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Peace on Earth
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Peace on Earth

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  • 1. There are times when the world seems sofull of darkness and chaos, that peace onearth seems like an elusive dream thatwill never be attained.
  • 2. And yet there are times when the light shines through just enough to give us hope. A ray of hope that someday all mankind will• test1in peace. live
  • 3. What if that hope began to grow and grow, so muchso, that the light became stronger and stronger?
  • 4. • test3 What if we truly believed that peace on earth could be a reality in our lifetime, no matter how much fighting and hatred we saw around us?
  • 5. What if we allowed the light within each and everyone of us to shine a bit brighter, more and moreeach day?
  • 6. • Test5
  • 7. What if we stopped focusing on the darkness and chaos all• Test5 around us and began to focus instead on the light and love that is deep within us all?
  • 8. Is it possible that as we shine ourlove and light on those around us,we will begin to see less darknessand chaos in the world?
  • 9. Can this be the decade that makes the difference inthe history of mankind - where peace on earth willfinally become a reality?
  • 10. Be in peace,Be in love,Be in lightas oftenas you can.
  • 11. And you will see thatpeace, love and lightwill begin to spreadthroughout our worldexponentially.
  • 12. Before you know it the darkness andchaos will be replaced by love andlight, and finally peace on earthwill be a reality at last.
  • 13. • 1 ““What the World Needs Now”By Gail BlancoLyrics by Burt Bacharach
  • 14. Words and photos By Jeffrey Eisen• 2 www.awakeningtheself.com
  • 15. The End• 3 orIs It Just the Beginning