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Six unfortunate tech product names
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Six unfortunate tech product names


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Before a new product comes to market, countless hours and sometimes millions of dollars are spent creating a marketing plan. And among the most important parts of that process? Picking a name. …

Before a new product comes to market, countless hours and sometimes millions of dollars are spent creating a marketing plan. And among the most important parts of that process? Picking a name.

It should be simple. Descriptive. Catchy. Memorable. Unique. A good technology product name should be many things. Sometimes the vendors get it right.

And sometimes, well, sometimes we get the unfortunate product names in this slideshow.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Six unfortunate tech product namesBefore a new product comes to market,countless hours and sometimes millionsof dollars are spent creating a marketingplan. And among the most importantparts of that process? Picking a name.It should be simple. Descriptive. Catchy.Memorable. Unique. A good technologyproduct name should be many things.Sometimes the vendors get it right.And sometimes, well, sometimes we getthe unfortunate product names in thisslideshow. Image courtesy of imagerymajestic at By Jeff Jedras
  • 2. CiusCisco SystemsAs an enterprise networking vendor, Ciscotends to be rather conservative with itsproduct name choices.Cisco Unified Operations Manager may not besexy, but you know what it does. Well, younetwork engineers do anyway, and that’swhat’s important.They tried to break out of that box with theCisco Cius, their now discontinued Android-based collaboration tablet. It has video calling– see us – get it? Yeah, of course you do.You don’t see it anymore though.
  • 3. iYiYi Stereo System Tivoli Audio Isee that every iCompany feels the need to iMimic Apple and put iBefore their product names. It’s annoying, sure. But at least many of them are iPod or iPad-related accessories, allowing the consumer to more easily identify supported peripherals. (Well, at least until Applechanges the ports again).But this stereo with iPod docking station from Tivoli Audio takes it to iFar. TheiYiYi, really? Does it only play salsa music?iYiYi really don’t like this product name.
  • 4. iBeat BlaxxTrekStorWhile some things may get lost in translation,when the marketing folks over at German vendorTrekStor were expanding their iBeat line of MP3players, and they decided to introduce a blackmodel, you’d think someone would have put thetwo together in English and said hey, perhaps weshould modify our naming regime, as maybe “iBeatBlaxx” isn’t the best name for our product.Once someone pointed it out to them, they didquickly rename it the TrekStor Blaxx and apologize.They now focus on non-racist e-book readers.
  • 5. iaPeel printable skins iaPeelThe last in our trio of iAnnoying products, theiaPeel is actually a pretty cool product. Basically, itallows you to design and create your own customskin for your smartphone, tablet, laptop or othermobile device using your inkjet printer.That name, though. Really punny, guys.Yes, it goes on your iPhone. Yes, it peels off yourdevice easily. And yes, it offers eye appeal for yourmobile device.Yes, you could go there if you wanted to. But didyou really need to?
  • 6. Eee PCAsusAsus makes some pretty cool products. And,on the plus side, it’s not called the iPC, andiThank them for that. But the Eee PC isn’t toomuch better.I have to wonder, why three Es? Why not theEeee PC? I mean, in for a penny, in for apound, right? Or why not just two, the EePC?OK, now that I see Ee PC written out, I seethat’s just crazy. Eee is clearly just the rightnumber of Es, as I’m sure extensive marketresearch confirmed.Well done, Asus.
  • 7. The GIMP The open-source communityJust to show it’s not just big vendors that canchoose unfortunate or annoying product names,we close with one from the open-source softwarecommunity: The GIMP.As you can guess by the caps, this is an acronym.The name of this free, open-source photo editingsoftware stands for GNU Image ManipulationProgram.Perhaps they’re just preparing for the day whencomputers respond to voice command, and theycan launch the program by saying “Bring in TheGIMP!” Sadly, if it doesn’t happen soon no one willget the Pulp Fiction reference.