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Resume Jeff Van Meter

  1. 1. Jeff VanMeter1630 Leyden St Denver ! Denver, CO 80220 ! (720) 284 4081 ! ! Skills✓ Landscape Construction Sales, Installation and Maintenance✓ Irrigation System Design and Installation✓ Product Development Design/Engineering✓ QA/QC/Field Engineering✓ Change Order Management✓ Budgeting & Cost Controls✓ Bidding/Estimating/Proposals and Contract Negotiation✓ Field and Office Management/Supervision✓ Team Selection and Leadership✓ Sales and Marketing Process Development✓ Consultative Selling✓ Technical Writing, Including Contract Documents and Project Specifications__________________________________________________________________Employment SummaryCUSTOM WINDOW COMPANY (Englewood, CO)◆ National Sales Manager, 9/11 to Present⁃ Trained, motivated and managed a national sales force of seven factory and four independentsales territory managers.⁃ Designed and implemented estimating and sales processes and improvements to increaseaverage quarterly sales from $2.5M to $4M.⁃ Increased closing ratio by 50% in less than one year⁃ Designed and implemented process to integrate CRM functionality with revenue forecasting◆ Project Engineering Manager, 1/11 to 9/11⁃ Assisted with the integration of the engineering department into the project managementdepartment.⁃ Trained engineering/drafting employees in the principles of project management and sales.⁃ Provided supervision for a total of seven employees in the performance of projectmanagement, engineering and customer service duties.⁃ Designed and implemented department process improvements including the implementation ofa companywide ERP system.◆ Senior Project Manager, 1/05 to 1/11⁃ Provided supervision for project management and customer service.⁃ Designed and implemented department processes and training.⁃ Managed multimillion dollar custom architectural aluminum window manufacturing projects.◆ Inside Sales and Estimating, 1/03 to 1/05⁃ Generated estimates, proposals and contract negotiation for custom architectural aluminumwindow manufacturing projects.⁃ Qualified leads and initiated inside sales follow up calls.ONE SOURCE NETWORK (Aurora, CO) — Sales and Installation Manager, 4/02 to 12/02▪ Sales and installation of nursery products, trees and plants material.▪ Estimated and installed landscaping projects and irrigation systems.▪ Supervision of up to five field laborers and inside sales employees.▪ Provided a liaison between homeowners and the nursery’s landscaping and warranty divisions.
  2. 2. Employment Summary (cont.)KEITH CLARKE ENTERPRISES (Englewood, CO) — Landscape Construction Supervisor andIrrigationManager 8/00 to 1/02▪ Marketed and supervised the installation and maintenance of high end residential landscaping projects.▪ Designed, marketed, installed and maintained irrigation and outdoor lighting systems.▪ Marketed and ran snow removal operations.__________________________________________________________________Accomplishment HighlightsArchitectural Aluminum Window Sales (2011 to Present) Project Values: $0.5M to $4.2M◆ Sales and Marketing Strategy⁃ Developed long and short range strategies, including a comprehensive use of CustomerRelationship Management (CRM) system with account management principles.⁃ Developed designs and budgets for the architect/engineer, contractor and installers.⁃ Coordinated inside and outside sales force to bring products to market consistent withcompany’s strategic sales plan.⁃ Served as the primary tactical “architect” and implementer of the sales and marketing strategyto support company goals.⁃ Provided the sales force with sufficient knowledge and expertise to effectively function asconsultative experts for sales prospects.⁃ Ensured that inquiries from potential customers for information about company capabilitieswere addressed and opportunities were tracked and followed up.⁃ Ensured that procedures were in place to maximize sales and bidding opportunities, includingcomprehensive leads generating and opportunity rating and evaluation systems.⁃ Worked with sales territory managers to develop opportunities in sales territories that enabledcompany to reach sales goals.⁃ Assisted in the development of overall marketing plan, marketing materials and media, andmonitored and reported on the effectiveness of marketing activities.◆ Reporting and Analysis⁃ Maintained an awareness of market trends and improvements, reported on the economicimpact of related financial, technical and political activities that could affect the company.⁃ Established and maintained sales monitoring tools to measure progress and ensure that salesactivities are being conducted efficiently.⁃ Analyzed market information for use in the development of recommendations concerningmarketing and pricing strategies.⁃ Monitored, evaluated and reported on the activities of competitors.⁃ Created a system for forecasting monthly sales and revenue.◆ Cross Departmental Support▪ Approved and assigned accounts to sales territory managers▪ Oversaw the bid/award process including estimating, bid proposals and final contractnegotiations.▪ Review of project scope, specifications, drawings and purchase agreements with estimators andproject managers to ensure successful and timely project turnover between sales, estimatingand operations departments.▪ Assisted project managers and estimators throughout the progress of a project, including thesetting of schedules, facilitating communication with and securing of information from, ownersand owners’ representatives, and the identification of and securing of change orders andapprovals.
