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Raiser's Edge 7.92
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Raiser's Edge 7.92


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Slides from Blackbaud Forum at New York Law School on Feb 10, 2012 highlighting the new features coming in 7.92 this spring.

Slides from Blackbaud Forum at New York Law School on Feb 10, 2012 highlighting the new features coming in 7.92 this spring.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. THE RAISER’S EDGE 7.92 RELEASE PREVIEW Allison Van Diest 843-654-3262 @AVDiest Allison.vandiest@blackbaud.com02/13/2012 1
  • 2. NEW FEATURES You spoke, we listened! • Easier to use Queries • Query lists • Where’s my query used? • Events • Better record keeping improvements • Preventing duplicates • Import, search, constituent entry and duplicate report • Export Categories • Built-in Market Intelligence • Resource Center02/13/2012 2
  • 3. Q U E RY L I S T S02/13/2012 3
  • 5. QUERY LISTS: AVAILABLE FOR CONSTITUENT, INDIVIDUAL, ORGANIZATIONAL QUERIES21 1. Automatically suppresses duplicates, default columns 2. Ability to add or remove constituent/s from the query list 3. Query List can be used every where a query is currently being used in the system 02/13/2012 5
  • 6. QUERY LISTS 102/13/2012 6
  • 7. WHERE IS MY QUERY BEING USED? 102/13/2012 7
  • 8. E V E N T PA R T I C I PA N T S U P D AT E S02/13/2012 8
  • 10. D U P L I C AT E P R E V E N T I O N02/13/2012 10
  • 11. DUPLICATE PREVENTION ALGORITHM Incorporated an algorithm to prevent duplicates • Uses first name, last name, middle initial, suffix, address, phone number and email • Phone and Email have been added to Constituent Search • Used in constituent search, import and duplicate report • Prevent adding duplicate constituents individually and through import • Intelligently shows the best results • Shows the best results with the strongest matches at the top • Fuzzy search • Still returns results even if you misspell something on the record or in the search02/13/2012 11
  • 12. NEW CONSTITUENT SEARCH02/13/2012 12
  • 13. DUPLICATE CHECK ON ADD 1 202/13/2012 13
  • 14. IMPORT REPORT02/13/2012 14
  • 15. 102/13/2012 15
  • 16. DUPLICATE REPORT 1 202/13/2012 16
  • 17. EXPORT CATEGORIES 102/13/2012 17
  • 18. RESOURCE CENTER IN RE02/13/2012 18
  • 19. RE7.92 THE GIVING SCORE02/13/2012 19
  • 20. THE GIVING SCORE™ Helps you raise more money by: • Giving you the power to target and identify your best supporters • Saving you time and money by knowing who to invest in • Improving efficiency with managing your supporters in RE The Giving Score™ Applies Smart Analytics to your Database: • Segments your constituents into four unique groups • Focuses cultivation and solicitation efforts on who is likely and capable to give How we do it: • Target Analytics looked at hundreds of external demographic and financial characteristics and combined that data with historical giving information from your organization to build the score02/13/2012 20
  • 21. S C O R I N G Y O U R D ATA B A S E02/13/2012 21
  • 22. SCORING YOUR DATABASE 102/13/2012 22
  • 23. SCORING YOUR DATABASE02/13/2012 23
  • 24. SCORING YOUR DATABASE02/13/2012 24
  • 25. SCORING YOUR DATABASE02/13/2012 25
  • 26. SCORING YOUR DATABASE02/13/2012 26
  • 27. SCORING YOUR DATABASE 102/13/2012 27
  • 28. SCORING YOUR DATABASE 102/13/2012 28
  • 29. WHERE DO THE SCORES SHOW UP IN RE? 2 102/13/2012 29
  • 30. THE GIVING SCORE: THE FANS Who are they? • Fans tend to by loyal donors or FAN VIP may be high scoring non-donors Cultivate & Acquire & Upgrade • They have a high affinity for your Steward organization and are passionate about your mission • They are likely to give you a gift when asked and have the Acquaintance LongShot potential to be upgraded to Minimize & Monitor Qualify & Inspire higher ask amounts • Strong annual donors and many are potential prospects for CAPACITY TO GIVE planned gifts02/13/2012 30
  • 31. THE GIVING SCORE: FAN STRATEGY • The Goal • Retain and Upgrade to larger gifts VIP • The Strategy FAN Cultivate & • Retain their support through Acquire & Upgrade Steward personalized appeals and keep them on your list for potential upgrades • The Action • Ask for higher ask amounts over Acquaintance LongShot time Minimize & Monitor Qualify & Inspire • Focus on upgrade potential and moving to a high end annual donor and future mid-level or major CAPACITY TO GIVE donor02/13/2012 31
