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Internet safety slide
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Internet safety slide


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  • Transcript

    • 1. Internet Safety Grade 5, Technology Class By: Mr. Jeffrey Fok
    • 2.  
    • 3. 1) When picking an online name, I should pick one:
      • a) that is easy for people to recognize me.
      • that has no personal information of any kind.
      • that uses my real name.
      • that is easy to remember.
    • 4. a) tell a responsible adult. b) tell my friends about it. c) tell my siblings. d) leave it alone. 2) If I come across a site that makes me feel uncomfortable, I should:
    • 5. 3) Someone sent me a rude message. I should:
      • retaliate with a meaner message.
      • ignore it because it will go away.
      • tell a responsible adult.
      • tell my friends to join in.
    • 6. 4) If someone wants to meet in person and I have never talked to the stranger, I should:
      • go meet them because everyone is nice.
      • never agree to meet in person.
      • ask a friend to go with me.
      • just meet in a public place.
    • 7. 5) I can give my password to:
      • anyone.
      • friends.
      • best friends.
      • parents.
    • 8. 6) To be a good online citizen, I:
      • will help anyone I can online.
      • not do anything hurtful to anyone.
      • should teach others how to use the Internet.
      • ignore everything on the Internet.
    • 9. 7) I will not send or upload picture unless: a) my friends said it is okay. b) my classmate said it is okay. c) my chat buddy said it is okay. d) my parents said it is okay.
    • 10. 8) The Internet is like _______ because I don’t know how everyone looks like off the Internet.
      • Halloween
      • Christmas
      • New Year
      • a Birthday Party
    • 11. 9) If someone I met online said he/she is 11 year-old, he/she is actually: a) a bit a younger. b) a lot older. c) is the age that is said. d) there is no way to tell correctly.
    • 12. 10) If an error code appear and ask for my personal information and/or password, I should:
      • enter the required information.
      • hit power button because the computer is broken.
      • tell an adult.
      • call 911.
    • 13. Answers and Discussion
    • 14. Answer
      • B
      • A
      • C
      • B
      • D
      • B
      • D
      • A
      • D
      • C
    • 15. Discussion Do you have any questions or comments?