Six weird iPhone apps


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Having recently spent a few days in Canada’s North with no cellular service, I can attest how necessary a smartphone had become for many. These seven weird iPhone apps, however, are completely unnecessary. Not to mention at least a little (or a lot) weird.

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Six weird iPhone apps

  1. 1. Six weird iPhone appsHaving recently spent a few days inCanada’s North with no cellular service, Ican attest how necessary a smartphonehad become for many Canadians in ourday to day lives.These six weird iPhone apps, however,are completely unnecessary.Not to mention at least a little (or a lot)weird. By Jeff Jedras Image courtesy of stockimages/
  2. 2. Bowel Mover Pro$2.99Still tracking your bodily intake andouttake with pen and paper like achump? Come into the 21st centurywith Bowel Mover Pro.For just $2.99, monitor what youeat, tack when you visit therestroom, and learn what diet reallygets your bowel moving. You caneven share the results.Just not with me, please.
  3. 3. Hold On! 99 centsHow long can you hold down a buttonon your phone? No, not tap itrepeatedly – that’s what I do when myBlackBerry freezes.For 99 cents this app times – down tothe millisecond – how long you canhold a button. You can even competewith your friends over Bluetooth.Or you could maybe do something funinstead.
  4. 4. PocketHeat99 centsThis app was originally marketed as away to warm your hands during thewinter month by making your iPhoneoverheat by over-clocking the CPU andaccelerometer.For some reason, people pointed outthat wasn’t a super idea. Now, for 99cents it only simulates a heater – no heatis given off.Luckily, I still have a BlackBerry to warmmy hands.
  5. 5. iHome+Sleep FreeSure, your phone may already have analarm clock. But can it “enhance yoursleep lifestyle” with sleep statistics andan editable sleep log?Yeah, I didn’t think so.Hey, it’s free. Just take it easy on thesnooze button.
  6. 6. Melon Meter$1.99I’ve long since given up on fresh fruit –sorry, Mom. But if you want helpwatermelon shopping, there’s alwaysthe Melon Meter.Turn on the $1.99 app and hold it nextto the melon as you give the fruit a tap.Based on the sounds, you’ll be toldwhether it’s ready to eat or not.After all, melons don’t grow on trees.Do they?
  7. 7. iFrenchKiss FreeGiven how much some people lovetheir iPhones, making out with thephone may not be that big a step.But with the free iFrenchKiss app,when you give the phone a kiss it willgive you tops on technique.The developers warn you not toslobber all over your phone though –that’s just bad technique all around.