Unleash Your Conference Participants To Become WOM Influencers

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Word Of Mouth (WOM) and influencers. Those words may sound like a foreign language or jargon that has nothing to do with event and conference planning. Yet they can have a tremendous impact on your …

Word Of Mouth (WOM) and influencers. Those words may sound like a foreign language or jargon that has nothing to do with event and conference planning. Yet they can have a tremendous impact on your next meeting or event. Do you know how?

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  • $3,500 Taylor Guitar$1,200 to repairSpent $150 to create the music videoLoaded it onto YoutTube July 2009 25,000 views 1st 24 hours
  • CNN, Today Show, The ViewWebsite gets 50,000 hits per dayCTV, Canada’s largest private broadcaster, hired him as a songwriter.Got endorsement deal with Carlton
  • Positive sentiment in social media networks decreased from 34% to 28%. Negative sentiment increased from 22% to 25%. Positive stories in traditional media dropped from 39% to 27% while negative stories increased from 18% to 23%. (data from Syomos) Six months after the story broke, United PR continues to receive requests to talk about the incident.United has since changed its policies. The video is now used in United training. United now monitors social media
  • Marketers count the number of views people receive. One ad campaign might create seven million impressions. And the costs of that one ad campaign can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollarsUnited Breaks Guitars online video has more than 9 million impressions
  • Word of Mouth Marketing: Giving people a reason to talk about your products and services, and making it easier for that conversation to take place. It is the art and science of building active, mutually beneficial consumer-to-consumer and consumer-to-marketer communications
  • 91% Prospective Association Members learn about organization by WOM.67% learn about organization from a colleague.WOM is most effective membership recruitment tool. [Marketing General 2010 Membership Marketing report - http://www.membershipmarketing.blogspot.com/]
  • WOM can be encouraged & facilitatedempowers others to share experiencesfocuses on providing good customer service firstacknowledges unsatisfied customer is equally powerful
  • WOM can not befaked or inventedAttempting to fake word of mouth is unethical and creates a backlash, damages the brand, and tarnishes the corporate reputation.
  • Three out of four consumers in America and four out of five in Western Europe have a mobile phone. Think about these devices as mobile information conduits. 130,000iphone apps as of 10/20/10.
  • Cisco estimates that by 2013 video will represent 91% of all data flowing over the Internet which is very different than today’s text and graphics medium.In one month in 2009, 100 million Americans watched a total of 6 billion YouTube videos ~ Comscore
  • These cloud Internet services are accessible anywhere with a login from a web-connected device. The servers, software and storage are in the cloud. Cloud computing enables improved system integration, data exchange and user experience. This is a great tool for attendee collaboration and online customer service.
  • Social networks have exploded and your event participants can influence their peers, tap their community for information and spread communication–both positive and negative. By 12/09, 59% of all online consumers use social networks.
  • Define Influencer - Influencer person who has a greater than average reach or impact through word of mouth in a relevant marketplace. 8 in 10 Millennials say they have taken action on behalf of brands they like and trust.9 in 10 U.S. Millennials take action once a week on behalf of bands66% Millennials recommend brand76% Millennials say their family and freidns depend upon their opinions54% Millennials tell family and friends not to purchase products or services41% Millennials boycott an organization32% Millennials post something negative abot a brand in social network29% join community of people who dislike the brandEdelman 8095 Global Liaison Network – Report For Millennials Taking Action Is A Core Value
  • 7 million are both Mass Connectors and Mass MavensGoogle biased toward content with lots of inbound links like blogs, discussion forums reviews and these end up near top of search rankings. They have opinions and love to spread them.
  • How to amplify event fans?Get an outside perspective. (Monitor, collect and analyze customer perspectives.)Respond (Create profiles in the places your customers go and reach out to them.)Enable (Give customers tools, content and opportunities to talk about you.)Amplify (Find ways to connect fans to each other, and to the rest of the world.)Change (Help organization leadership learn from fan activity, improve and change for better.)
  • Old sales funnel: Eyeballs to awareness to consideration to preference to purchase to customer.New marketing funnel continues: Supported to empowered to delighted to fan to broadcaster.


