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A presentation showing all the HBCU's (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) throughout the nation with separate showing for single-sex schools including some facts for each as well as facts for each one

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Hbcu powerpoint

  1. 1. HBCU’s
  2. 2. MaleMorehouse CollegeYear Founded: 1867Atlanta, Georgia(404) 215-2632http://www.morehouse.eduMorehouse College is one of the Historical Black Colleges & Universities in the United States and is known for producing African-American
  3. 3. FemaleBennett CollegeGreensboro, North Carolina336-517-2100http://www.bennett.eduOne of only a few private womens colleges in the region, Bennett College serves over 600 female students. Located in Greensboro, North Carolina, Bennett College is a four-year, HBCU
  4. 4. FemaleSpelman CollegeYear Founded: 1881Atlanta, GA(404)681-3643http://www.spelman.eduSpelman College is an all-womens liberal arts college named after Laura Spelman, wife of John D. Rockefeller. Spelman students come
  5. 5. Comprehensivealphabetical listing
  6. 6. Alabama A&M UniversityNormal, Alabamahttp://www.aamu.eduAlabama Agricultural and Mechanical University is one of the land-grant Black Colleges providing baccalaureate and graduate studies to individuals interested in developing scholastic, professional, and technical skills.It is one of two four-year public universities in Alabama on the White House Initiative on Historical Black Colleges and Universities List of HBCUs. It provides excellent education to
  7. 7. Alabama State UniversityMontgomery, Alabama334-229-4100http://www.alasu.eduAlabama State University is one of two public four-year historically black colleges in Alabama. Nine freed slaves known as the "Marion Nine" created this school almost a century and a half ago. The university offers 31 bachelors degrees and 11 masters degrees.Well-respected among Historical Black Colleges
  8. 8. Albany State UniversityAlbany, Georgia229-430-4600http://www.asurams.eduFounded in 1903, Albany State University is one of three historical black colleges & universities in Georgia. With over 4,000 students, Albany State University is a 1st tier school among Black Colleges and African American Universities. Emphasizing liberal arts programs, this four-year, public HBCU was started by
  9. 9. Alcorn State UniversityLorman, Mississippi601-877-6100http://www.alcorn.eduFounded in 1871, Alcorn State University ranks 26th, nationwide, among historical black colleges & universities. With over 2,900 students, Alcorn State University offers degrees in liberal arts and sciences and is a top choice among HBCU and African American Universities. Additional campuses located in Natchez and Vicksburg offer MBA and Nursing concentrations. Alcorn State University has quickly become known among black colleges for creating leaders in fields including
  10. 10. Allen UniversityColumbia, South Carolina803-376-5700http://www.allenuniversity.eduArkansas Baptist College is dedicated to integrating qualityacademic and Christian principles common among AfricanAmerican Universities. Started in 1884, Arkansas BaptistCollege is the only HBCU west of the Mississippi River. Likemany Historical Black Colleges & Universities, ABC is small,at just over 600 students. With strong religious roots andpopular Associate and Bachelor of Arts degree programs,Arkansas Baptist College is a top choice among blackcolleges in the region.
  11. 11. Barber-Scotia CollegeConcord, North Carolina704-789-2900http://www.b-sc.eduBenedict College is one the largest private, HBCU in theregion. It was started in 1870 by a Baptist mission societyto help educate former slaves from the Civil War era.Among historical black colleges & universities, it offersnumerous degree programs in a wide range of studiesincluding liberal arts, education, science, andengineering. With several black colleges in the SouthCarolina region, Benedict College has built a reputationamong African American Universities.
  12. 12. Bennett CollegeGreensboro, North Carolina336-517-2100http://www.bennett.eduOne of only a few private womens colleges in the region,Bennett College serves over 600 female students.Located in Greensboro, North Carolina, Bennett Collegeis a four-year, HBCU liberal arts school offering 24degree programs. Ranking 16th among other blackcolleges and African American universities, BennettCollege prides itself on the academic achievements itsstudents and faculty have accomplished. Bennett Collegebegan by educating newly freed slaves.
  13. 13. Bethune-Cookman UniversityDaytona Beach, Florida386-481-2000http://www.cookman.eduBishop State Community College is a two-year, publicHBCU. Started in 1927 to offer additional courses forteachers, this school has grown into one of the top blackcolleges in the region. Now providing both technical andacademic programs, Bishop State Community College isa popular alternative to other larger African Americanuniversities. Students often move onto other historicalblack colleges & universities to pursue a four-yearundergraduate degree program.
  14. 14. Bluefield State CollegeBluefield, WVTelephone: 304-327-4000http://www.bluefieldstate.eduEstablished in 1895, Bluefield State College is dedicatedto providing an excellent learning experience for allstudents in the area. Like other historical black colleges& universities, it wasnt integrated until the 1950s but hasalways prided itself on its core values of excellence,community diversity and growth. As an HBCU, BluefieldState College stands out not just amongst AfricanAmerican universities and black colleges, but all venuesof higher education.
  15. 15. Bowie State UniversityBowie, Maryland301-860-40001-877-77-BOWIEhttp://www.bowiestate.eduSince its 1865 trailblazing beginning as one of Americasfew Black colleges, Bowie State University has evolvedinto a multi-level degree school. As an HBCU, orhistorical black colleges & universities, it has anethnically varied faculty and student population. As partof the network of African American universities, it givesstudents of color in-depth tools for exploring their ownculture while preparing them to work in Americas diversesociety.
