Best Practices For Animal Welfare


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Session co-hosted by Ottawa Humane Society featuring practical examples of combining adoption data with fund raising data to enhance & personalize outbound communications and appeals.

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Best Practices For Animal Welfare

  1. 1. Blackbaud User Forum Series Best Practices for Animal Welfare: Communications Strategies for converting adopters to donors Harriet Farmer – Ottawa Humane Society Jeff Terry – Blackbaud National Accounts
  2. 2. User Forum Today’s Session: Co-presenter from the Ottawa Humane Society – Harriet Farmer Sharing a best practice that can be replicated at your shelter Combining shelter management data with development/marketing data to enrich communication & engagement Blackbaud User Forum | Page #2 © 2009 Blackbaud
  3. 3. User Forum Ground Rules: Your participation is required; we will call on you (questions, comments & your experience) Be aware of background noise if using a speaker phone Enjoy this time with your peers Stay tuned for other networking sessions for animal welfare organizations Blackbaud User Forum | Page #3 © 2009 Blackbaud
  4. 4. User Forum About OHS • We care for an average of 11,000 animals each year • Our Kennel Management Software is Chameleon by HLP • Our Blackbaud programs are: • The Raiser’s Edge with additional modules – Events, Volunteer, EFT, Prospect • NetCommunity • We have approximately 130,000 constituent records in Raiser’s Edge. • We import data from Chameleon to Raiser’s Edge for fundraising and donor stewardship. Blackbaud User Forum | Page #4 © 2009 Blackbaud
  5. 5. User Forum How We Do It – Three Repeatable Steps 1. Extract data from Chameleon using Crystal Reports. Crystal exports data to MS Excel format. 2. Columns and headers are added as per The Raiser’s Edge Import guidelines. The Excel file is then saved as a .csv file. 3. Import .csv file into The Raiser’s Edge Blackbaud User Forum | Page #5 © 2009 Blackbaud
  6. 6. User Forum What We Import o Constituent Attribute o Sample Attribute: “Adopted Cat Aug 10, 2007” o Formula within Crystal pulls together data from various Chameleon tables to be used as a Raiser’s Edge constituent attribute. o Data is pulled only for “happy endings”: o Adoptions o Stray animals brought in by members of the public where the animal is subsequently adopted o Animals that were surrendered by their owners, where we were able to place the animal in a new home o Email addresses o Adopters, Finders, Owner Surrenders with “happy endings” Blackbaud User Forum | Page #6 © 2009 Blackbaud
  7. 7. User Forum What We Do With It A more comprehensive picture of the donors’ relationship to OHS allows for smarter, targeted communications & prospecting. For Example, OHS’ Telemarketing Campaigns: o Now including the animal related information to the profiles we send to our telemarketing company o Callers reference the animal related information when making the ask o Most recent telemarketing campaign resulted in a donation rate of 3.9% (Industry standard benchmark is 1.5%.) o Most of these gifts were new Recurring Gift (monthly) donors. Blackbaud User Forum | Page #7 © 2009 Blackbaud
  8. 8. User Forum Contact Info Harriet Farmer Database Coordinator Ottawa Humane Society 101 Champagne Avenue South Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1S 4P3 613-725-3166 Ext. 257 OHS web site: Blackbaud User Forum | Page #8 © 2009 Blackbaud