  3. 3. Accomplishment Highlights (cont.)Product/Project Engineering (2011 to Present) ! Project Budgets: $.5M to $10M◆ Evaluated and made recommendations for new products, designs and services consistent with themarket trends and demand, and made recommendations as to the suitability and manufacturability ofsuch products..◆ Performed engineering calculations to ensure products were of sufficient design and performance tomeet specifications.◆ Managed drafters and product design operations to provide technical proposal drawings to developers,owners, architects, engineers, contractors and installers.◆ Evaluated contract documents and drawings, performed engineering analysis and calculations to makebuilding and product design recommendations to architects, engineers and contractors.◆ Designed products and wrote specifications and bid documents to meet the requirements of projects andprospective buyers in manner that limited competition and met the performance and product needs ofthe end user.Project Management (2000 to 2011) ! Project Budgets: $25K to $3M◆ Led all phases of custom projects from sales turnover to project closeout.◆ Managed a department of 3-5 project management and customer service employees in the setting ofproject budgets and schedules, generation of submittal packages, submittal review and approval,turnover to production, production management and project closeout.◆ Performed initial project review and assigned projects to project managers based on size, scope,complexity, workload and individual specialties.◆ Managed 3-5 drafting employees in providing drawings to contractors and to the production floor.◆ Reviewed submittal documents, drawings and materials to ensure compliance with product and projectspecifications.◆ Managed the generation and turnover of material take offs and bills of materials to purchasing,procurement and delivery of project materials to support production and installation operationsconsistent with company sales goals, project budgets and schedules.◆ Managed outside service providers and engineering and installer subcontractors to support projects.◆ Reviewed customer service and warranty service requests and assigned such requests to employees insupport of customer and company needs.◆ Managed field installation and maintenance crews for commercial and high end residential landscapingprojects.◆ Designed and installed commercial and residential irrigation systems.Completion of Eight Year Enlistment in the United States Marine Corps (1992 to 1999) ! Budgets:N/A◆ Completed 8 months of extensive and intense training including boot camp, marksmanship, basic andspecialized infantry, light armor and reconnaissance.◆ Approximately 5 years of active duty and 3 years of inactive reserve duty.◆ Received awards and nominations for awards and meritorious promotion for superior performanceincluding various service medals, meritorious citation and letter of commendation.◆ Learned and implemented basic leadership traits and principles, participating and leading Marines incounter drug trafficking and reconnaissance operations around the world.Personal◆ Volunteer youth and missions work with First Denver Friends Church.◆ Travelled to Kigali, Rwanda as a volunteer to build a church and school.◆ Volunteer work for youth camp, serving as head Wrangler and Trail Guide__________________________________________________________________
  4. 4. Education & CertificationsHIGH SCOOL DIPLOMA (Brighton, CO) — Emphasis on Vocational Education, 1991POST SECONDARY (Metropolitan State Denver, University of Northern Colorado, Central Texas College) —Emphasis on Engineering, 1998-2002• English Composition, Technical Writing and Public Speaking• Statistics• Physics 1-3• Chemistry 1-2• Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus 1-3, Differential Equations• Civil Engineering Technology, Statics/Vector Mechanics, 3D CAD Modeling• Psychology and Criminal JusticeAUTOCAD INVENTOR (Autodesk Certified, D3 Technologies) 2011PROJECT MANAGEMENT TRAINING (Various courses provided by employer) 2005-2006LEAN BASICS (Advanced Manufacturing Industry Training Program) 2009FIRST AID, FIRST RESPONDER, WATER SAFETY QUALIFICATION (Various) 1992-1995