  16. 16. Central State UniversityWilberforce, Ohio937-376-6011http://www.centralstate.eduOne of the oldest HBCU in America, Central StateUniversity has a long tradition of extra-curricularand academic excellence. Like many otherhistorical black colleges & universities, CSUbegan as a center for teacher education. As oneof many African American universities in thecountry, CSU stands out as a leader in the field ofurban education. Also, CSU is one of few blackcolleges offering graduate degree programs.
  17. 17. Cheyney University of PennsylvaniaCheyney, Pennsylvania(610)399-2275http://www.cheyney.eduCheyney University of Pennsylvania is the oldest of theBlack Colleges and African American Universities on thelist of Historical Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU) inAmerica. It was founded in 1837 by Richard Humphreys.Cheyney offers baccalaureate degrees in over 30disciplines and a Masters Degree in education.Graduates of Cheyney have assumed leadership roles inthe fields of government, education, law, science, andjournalism, as well as other areas.
  18. 18. Claflin UniversityOrangeburg, South Carolina(803)535-5000http://www.claflin.eduClaflin University, one of many traditionally AfricanAmerican Universities and Black Colleges on the list ofHistorical Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU), isaffiliated with The United Methodist Church and offersundergraduate and graduate degrees.Undergraduate degrees provide a foundation in theliberal arts, while the graduate program allows studentsto increase their specialization in specific fields of studyas they prepare to take roles of leadership in theircommunities and chosen fields.
  19. 19. Clark Atlanta UniversitySW Atlanta, Georgia(800)688-3228http://www.cau.eduClark Atlanta University is one of many African AmericanUniversities on the Historical Black Colleges andUniversities (HBCU) list. Atlanta University was one ofthe original Black Colleges providing teachers andlibrarians to southern schools. In 1988, Clark College andAtlanta University merged forming Clark AtlantaUniversity.Clark Atlanta University is dedicated to developingstudents intellectually and personally, preparing them tobe leaders in their communities and fields of study.
  20. 20. Clinton Junior CollegeRock Hill, South Carolina803-327-7402http://www.clintonjuniorcollege.edu/Established in 1894 and listed as one of many historicalblack colleges & universities, Clinton Junior Collegeoffers students higher education with spiritualdevelopment. One of many HBCUs founded by theAfrican Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, its originalmission was to give education to descendants of slaves.Today, of all black colleges, it has distinguished itselfamong other African American universities by having aprimary focus in Liberal Arts studies.
  21. 21. Coahoma Community CollegeClarksdale, Mississippi(662)627-2571http://www.ccc.cc.ms.usCoahoma Community College is one of the BlackColleges and African American Universities on theHistorical Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU) list. Itbegan as an Agricultural High School for Negroes in1924. The Junior College curriculum was added in 1949.In 1989 it became Coahoma Community College andprovides educational services to a five-county servicearea.Coahoma offers 2-year associates degrees, communityclasses and GED and online testing services.
  22. 22. Concordia CollegeYear Founded: 1922Selma, Alabama(334)-874-5700http://www.concordiaselma.eduConcordia College, Selma, is one of the 10 universitiesoperated by the Missouri Synod of the Lutheran Church.A member of the countrys Historical Black Colleges &Universities (HBCU), Concordia College, Selma, whileconsidered as one of the nations African Americanuniversities or black colleges, represents a diverse racial,geographic and economic cross-section of students. It isthe only HBCU in the Concordia system.
  23. 23. Coppin State UniversityYear Founded: 1900Baltimore, MD(410) 951-3000(800) 635-3674http://www.coppin.eduCoppin State University is one of the Historical BlackColleges & Universities (HBCU). Coppin is one of theAfrican American universities offering courses at theundergraduate and graduate levels. Like many blackcolleges, Coppin has famous alumni in such fields as lawenforcement (Bishop L. Robinson), politics (VeraWelcome), and professional sports (Larry Stewart).
  24. 24. Delaware State UniversityYear Founded: 1891Dover, DE(302) 857-6060 daytime(302) 857-6290 eveninghttp://www.desu.eduDelaware State University is one of the Historical BlackColleges & Universities (HBCU). DSU is one of theAfrican American universities that offers degrees throughthe doctoral level. Like many black colleges, DSU hasfamous alumni in such fields as politics (WayneGilchrest), the media (Maxine Lewis), and professionalsports (Shaheer McBride).
  25. 25. Denmark Technical CollegeYear Founded: 1947Denmark, S.C.(803) 793-5176http://www.denmarktech.eduDenmark Technical College, one of the countrysHistorical Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU),provides cost-accessible education to students withvarious educational and socioeconomic backgrounds.Denmark Tech, like several black colleges, offerscourses in a variety of fields. Programs offered byDenmark include associate degrees, certifications, anddiplomas. Upon completion of programs, students areequipped to continue on to other colleges and AfricanAmerican universities, should they choose.
  26. 26. Dillard UniversityYear Founded: 1869New Orleans, LA(504) 283-8822http://www.dillard.eduDillard University, one of the Historical Black Colleges &Universities (HBCU), was ranked as one of the top tenHBCUs among African American universities, and as oneof the top ten liberal arts schools. Like many blackcolleges, DU has famous alumni in such fields asmedicine (Mitchell Spellman), law (Revius Ortique), andhigher education (Dr. Sandra Harris-Hooker).
  27. 27. Edward Waters CollegeYear Founded: 1866Jacksonville, FL(904) 470-8000(888) 898-3191http://www.ewc.eduEdward Waters College offers undergraduate degrees.Edward Water College is one of the Historical BlackColleges & Universities (HBCU) and, as is the case withAfrican American universities throughout the country,serves students who may otherwise find higher educationinaccessible. Like many black colleges, EWC has aracially and socio-economically diverse student body.