  • 32. THE GIVING SCORE: THE ACQUAINTANCES’ Who are they: FAN VIP • They are the most challenging Cultivate & people to acquire as donors Acquire & Upgrade Steward • They may be new to your organization and not had an opportunity to give or they may have no interest in your mission Acquaintance LongShot • They scored very low due to Minimize & Monitor Qualify & Inspire having no capacity or affinity to make a gift • Most likely non-donors CAPACITY TO GIVE02/13/2012 32
  • 33. THE GIVING SCORE: ACQUAINTANCE STRATEGY • The Goal • Reduce Costs and Staff Time • The Strategy FAN VIP • Minimize investment as the Cultivate & majority of these individuals do not Acquire & Upgrade Steward have interest or capacity to make a gift • Monitor if there is tie to the organization in some other way (i.e. young alumni) Acquaintance LongShot • The Action Minimize & Monitor Qualify & Inspire • Do not mail to this group of individuals • Use inexpensive tactics like email CAPACITY TO GIVE • Monitor those with ties to the organization to tailor your communication plan02/13/2012 33
  • 34. THE GIVING SCORE: THE LONG-SHOTS Who are they: FAN VIP • LongShots have high capacity to Cultivate & Acquire & Upgrade give but have little to no Steward relationship with your organization • They may be wealthy people who were manually added to your database or attended a special Acquaintance LongShot event Minimize & Monitor Qualify & Inspire • They need to be sold on your mission CAPACITY TO GIVE02/13/2012 34
  • 35. THE GIVING SCORE: LONG-SHOT STRATEGY • The Goal • Qualify potential VIPs FAN VIP Cultivate & • The Strategy Acquire & Upgrade Steward • Inspire them with mission driven stories about your organization’s impact on the community • The Action • Identify and qualify major gift Acquaintance LongShot potential and focus investment on Minimize & Monitor Qualify & Inspire long term cultivation. CAPACITY TO GIVE02/13/2012 35
  • 36. THE GIVING SCORE: THE VIP VIP Who are they: FAN Acquire & Upgrade Cultivate & • VIPs are proven, loyal donors or Steward may be a newly discovered prospect who has been flying under the radar • They have high affinity and high capacity to make a gift to your Acquaintance LongShot organization and they are waiting to Minimize & Monitor Qualify & Inspire be asked for a gift CAPACITY TO GIVE02/13/2012 36
  • 37. THE GIVING SCORE: VIP STRATEGY • The Goal • Encourage VIP’s to give a major gift FAN VIP • The Strategy Cultivate & • Cultivate them with high-touch, personal Acquire & Upgrade Steward communication • Your VIPs are the supporters who should receive your greatest attention • The Action LongShot • Understand previous history with your Acquaintance organization- refine the list using giving Minimize & Monitor Qualify & Inspire history • Contact immediately! • Identify hard assets and other indicators CAPACITY TO GIVE of wealth with WealthPoint for Raiser’s Edge • Use face-to-face meetings and solicitations from you or your board members02/13/2012 37
  • 38. W E A LT H P O I N T F O R T H E R A I S E R ’ S E D G E02/13/2012 38
  • 39. WEALTHPOINT DATA SOURCES02/13/2012 39
  • 40. WEALTHPOINT02/13/2012 40
  • 41. GIVING SCORE REPORT02/13/2012 41
  • 42. GIVING SCORE REPORT02/13/2012 42
  • 43. GIVING SCORE DASHBOARDS02/13/2012 43
  • 44. GIVING SCORE DASHBOARDS 1 2 302/13/2012 44
  • 45. G I V I N G S C O R E Q U E RY02/13/2012 45
  • 46. GIVING SCORE QUERY1 23 4 5 8 7 6 02/13/2012 46
  • 47. BEYOND 7.92… MOBILE FUNCTIONALITY02/13/2012 47
  • 48. MOBILE FUNCTIONALITY Data Portability - Optimized presentation of constituent information for smartphone - Up-to-date information for constituent profiles—no more printing static copies - Access recent gift data - No more lugging around binders or laptops - Add constituents as Favorites for offline access - Leverage native smartphone functions like click-to-call, mapping, email, text Ease of Update - Meet users where they are used to working - Add/edit notes and call reports on the road—right into the constituent record - Complete your assigned actions and add new actions Targeted Release Date: 1H1202/13/2012 48
  • 49. MOBILE FUNCTIONALITY Prototype products you will be seeing are under development and are subject to change prior to commercial release. Targeted Release Date: 1H1202/13/2012 49