  • 1. Unleash Your Conference Participants
    To Become
    WOM Influencers
  • 2. Thank You
  • 3. Define influencers, Mass Connectors & Mass Mavens
  • 4. Identify four-step process to empower conference attendees
  • 5. Discuss peer influence & customer satisfaction
  • 6. United Breaks Guitars
  • 7. 9+ million views
    Cost $150
    250 media interviews
  • 8. What happened to United?
    Social Media
    Positive comments decreased 4%
    Negative comments increased 3%
    Traditional Media
    Positive stories dropped 12%
    Negative stories increased 5%
  • 9. We want you to take 50 million of us as seriously as you take one reporter from The Wall Street Journal. The ClueTrain Manifesto
  • 10. Impressions
  • 11. Impressions: The number of views people see
  • 12. Individuals create:
    256 billion impressionsabout products/services)
  • 13. Individuals create:
    1.64 billion posts (blog posts, comments, ratings reviews)
    For 250 billion impressions
  • 14. Equals: Half a trillion U.S. impressions
    8 impressions for every person online
    ¼ as many from each other as from online advertisers
  • 15. Which impressions
    Do people give more attention?
  • 16. Word Of Mouth (WOM):
    Consumers providing information to other consumers
  • 17. WOM Marketing:
    Giving people a reason to talk about your products & services
  • 18. WOM Is
    The voice of the customer
    Natural, genuine process
    People seeking advice from each other
  • 19. WOM focuses on providing good customer service first
  • 20. WOM cannot be faked or invented
  • 21. Four Technologies Creating
    Empowered Customers
    1. Smart phones
  • 22. Four Technologies Creating
    Empowered Customers
    2. Video
  • 23. 3. Cloud Computing
    Four Technologies Creating
    Empowered Customers
  • 24. Four Technologies Creating
    Empowered customers
    4. Social Networks
  • 25. Influencer
    Person with greater than
    average reach or WOM impact
  • 26. 3 Types
    Connectors, Mavens, Sales
    Tipping Point, Gladwell
  • 27. 2 Types Of Empowered Influencers
    Mass Connectors, Mass Mavens
    Forrester Researchers Bernoff & Schadler
  • 28. Mass Connectors
    Lots of social network connections
    11 million people, 205 billion impressions
    18,600 per connector
  • 29. Mass Connectors
    Spreadable content
    Follow them & Listen to what they say
  • 30. Mass Mavens
    Contribute to blogs, discussions, reviews
    80% of online posts re products & services
    24 million people, 1.31 billion posts
  • 31. Mass Mavens
    Give them exclusive information to share
  • 32. Event Organizers
    Need to see individuals as marketing channel
    & part of the marketing mix
  • 33. Questions?
  • 34. Empower Event Attendees
    IDEA: A 4-Step Plan
  • 35. I
    dentify Mass Influencers
  • 36. I
    dentify Mass Influencers
  • 37. I
    dentify Mass Influencers
    Twitter chats
  • 38. D
    eliver excellent customer service
  • 39. E
    mpower with information
  • 40. A
    mplify event fans
  • 41. D
    eliver excellent customer service
    Influence happens after sale
  • 42. Influence happens after sale
    Is registered attendee:
  • 43. Good service creates happiness
    More touchpoints & more reasons
    for customer to feel good
    about your organization
  • 44. Attendees matter more after sale
    Enough positive customer service
    = positive WOM
    & broadcast praises
  • 45. Engagement Critical
  • 46. Remember WOM acknowledges
    Unsatisfied customers are
    equally as powerful
  • 47. Define influencers, Mass Connectors & Mass Mavens
  • 48. Identify four-step process to empower conference attendees
  • 49. Discuss peer influence & customer satisfaction
  • 50. Thank you for your time
  • 51. Resources
    Empowered by Josh Bernoff & Ted Schadler
    Edelman 8095 GlobalLiaison Network
    Forrester’s North American Tehnographics Empowerment Online Survey Q4 2009
    Images by Stéfan Le Dûunless noted
    Marketing General 2010 Membership Marketing Report
  • 52. jhurt@velvetchainsaw.com