  28. 28. Elizabeth City State UniversityYear Founded: 1891Elizabeth City, NC(252) 335-3400http://www.ecsu.eduElizabeth City State University, one of the HistoricalBlack Colleges & Universities (HBCU), maintains astudent-centered environment and approach to learning.ECSU is one of the accredited African Americanuniversities to offer courses in a number of fields. Likemany black colleges, ECSU has alumni of notoriety suchas Larry Johnson, Sr., and Johnnie Walton, who havegone on to be recruited by professional ball clubs.
  29. 29. Fayetteville State UniversityYear Founded: 1867Fayetteville, NC(910) 672-1111http://www.uncfsu.eduFayetteville State University, one of the Historical BlackColleges & Universities (HBCU), has become a highlyrespected postsecondary institution within the Universityof North Carolina System. Fayetteville State is one of thefully accredited African American universities to offercourses in a number of fields. Like many black colleges,FSU has a number of alumni who have becomeprofessional ball players, such as Blenda Gay andSylvester "Junkyard Dog" Ritter.
  30. 30. Fisk UniversityYear Founded: 1886Nashville, TN(615) 329-8500http://www.fisk.eduFisk University, one of the historical black colleges &universities (HBCU), has been ranked by PrincetonReview among the top 15 percent of the nationsuniversities. Fisk is one of the fully accredited AfricanAmerican universities to offer courses in several fields atundergraduate and graduate levels. Like many blackcolleges, Fisk has notable alumni, including W.E.B.DuBois, Ida B. Wells, Percy Julian, John Hope Franklin,Alma Powell and Mandisa.​
  31. 31. Florida A&M UniversityYear Founded: 1887Tallahassee, FL(850) 599-3000http://www.famu.eduFlorida A&M University is one of the Historical BlackColleges & Universities (HBCU), is one of the StateUniversity System of Floridas institutions. FAMU is oneof the fully accredited African American universities tooffer courses in the undergraduate, graduate, anddoctoral levels. Like many black colleges, FAMU has anumber of alumni who have achieved positions ofnotoriety within their respective fields.
  32. 32. Florida Memorial UniversityYear Founded: 1879Miami Gardens, FL(305) 626-3600http://www.fmuniv.eduFlorida Memorial University offers courses in a number offields. As one of the Historical Black Colleges &Universities (HBCU), it has a stellar track record forgraduating students who become teachers. Like manyblack colleges/African American universities, FMU hasmany alumni who have achieved positions of infamy intheir respective fields, such as Barrington Irving, Jr. (thefirst and youngest black pilot to fly around the globesolo).
  33. 33. Fort Valley State UniversityYear Founded: 1890Valley, Georgia478-825-6211http://www.fvsu.eduFor 120 years, Fort Valley State University has built astudent body rich in African-American culture. One ofthree Historical Black Colleges & Universities in Georgia,it offers 50 bachelor and masters degrees. This HBCUboasts the second largest public campus not only amongAfrican American universities, but in Georgia also. Likemany black colleges, it encourages students to build astrong commitment to personal and intellectual growth.
  34. 34. Gadsden State Community CollegeYear Founded: 1925Gadsden, Al(256) 549-8200http://www.gadsdenstate.edu/Gadsden State Community College is a member of theHistorical Black Colleges & Universities, offering two-yearassociate degrees and technical training. Many studentstransfer to African American universities after completingtwo years of their penultimate four-year degrees. Likeother black colleges and HBCUs, Gadsden StateCommunity College emphasizes preparing its studentsfor lifetime professional success at an affordable cost.The school hosts an annual beauty pageant.
  35. 35. Grambling State UniversityYear Founded: 1901Grambling, Louisiana1-800-569-4714http://www.gram.eduGrambling State University is a leader among HistoricalBlack Colleges & Universities with a 384-acre campus.The school is one of many African American universitieshome to legendary football coaches like Eddie Robinson.The HBCU offers 46 academic programs across a varietyof subjects, with nationally-recognized excellencenursing, business, computer science and education. Itwas the first of the black colleges to host a sittingPresident in its marching band.
  36. 36. Hampton UniversityYear Founded: 1868Hampton, Virginia(757) 727-5000http://www.hamptonu.eduHampton University is one of oldest privately fundedhistorical black colleges & universities on the east coast.This well-established HBCU offers undergrad, mastersand doctoral courses in technical and liberal arts fields.Hampton University has been rated among the topAfrican American universities in the world, with acommunity of students from 35 countries and territoriesand nearly every state in America, making it one of themost popular black colleges.
  37. 37. Harris-Stowe UniversityYear Founded: 1857St. Louis, Missouri(314) 340-3366http://www.hssu.eduHarris-Stowe University, formerly Harris-Stowe College,is the first of the Historical Black Colleges & Universitiesto be an education institution for public teachers. WithHBCU, they are one of the oldest black colleges, theirdegree programs focus on education. As many AfricanAmerican universities, they currently offer 12 differentacademic studies in Information Systems, ComputerTechnology, Business Administration, UrbanSpecialization, Teacher Education, and GeneralEducation.​
  38. 38. Hinds Community College at UticaYear Founded: 1917Utica, MS601-885-7080www.lrc.hindscc.eduHinds Community College at Utica is part of a six-campus community college, making it the largest of blackcolleges in Mississippi. Of the local African AmericanUniversities, Hinds is known for two-year degreeprograms.One of the historical black colleges and universities ofthe South, Hinds Community College is recognized for itsagricultural programs. This HBCU has turned out notablefootball players such as Brad Banks and Leon Letts.
