The worst passwords of 2012


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It’s getting difficult these days to be a technology user. You need passwords for everything, and you can’t use the same one for everything. Also, IT departments are increasingly enforcing policy around how often you must change passwords, and well as their composition.

One can feel the user’s pain, but still, there’s no excusing these selections from SplashData’s “Worst Passwords of 2012” list. Frankly, if one of these was your passwords, you’re the reason IT policies exist.

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The worst passwords of 2012

  1. 1. The worst passwords of 2012It’s getting difficult these days to be atechnology user. You need passwords foreverything, and you can’t use the sameone for everything. Also, IT departmentsare increasingly enforcing policy aroundhow often you must change passwords,and well as their composition.One can feel the user’s pain, but still,there’s no excusing these selections fromSplashData’s “Worst Passwords of 2012”list. Frankly, if one of these was yourpasswords, you’re the reason IT policiesexist. Image courtesy of digitalartat By Jeff Jedras
  2. 2. #17: welcome (new)The top newcomer to this year’s worstpasswords list is, appropriately enough,welcome.So first of, welcome to the list, welcome. Andsecond, you’re a horrible password.You may as well just be saying “welcome tomy computer and its confidential data, evildoers.”To look at it more positively, while we may bea less welcoming society in general thesedays, apparently that trend doesn’t apply to Image courtesy of John Kasawa FreeDigitalPhotos.netour computers.
  3. 3. #14: sunshine (up 1) It’s comforting on one level to know that there are happy, cheerful people out there that put bright and positive words such as sunshine as their passwords. But while sunshine may be the best disinfectant (other than bleach), it’s not the best password for your confidential accounts. For those, a little less sunshine and a little more security is probably in order.Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono
  4. 4. #12: trustno1 (down 3)First of all, kudos for the X-Filesreference (if it’s a reference to DaveNavarro’s solo album, kudos withdrawn).And trusting no one is the right attitudeto have when it comes to picking yourpassword and IT security.Perhaps you’re still trusting too manypeople though, as trustno1 finishingfairly high up the worst passwords list.Heed your own advice, and pick astronger password.
  5. 5. #11: iloveyou (up 2)While it is nice to see that the love isgrowing, with iloveyou moving two spots upthe worst passwords list this year, thepeople that really love it are the passwordcrackers and hackers.When it comes to IT security, there’s noplace for love. Not unless you throw inrandom capitalization and a random symbolor two.That would be a password an IT managercould love. Image courtesy of Stuart Miles
  6. 6. #7: letmein (up 1)This is the default password for many ITshops.When policy isn’t enforced though, manyusers never change it from the default,which is why it’s so high up on the worstpasswords list and is up one spot over lastyear.At least it’s truth in advertising though: withletmein as your password, you are profferingan open invitation for your account to behacked. Image courtesy of graur codrin
  7. 7. #1: password (unchanged)Honestly, if you put password as yourpassword you should just do yourself a favourand wire your life savings to Nigeria now.Perhaps you thought you were being clever.Maybe your theory was that password is aneasy password to remember, and no onewould think people would be foolish enoughto make password their password, so you’llbe safe.Well, you’re crazy. And you have the worstpassword of 2012. Image courtesy of Stuart Miles FreeDigitalPhotos.netAnd probably the worst of every other yeartoo.