow – people can join a Twubs community Yellow arrow – You can pause the chat-stream and then resume Blue arrow – Tweet here, it gives you 130 characters and auto appends the hashtag after signin
  • The mystical Google Chat Calender
  • Twapperkeeper
  • The home page – talk about the different archives
  • The custserv page on twapperkeeper
  • Transcript search functionality – date, from user, certain text, hide RTs
  • Custserv topic calendar – note url link to recap
  • Marsha role Roy role
  • Custserv blog homepage
  • Past recaps – linked from the editorial calender
  • Describe the hosts
  • Include participation terms of community guidelines
  • Custserv slideshow (proprietary by hy.ly)
  • Fanpage
  • Linked In Group
  • Bullies
  • Formed an inner circle – first via email, then in facebook closed group
  • Two styles
  • Tweetchat example

Twitter Chats for Brands Twitter Chats for Brands Presentation Transcript

  • Twitter #Chats for Brands @jeffreyjkingman Jeffrey J Kingman 0
  • Twitter #Chats for Brands # 1
  • What is a Twitter Chat? A Twitter chat is much like any other online chat, in which online users gather at a specified time to discuss certain topics or issues. Twitter #Chats for Brands 2
  • What is a Twitter Chat? A Twitter chat brings users together from all over world to a platform where they can interact in real time rather than communicate in a delayed manner through traditional social media postings. Twitter #Chats for Brands 3
  • How Does Someone Participate? To join a Twitter chat, you must know the #hashtag being used. A #hashtag is simply a Twitter function to search for the topic being discussed. Twitter #Chats for Brands 4
  • Chalkboarder Hosted Hashtags #custserv #coffeefest #nwfoodshow #berksfarmtable others Twitter #Chats for Brands 5
    • Creating a Twitter Chat - Logistics
    • Determine Hashtag
    • Determine Frequency
    • Create SMO Plan
    • Acquire Co-Host
    • Create Supporting Website/Blog
    Twitter #Chats for Brands 6
    • Logistics in Creating a Hashtag
    • Register Hashtag on Twubs
    • Register on Twapperkeeper
    • Create Two Month Editorial Calendar
    • Promote
    • Launch!
    Twitter #Chats for Brands 7
    • Choosing a Hashtag
    • Keep it short – gives more message room
      • (FAIL) #budweiserbeerstories
      • Vs #budbeer
    • Communicates your branding
    • Communicates your industry
    Twitter #Chats for Brands 8
    • Examples
    • #meatcamp
      • Wide-ranging weekly dialogue on raising/producing/distributing meats
    • #custserv
      • Wide-ranging discussion on all aspects of customer service across industries
    Twitter #Chats for Brands 9
    • Examples
    • #nwfoodshow
      • Brings together attendees, exhibitors and tradeshow management before, during and after
    • #coffeefest
      • Brings together attendees, exhibitors and tradeshow management before, during and after
    Twitter #Chats for Brands 10
    • Registering A Hashtag
    • Provides tacit “ownership”
    • Provides additional SEO for your brand
    • Provides “lineage” of the hashtag to your brand
    Twitter #Chats for Brands 11
    • Registering A Hashtag
    • www.twubs.com
      • Allows profile development, followers and other features, including auto-hashtagged tweeting
    • Google Doc List of Hashtags
      • URL provided in workshop notes
    Twitter #Chats for Brands 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • 15
    • Saving a Hashtag Tweets
    • www.twapperkeeper.com
      • Features
      • Profile information
      • Summary tweet count
      • Search transcript functionality
      • Exportable metrics
      • Saves forever
    Twitter #Chats for Brands 16
  • 17
  • 18
  • 19
    • Transcribing a Hashtag
    • Twapperkeeper disadvantage
      • Creating a legible transcription requires extensive editing to remove date/time stamps, pictures, etc.
    Twitter #Chats for Brands 20
    • Transcribing a Hashtag
    • As your chat grows in participants, ask someone to do the transcriptions for you.
    • You will get requests for transcript.
    • Refer requests to Twapperkeeper or other service.
    Twitter #Chats for Brands 21
    • Create an Editorial Calender of Topics
    • Try to keep two months of future topics going.
    • You will get requests for the topic, no matter how much you tweet it out.
    • Remind and refer people to a blog page with the calender.
    • Every week, ask for topic suggestions.
    Twitter #Chats for Brands 22
  • 23
    • Co - Hosts
    • Easier with a co-host.
    • Establish roles.
    • View co-hosting role like herding cats.
    • #custserv co-hosts
    Twitter #Chats for Brands 24
    • Create a Supporting Site(s)
    • Blog is more dynamic than a website.
    • Use for introducing staff, date/time of chat and how they can connect.
    • Use to publish recaps.
    • Also support with other networks.
      • Facebook Fanpage
      • LinkedIn
    Twitter #Chats for Brands 25
  • 26
  • 27
  • 28
  • 29
  • 30
    • Promote Shamelessly
    • Use Social Networks
    • Write blogpost recaps and share through social media.
    • Include hashtag in traditional media.
    Twitter #Chats for Brands 31
  • 32
  • 33
    • Bullies & Griefers
    • Minimize the confrontation.
    • If specific injury with date/time included, legal can occur.
    Twitter #Chats for Brands 34
  • 35
    • Managing the Hour (styles)
    • Question & Answer Format
      • Hosts ask question; allot time period for answer.
      • In a one hour chat allow 5-10 minutes per question.
      • Q1: Are Twitter Chats Effective?
    • Open Forum / Free For All
      • Topic is posted at beginning
      • Hosts ask leading questions, but not in formal manner
    Twitter #Chats for Brands 36
    • Considerations
    • Participants operate at different speeds.
      • Some are very tech savvy – able to message instantly.
      • Others are not so – you’ll notice a moderate to lengthy lag on their responses.
      • Make it easy – recommend they participate through Twubs or Tweetchat
    Twitter #Chats for Brands 37
  • 38
    • Considerations
    • It’s a lot like herding cats .
      • Be welcoming to all, even griefers.
      • Be patient with peoples different knowledge bases and skill sets.
      • Welcome and thank everyone individually for participating.
    Twitter #Chats for Brands 39
    • A Failed Hashtag Chat
    • #bakechat
      • Mission: promote community between pro pastry chefs/bakers and home cooks.
      • Background Mission: develop online reputation of Claire Fountain; writer, pro pastry chef
    Twitter #Chats for Brands 40
    • A Failed Hashtag Chat – Reasons for #fail
    • #bakechat
      • Too broad a topic.
      • Too much online competition – food and baking blogs.
      • Not executing every week.
    Twitter #Chats for Brands
  • Twitter #Chats for Brands @jeffreyjkingman Jeffrey J Kingman 0