  39. 39. Howard UniversityYear Founded: 1867Washington, DC(202) 806-6100http://www.howard.eduHoward University, one of the great African Americanuniversities and flagship of the Historical Black Colleges& Universities (HBCU), offers a comprehensive set ofacademic programs. The distinguished black college hasa long list of notable alumni, including poet ToniMorrison, actress Phylicia Rashad, Sen. Ed Brooke,Mayor David Dinkins, Ambassador Patricia Harris andmany others.It is located on 258 acres in the vibrant Washington, D.C.
  40. 40. Huston-Tillotson UniversityYear Founded: 1875Austin, Texas512-505-3000http://www.htu.edu/Huston-Tillotson University is one of the black collegeswhose graduates succeed in the real world. HT readiesstudents for careers in business and liberal arts. As oneof many Historical Black Colleges & Universities(HBCUs), it assists students in exploring their religiousidentity. As part of the network of African Americanuniversities, it prides itself on giving students effectivecommunication tools for participating in American life.
  41. 41. Interdenominational Theological CenterYear Founded: 1958Atlanta, Georgia(404) 527-7700http://www.itc.eduThe Interdenominational Theological Center is anaffiliation of denominational seminaries located in theAtlanta, Georgia area. Founded in 1958, theInterdenominational Theological Center is one of the 105Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in theUnited States. The Interdenominational TheologicalCenter works with HCBUs, as well as with other blackcolleges and African American universities, to jointlyprovide an array of resources for its students.
  42. 42. J. F. Drake State Technical CollegeYear Founded: 1961Huntsville, AL(256) 539-8161http://www.dstc.cc.al.usJ. F. Drake State Technical College, one of many blackcolleges, offers certificates, diplomas and associatesdegrees in the applied technologies. One of the HistoricalBlack Colleges & Universities (HBCU) in the US, DrakeState is a two-year institution divided into five divisions.With diverse course offerings creating a variety of careerpaths, their motto "Our Graduates Work" complimentsthis African American Universitys educational mission.
  43. 43. Jackson State UniversityYear Founded: 1877Jackson, Mississippi(800) 848-8817http://www.jsums.edu/A member of the 105 Historical Black Colleges &Universities (HBCUs), Jackson State University hasgrown from one of many small black colleges in the late1800s to one of the major African American universitiestoday. JCU welcomes capable students of all diversebackgrounds who strive for excellence. JCU has built areputation for its achievements in computationalcomputing, education and human development,communications technology, homeland security andnanotechnology.
  44. 44. Jarvis Christian CollegeYear Founded: 1913Hawkins, Texas(903) 769-5700http://www.jarvis.eduJarvis Christian College is one of several private blackcolleges founded in the early 1900s by prominent citizenswith Christian affiliations. As a prestigious HBCU, JarvisChristian College is dedicated to empowering studentsand providing a global college experience studentsexpect from larger African American universities. Likemany historical black colleges & universities, the JarvisChristian College focuses social responsibility, ethics andfaith along with a traditional liberal arts collegecurriculum.
  45. 45. Johnson C. Smith UniversityYear Founded: 1867Charlotte, North Carolina(704) 378-1000http://www.jcsu.eduJohnson C. Smith University (JCSU), a member of the 105Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in theUnited States, is one of the Best Comprehensive Collegesin the South. Historically a Black College, JCSU is rankedhighly among its fellow HBCUs and other African AmericanUniversities and has a great reputation for its technologicalintegration. JCSU currently provides laptop computers toevery student.
  46. 46. Kentucky State UniversityYear Founded: 1886Frankfort, KY(502) 597-6000http://www.kysu.eduKentucky State University, Kentuckys smallest publicuniversity, has proud history as one of the countrys firstblack colleges.Its 900-acre campus features historic and state-of-the-artbuildings, and its location in the states capital allows KSU,one of the Historical Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU),to offer unique government internships.KSU has progressed to become the most diverse publicinstitution in the state.
  47. 47. Knoxville CollegeYear Founded: 1875Knoxville, Tennessee(865) 524-5525htttp://www.knoxvillecollege.eduFounded in 1875 and now considered one of 105 HistoricalBlack Colleges & Universities (HBCUs), Knoxville Collegeenrolls 600 black students in a private, four-year,coeducational, liberal arts curriculum. Knoxville maintains astrong history of commitment to its surrounding communityand black colleges, encouraging its students to work withmembers of the local community, while advancing theeducational and practical experience of its students at thesame time.​
  48. 48. Lane CollegeYear Founded: 1882Jackson, Tennessee(731) 426-7500http://www.lanecollege.eduFounded in 1882 and established primarily for theeducation of freed slaves and black college, Lane Collegetoday flourishes as a small, private, coeducational, liberalarts center of higher learning. Along with otherdistinguished African American universities, Lane College isa member of the Historical Black Colleges & Universities(HBCUs). The Lane College faculty work together withstudents to provide a culture of technology throughout theireducational experience.​
  49. 49. Langston UniversityYear Founded: 1897Langston, Oklahoma(877) 466-2231http://www.lunet.eduFounded in 1897 as one of many black colleges and AfricanAmerican universities, Langston University is a part of thenations Historical Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs).Langston University has developed an international reputationfor excellence in the field of agricultural research. LangstonUniversity currently maintains an open door admissions policy,enrolling a diverse student body and strives to educateindividuals to become leaders in their communities.
  50. 50. Lawson State Community CollegeYear Founded: 1949Birmingham, Alabama(205) 929-6309http://www.ls.cc.al.usBy enactment of the Wallace Patterson Trade School Act of1947, Lawson State Community College opened its doorswith other black colleges to make post-secondaryeducation available to all individuals. As one of the nationsHistorical Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs), LawsonState Community College, as with other African Americanuniversities, pursues a mission to provide an excellenteducation to all its students.
