Unicare Si Pacs Brief


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Unicare Si Pacs Brief

  1. 1. Sikraft Solutions in Healthcare Sikraft Solutions provides a full range of integrated software and business services required at modern-day hospitals and healthcare organizations. Sikraft’s health informatics solutions improve quality of care delivery while streamlining administrative costs of healthcare organizations. Unicare® SiPACS® Hospital Information System Picture Archival & Communication System A real-time, integrated hospital SiPACS® is Sikraft’s Picture Archival and Unicare® information system, the Unicare® Communication System (PACS) offering Product Brief platform consists of comprehensive suite for medical imaging in healthcare setting. Functional Modules of applications for hospitals, clinics and UniPACS® offers a wide range of cutting Technology diagnostic centres. edge features and unsurpassed ease of use. SiPACS® Unicare® At A Glance SiPACS® At A Glance Product Brief Functional Modules View any type of DICOM images Comprehensive Coverage: Offers you the Technology combined benefits of a Hospital Financial Compare the different series or studies of & Administrative System, a Clinical same or different patient Information System and a Decision Layered annotation Support System Multiple monitor support Compliance: Compliant with industry standards (e.g., ISO, ICD-10). Storage Open Interfaces: DICOM, ASTM, HL7 and Archiving LOINC standards Print images Extensible: Flexible, modular design Ensured security facilitating easy incorporation of new functionality Collaboration among multiple users Scalable: Meets the needs of hospitals of all sizes- from small, rural hospitals, to large healthcare enterprises
  2. 2. unicare® Powerful and Complete Clinical and Business Solution for the Harmonizing healthcare with business Hospital Enterprise Product Brief Unicare® is a workflow-enabled hospital automation solution designed to address the evolving clinical and business needs of hospitals. It encapsulates a rich and in-depth healthcare domain knowledge gained from teaming up of Sikraft with national & foreign hospitals, doctors, surgeons, nurses, pharmacists, pathologist, radiologist, accountants and managers. Its multi-tired, object-oriented architecture effectively automates and enhances the different phases of care delivery cycles. Functional Modules The integrated set of software subsystems and modules which comprises Unicare® are: Patient and Record Management Material Management Appointment Inventory Inpatient Purchase Emergency Electronic Heath Record Treatment and Care Management Human Resource Management Clinical Note Payroll Order/CPOE Roster Operating Room Attendance Procedure Nursing Support Services System Services Laboratory Security Radiology & Imaging Messaging Pharmacy Utility Blood Bank Dietary Biomedical Financial Management Information System Patient Billing Management Information General Ledger (GL) System (MIS) Cash Laboratory Information Accounts Payable System (LIS) Accounts Receivable Clinical Information System Fixed Asset (CIS) Budget
  3. 3. Technology Platform Unicare® is based on a modular and integrated 3-tier O-O/SOA Client-/Server as well as P2P architecture using state-of-the-art technologies for scalability and high performance, with the client developed in MS Visual C# .NET and the server in J2EE framework. • Architecture: 3-tier, OO/SOA, SOAP, XML , HTTP, TCP/IP • Clients: Modular, OO, thick with P2P capability, written in C#.NET, running under Windows XP operating system on PCs. • Middle Tier: Modular, OO, J2EE framework, running on Web Logic Server version 8.1 under Windows 2003 Server. • Database Server: Oracle Enterprise Server version 9i. • OS: Windows 2003/XP/2000.
  4. 4. SiPACS® The Cost-effective Pathway to Filmless Radiology Optimizing image quality and workflow Product Brief SiPACS® is a full-hospital PACS, supporting all the imaging activities in a hospital and integrating modalities, image storage and distribution, softcopy viewing for primary diagnosis and consultation, archiving, and external information systems. PACS is able to replace the traditional roles of conventional film-based radiology with an entirely film less electronic network in which the resultant digital images are viewed on workstation monitors.. Functional Capabilities The Si-PACS™ product suite comprises of two major applications – Si-PACS™ Diagnostic Viewer and Si- PACS™ Server. Together these two applications provide the following functionalities: Image Viewing/Processing Backup and restore Work list management Managing system security Reporting RIS/HIS Interface Creating CDs 3-D Volume Printing Collaboration Storage Technology Platform UniPACS® is based on a robust Client/Server architecture. The entire application has been developed with Microsoft Visual C++ for speed and reliability.