  51. 51. LeMoyne-Owen CollegeYear Founded: 1871Memphis, Tennessee(313) 862-6300http://www.loc.edu/LeMoyne-Owen College occupies a beautifully landscapedcampus at 807 Walker Avenue in South Memphis. LeMoyne-Owen College is proud of its legacy of having producedhundreds of doctors, lawyers, and teachers over its history;and in recent years, having produced actors, movieproducers, Internet and computer technology gurus,professionals in business, politics and more.
  52. 52. Lewis College of BusinessYear Founded: 1928Detroit,Mi 48235(313) 862-6300http://www.lewiscollege.eduFounded in 1928 and located in Detroit, Michigan, LewisCollege of Business is one of many black colleges,distinguished by its inclusion in the Historical Black Colleges& Universities (HBCU). Lewis College of Business offersbusiness and liberal arts degrees. Lewis College of Businessseeks to provide socially relevant applications of knowledge,as do other African American universities.​
  53. 53. Lincoln UniversityYear Founded: 1854Chester County, PA(800) 790-0191http://www.lincoln.edu/Lincoln University, founded in 1854, was the first HistoricallyBlack College (HBCU) in the US. In the African Americanuniversitys 150 year-history, alumni include ThurgoodMarshall, Langston Hughes and the Presidents of Nigeria andGhana. Lincoln offers undergraduate and graduate programsand its 422-acre campus, located in rolling Pennsylvaniabetween Philadelphia and Baltimore, reveals an inviting andvibrant black college.​
  54. 54. Lincoln University of MissouriYear Founded: 1,856Jefferson City, Missouri(314) 681-5074http://www.lincoln.eduFounded in 1866 as one of the black colleges, LincolnUniversity of Missouri is a distinguished member of thenational Historical Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU).Lincoln University of Missouri now offers degrees in theliberal arts, business and the sciences. While historically oneof the African American universities, Lincoln now provides acompressive array of educational programs to a diversestudent population.​
  55. 55. Livingstone CollegeYear Founded: 1879Salisbury, North Carolina(800) 835-3435http://www.livingstone.eduFounded in 1879 as a black college, Livingstone College isone of the nations 105 Historical Black Colleges andUniversities (HBCUs). Livingstone College is a private, four-year college affiliated with the African Methodist EpiscopalZion Church. Livingstone College offers programs to awardthe B.A., B.S., and other degrees. Notable alumni of thisAfrican American university include Ben Coates and WilmontPerry, both former NFL players.​
  56. 56. Meharry Medical CollegeYear Founded: 1876Nashville, Tennessee(615) 327-6111http://www.mmc.eduFounded in Nashville, Tennessee in 1876, Meharry MedicalCollege was the first black medical college in the south forAfrican Americans. As a distinguished member of the nationsHistorical Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs), MeharryMedical College is the largest private African AmericanUniversity dedicated to educating health care professionalsand scientists. Notable alumni of Meharry Medical Collegeinclude accomplished physicians across the United Statesand throughout the world.​
  57. 57. Miles CollegeYear Founded: 1898Birmingham, AL(205) 923-2771http://www.miles.eduA member of the United Negro Fund, Miles College wasestablished in Fairfield, Ala. as a black college. Recognizedas one of the nations Historical Black Colleges andUniversities (HBCU), Miles College maintains an openadmissions policy and offers liberal arts degrees to studentsas one of the elite African American universities. Notablealumni of Miles College include business leaders, teachers,physicians and legislators.​
  58. 58. Mississippi Valley State UniversityYear Founded: 1950Itta Bena, Mississippi(662) 254-3347http://www.mvsu.eduMississippi Valley State University is one of the leadingHistorical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) in thesouth. This black college prepares students for life followingschool, training graduates with skills designed for success.MVSU faculty, counselors and staff are present to developskills at undergraduate and graduate levels. MVSU is aleader amongst African American universities, with curriculumtailored for a successful education and career.​
  59. 59. Morehouse CollegeYear Founded: 1867Atlanta, Georgia(404) 215-2632http://www.morehouse.eduMorehouse College is one of the Historical Black Colleges & Universities in the United States and is known for producing African-American leaders. Many Black Colleges and African
  60. 60. Morehouse School of MedicineYear Founded: 1975Atlanta, Georgia404-752-1500http://www.msm.eduFounded in 1975, Morehouse School of Medicine has made a name for itself by being the first medical school established among Historical Black Colleges & Universities. This HBCU is fully accredited and offers the best medical doctorate and master degrees throughout all
  61. 61. Morgan State UniversityYear Founded: 1867Baltimore, MD(410) 319-3333http://www.morgan.eduMorgan State University is the largest of the Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) in Maryland and a designated public urban university. A historically black college, Morgan State has a diverse student body of all socio-economic backgrounds. While a public
  62. 62. Morris Brown CollegeYear Founded: 1881Atlanta, Georgia(404) 220-0270http://www.morrisbrown.eduFounded in 1881 and considered a historically black college, Morris Brown College is one of 105 Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) in the United States. Located near Atlanta, this African American university offers technology programs, scientific research opportunities and a liberal arts education to African American men and women in a small classroom setting. Among notable alumni are
  63. 63. Morris CollegeYear Founded: 1908Sumter, S.C.803-775-9371http://www.morris.eduKnown as South Carolinas Best Kept Secret, Morris College helps students using traditional Christian values. This four-year private school is part of HBCU and former WWII Tuskegee Airman Dr. Leroy Bowman is an alum. Like other black colleges and African American universities, Morris College uses a Baptist foundation to promote leadership and community activism. Historical black colleges &
  64. 64. Norfolk State UniversityYear Founded: 1935Norfolk, Virginia804-683-8600http://www.nsu.eduFor 75 years, Norfolk State University has served as a HBCU and member of the Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund. Boasting one of the largest student bodies among black colleges and African American universities in Virginia, Norfolk State offers two doctorates, 15 masters and 36 undergraduate degrees. Norfolk State University strives to offer the highest quality yet most affordable education throughout all
  65. 65. North Carolina A&T State UniversityYear Founded: 1891Greensboro, North Carolina919-334-7500http://www.ncat.eduNorth Carolina A&T State University is the largest public HBCU (Historical Black Colleges & Universities) in North Carolina. Boasting one of the largest enrollments among black colleges and African American universities, NC A&T offers nationally-ranked degree programs in engineering and a major partnership with NASA. North Carolina A&T State University is one of the most sought after of all black
  66. 66. North Carolina Central UniversityYear Founded: 1910Durham, North Carolina919-560-6100http://www.nccu.eduBoasting the #1 public HBCU ranking by US News & World Report two years in a row, North Carolina Central University is a prominent member of Historical Black Colleges & Universities. Offering over 80 undergraduate and 40 graduate degrees, North Carolina Central University provides students one of the biggest varieties of educational opportunities
  67. 67. Oakwood UniversityYear Founded: 1896Huntsville, Alabama(205) 726-7000http://www.oakwood.eduOakwood University, a private HBCU, is ranked among the best Historical Black Colleges & Universities. Among black colleges, Oakwood is a leader in preparing students for medical professions. Extra-curricular activities include an award-winning choir and championship sports teams. The alumni of Oakwood, including musicians Little Richard and Brian McKnight, civil rights activists, politicians and a
  68. 68. Paine CollegeYear Founded: 1882Augusta, GA(706) 821-8200http://www.paine.eduFounded by the United Methodist Church, Paine College is a small HBCU located in Augusta, Georgia. Providing quality liberal arts education is its mission, and like many black colleges and African American universities, Paine instills ethical and spiritual values into graduates. Among the oldest historical black colleges & universities, Paine boasts a long list of notable alumni, including Shirley McBay, the first
  69. 69. Paul Quinn CollegeYear Founded: 1872Dallas, Texas214-376-1000http://www.pqc.eduWith the distinction of being the oldest among Historical Black Colleges & Universities in Texas, Paul Quinn College is a private, HBCU located in Dallas. Started by the African Methodist Episcopal church, Paul Quinn College has educated students based on core Christian principles for over 138 years. Paul Quinn College strives to provide a quality, affordable liberal arts education common
  70. 70. Philander Smith CollegeYear Founded: 1877Little Rock, Arkansas501-375-9845http://www.philander.eduLike many black colleges and African American universities across the country, Philander Smith College was founded on the principles of educating recently freed slaves. As a four-year undergraduate HBCU, Philander Smith College offers major and minor degree programs in business, education, social sciences, arts and physical sciences. Philander Smith College is known among Historical Black Colleges &
  71. 71. Prairie View A&M UniversityYear Founded: 1876Prairie View, Texas409-857-3311http://www.pvamu.eduPrairie View A&M University has been educating students in the deeply rooted traditions of an exemplary HBCU. Striving to be best among Historical Black Colleges & Universities in Texas, Prairie View offers a variety of degrees. Prairie View A&M University is known among Texas black colleges and African American universities as one of three institutions designated as first-class by the Texas
  72. 72. Rust CollegeYear Founded: 1866Holly Springs, Mississippi601-252-4661http://www.rustcollege.eduOne of ten Historical Black Colleges & Universities founded before 1868 and still operating, Rust College continues to educate students in the values of the United Methodist Church and HBCU. Using a fast-paced 8-week semester system not typically found among black colleges and African American universities, Rust College offers associates and bachelor degrees in 16 areas of study,
  73. 73. Saint Pauls CollegeYear Founded: 1888Lawrenceville, VA804-848-3111http://www.saintpauls.eduSaint Pauls College is a four-year HBCU situated on 185 acres in Lawrenceville, Virginia. Although smaller than most Black Colleges and African American Universities, Saint Pauls College focuses on leadership skills development in their students. With degrees in liberal arts, business and mathematics, Saint Pauls College is the only college among
  74. 74. Savannah State UniversityYear Founded: 1890Savannah, Georgia(912)358-4778http://www.savannahstate.eduSavannah State University is known as the oldest of the Historical Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU) in Georgia. The campus is over 173 acres to hold its growing alumni enrollment. One of the very few black colleges that offer four different research centers, of the African American universities in existence, this may be the fastest growing.
  75. 75. Selma UniversityYear Founded: 1878Selma, Alabama(205) 872-2533http://www.selmauniversity.orgSelma University, a four-year HBCU, was founded by the Baptist Theological School in 1878 and has offered religion education as its primary focus ever since. Like many black colleges and African American universities, Selma University seeks to create spiritual leaders in the African American community. Selma University has the unique distinction of
  76. 76. Shaw UniversityYear Founded: 1865Raleigh, NC919-546-8200http://www.shawuniversity.eduAs the oldest HBCU in the South, Shaw University has humble beginnings among Black Colleges and African American Universities. The first college organized for African Americans, Shaw University was created at the end of the Civil War to teach freedom to a new generation of students. Undergraduate and graduate degrees are offered in Education,
  77. 77. Shelton State Community CollegeYear Founded: 1852Tuscaloosa, AL205-759-1541http://www.sheltonstate.eduShelton State Community College is a two-year HBCU school located in Tuscaloosa, AL. Shelton State offers technical and occupational programs in music, theater and art at one of the largest Black Colleges and African American Universities in Alabama. Shelton State Community College is one of the nations Historical Black Colleges and Universities. This
  78. 78. South Carolina State UniversityYear Founded: 1896Orangeburg, South Carolina800-290-5956http://www.scsu.eduSouth Carolina State University is a public, four- year college. Although this school is one of many Historical Black Colleges and Universities, it welcomes people of all races and ethnicities. It strives to deliver the highest standard of education possible, as do all African American universities. Graduates of this school have become scholars, just as others
  79. 79. Southern University at A&M CollegeBaton Rouge, LA(225) 771-4500http://www.subr.eduSouthern University at A&M College is one of the Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) that originally had less than 500 students studying in a small building. This is one of the African American Universities offering students the chance to study in the Law program. It was one of the first Black Colleges to be visited by Eleanor Roosevelt.
  80. 80. Southern University at New OrleansYear Founded: 1956New Orleans, Louisiana504-286-5000http://www.suno.edu/Southern University at New Orleans is one of the Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) offering comprehensive curriculums tailored to the cultural and educational needs of the New Orleans metro area. Like other African American Universities, it has an Honors Program producing distinguished alumni. Though this Black College was decimated by
  81. 81. Southern University at ShreveportYear Founded: 1967Shreveport, Louisiana(318) 670-6000http://www.susla.eduSouthern University at Shreveport (SUSLA) is one of the Historical Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU) of the Southern University System (SUS). SUSLA, as one of the African American universities, is the third best two-year university, and has a high graduation rate. Like many black colleges, SUS has famous alumni, such as Hubert Humphrey and Shaquille
  82. 82. Southwestern Christian CollegeYear Founded: 1948Terrell, TX(214) 524-3341http://www.swcc.eduMembers of Churches of Christ founded Southwestern Christian College and continue to sponsor it. Offering a Bachelors Degree in Bible and Religious Education and an Associate Program in Liberal Arts, SCC is home to one of only twenty still-standing historical Round Houses in the nation. It is one
  83. 83. Spelman CollegeYear Founded: 1881Atlanta, GA(404)681-3643http://www.spelman.eduSpelman College is an all-womens liberal arts college named after Laura Spelman, wife of John D. Rockefeller. Spelman students come from all over the U.S. to attend the school,
  84. 84. St. Augustines CollegeYear Founded: 1867Raleigh, North Carolina(919) 516-4200http://www.st-aug.eduSt. Augustines College is one of the Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) founded in 1867 by Episcopal clergy for the education of freed slaves. This private institution serves the African American students of North Carolina and the United States. The college offers a degree in film production and it was the first HBCU operating its own
  85. 85. St. Philips CollegeYear Founded: 1898San Antonio, TX(210) 531-359http://www.alamo.edu/spc/Founded as St. Philips Normal and Industrial School, St. Philips College is an African American University in the Texas Alamo Community College District that offers Liberal Arts and Applied Technology courses. Though originally opened to educate emancipated slaves, today this Black College is the only federally designated Historical Black College
  86. 86. Stillman CollegeYear Founded: 1876Tuscaloosa, AL(205) 349-4240http://www.stillman.eduStillman College is the second-oldest HBCU in Alabama. This private liberal arts college, one of 11 black colleges in Alabama, is noted for its biological sciences, teacher education and business administration programs. A leader among African American universities, Stillman scored in the top tier for Southern schools according to the U.S. News and World Report.
  87. 87. Talladega CollegeYear Founded: 1867Talladega, Alabama(205) 362-0206http://www.talladega.eduTalladega College is distinguished to be the oldest of the African American universities in the state of Alabama. Talladega College is an accredited liberal arts institution and one of relatively few Historical Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs) in the US. Talladega College maintains, as all black colleges do, a tradition of educating its students by offering
  88. 88. Tennessee State UniversityYear Founded: 1912Nashville, Tennessee(615) 963-5000http://www.tnstate.eduTennessee State University, while undergoing numerous changes since its founding, is one of 105 Historical Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU) in the US. Located in Nashville, TSU is a comprehensive land-grant university, offering many degrees, including numerous doctoral programs. TSU has a history of promoting athletics as exemplified by it being the first of
  89. 89. Texas Southern UniversityYear Founded: 1947Number of Students: 11,550Houston, Texas(713) 527-7011http://www.tsu.eduAs one of the largest HBCUs, Texas Southern University had bold beginnings among black colleges and African American universities. In 1946, after being declined admission to University of Texas Law School, Meman Sweatt won a lawsuit, resulting in the creation of the first African American law school in Texas.
  90. 90. Texas CollegeYear Founded: 1894Tyler, Texas(903) 593-8311http://www.texascollege.eduTexas College, one of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities, is located in Tyler, TX, and is affiliated with the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church. As a HBCU, this African American university provides quality academics to a diverse array of students, and awards baccalaureate and associate degrees. Texas College is renowned for the commitment to
  91. 91. Tougaloo CollegeYear Founded: 1869Number of Students: 900Tougaloo, MS(601) 977-7000http://www.tougaloo.eduTougaloo College, the second-oldest HBCU in Mississippi, is one of the top 20 best black colleges in the nation. Renowned among African American universities for its science and engineering programs, Tougaloo is among the few historical black colleges & universities to offer doctorate degrees. The college is home
  92. 92. University of Arkansas at Pine BluffPine Bluff, Arkansas870-575-8000http://www.uapb.eduThe University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, the first HBCU in Arkansas, has a rich history among Black Colleges in Arkansas. Over 3,000 students, UAPB is one of the most popular African American Universities in the region. UAPB has one of the top aquaculture
  93. 93. Trenholm State Technical CollegeYear Founded: 1963Number of Students: 1358Montgomery, Alabama(334) 832-9000http://www.trenholmtech.cc.al.usFounded in 1963, Trenholm State Technical College is a two-year technical college that is one of the Historical Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU). Just like other black colleges or African American universities, Trenholm State offers its career-oriented programs to a diverse range of students. The
  94. 94. Tuskegee UniversityYear Founded: 1881Tuskegee, Alabama(334) 727-8011http://www.tuskegee.eduA landmark African American University, Tuskegee University was founded in 1881 by Booker T. Washington and is distinguished as one of the nations Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU). Located in Tuskegee, Alabama, this private Liberal Arts institution offers a rigorous educational program to its diverse students. The faculty has included
  95. 95. University at the Virgin IslandsYear Founded: 1962St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands(340) 778-1620http://www.uvi.eduAlthough one of the youngest among black colleges and African American universities in the country, The University at the Virgin Islands was founded in 1962 and is a fully accredited four-year HBCU. It officially became one of the Historical Black Colleges & Universities in 1986 and offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in business, education, liberal arts,
  96. 96. University of Arkansas at Pine BluffPine Bluff, Arkansas870-575-8000http://www.uapb.eduThe University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, the first HBCU in Arkansas, has a rich history among Black Colleges in Arkansas. Over 3,000 students, UAPB is one of the most popular African American Universities in the region. UAPB has one of the top aquaculture programs among historical black colleges & universities.
  97. 97. University of Maryland Eastern ShoreYear Founded: 1886Princess Anne, Maryland(410) 651-2200http://www.umes.eduThe University of Maryland Eastern Shore, one of the Historical Black Colleges & Universities, is a public institution providing both graduate and undergraduate degrees. As an HBCU, the University offers quality academics to a diverse array of students, focusing on those who are first-generation college attendees. As one of the black colleges/African American
  98. 98. University of the District of ColumbiaYear Founded: 1851Washington, D.C.202-274-5000http://www.udc.eduFounded in 1851, the University of the District of Columbia remains the only public university in Washington, D.C. Recognized as a Historically Black College, UDC now offers 75 degree programs. In addition, this African American university also includes a community college to improve the lives of the residents of D.C. On the list of Historical Black Colleges and
  99. 99. Virginia State UniversityYear Founded: 1882Petersburg, Virginia(804) 524-5000http://www.vsu.eduVirginia State University (VSU) was established as an African American university and is among the Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). VSU founder, John Mercer Langston, was the first black man elected to the United States Congress. Following this example, VSU alumni are known as business leaders, artists, public servants and military officers. This black
  100. 100. Virginia Union UniversityYear Founded: 1865Richmond, Virginia(804) 257-5600http://www.vuu.eduEstablished in 1865, Virginia Union University was formed to provide emancipated slaves with an opportunity for educational advancement. Four institutions merged in order to create VUU, now considered one of the nations Historical Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU). Now culturally diverse, as are most black colleges and African American
  101. 101. Virginia University of LynchburgYear Founded: 1886Lynchburg, Virginia(434) 528-5276http://www.vul.eduFounded in 1886, Virginia University of Lynchburg is distinguished as one of the nations 105 Historical Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU). African-American Baptists founded the coeducational black college, which is committed to relying upon Judeo-Christian values and a philosophy of self-help. The Just as all of the other black colleges and African
  102. 102. Voorhees CollegeYear Founded: 1897Denmark, South Carolina(803) 793-3351http://www.voorhees.eduVoorhees College has grown to become a private liberal arts college with a diverse student body. Voorhees College has a strong African- American heritage and is considered one of the nations Historical Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU). Originally created as an industrial trade school for black students, just as many other black colleges and African American
  103. 103. West Virginia State UniversityYear Founded: 1891Institute, West Virginia(304) 766-3000http://www.wvstateu.eduFounded in 1891 as a land grant Black College, West Virginia State University has evolved from offering an applied education in agriculture and mechanical arts to a career-oriented curriculum. As one of the African American Universities, West Virginia State University is one of 105 Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in the United States that offers a
  104. 104. Wilberforce UniversityYear Founded: 1856Wilberforce, Ohio(513) 376-2911http://www.wilberforce.eduWilberforce University is distinguished as one of the nations Historical Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs). Wilberforce was the first of the African universities and participates in the United Negro College Fund as part of the black colleges. Wilberforce University now requires its students to participate in a cooperative education, where students must
  105. 105. Wiley CollegeYear Founded: 1873Marshall, Texas(903) 927-3300http://www.wileyc.eduWiley College is a historically black college in Marshall, Texas. There are many Historical Black Colleges & Universities in the United States. Wiley College, however, is one of the oldest black colleges west of the Mississippi. Like many African American universities, Wiley College played an instrumental role in the U.S. Civil Rights movement. As an HBCU today, it
  106. 106. Winston-Salem State UniversityYear Founded: 1892Winston-Salem, NC(919) 750-2049http://www.wssu.eduWinston-Salem State University is among the top public comprehensive baccalaureate, black colleges of the south. Historical Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU) like Winston-Salem State are dedicated to diversity. The university is dedicated to presenting engaging curriculum through flexible modes of delivery. World renowned artist Selma Burke, who sculpted the
  107. 107. Xavier University at LouisianaYear Founded: 1925New Orleans, LA(504) 486-7411http://www.xula.eduXavier University at Louisiana is the only Catholic traditionally black college In America and is often referred to as the Emerald City. Xavier, one of many black colleges, is devoted to creating a just and compassionate society by preparing its students to become leaders. Historical Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU) welcome all nationalities and Xavier prides itself