Silicon Valley goes to the movies


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While Hollywood hasn’t taken too much interest over the years in what I’m sure we all agree is the thrilling and exciting world of information technology, there have been a few movies that have found drama and excitement in the world of IT.

Whether based on true stories, or simply inspired by them, here are five technology industry movies that belong in your digital media collection.

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Silicon Valley goes to the movies

  1. 1. Silicon Valley goes to the moviesWhile Hollywood hasn’t taken too muchinterest over the years in what I’m sure weall agree is the thrilling and exciting worldof information technology, there havebeen a few movies that have found dramaand excitement in the world of IT.Whether based on true stories, or simplyinspired by them, here are five technologyindustry movies that belong in your digitalmedia collection. By Jeff JedrasImage courtesy of Idea go at
  2. 2. Pirates of Silicon ValleyBefore the Pirates of the Caribbean, wehad Pirates of Silicon Valley.No Johnny Depp, but in 1999 ER’s NoahWylie was nearly as popular. He playedApple founder Steve Jobs, and the moviedramatized the rivalry between Apple andMicrosoft to launch, and win, the PCrevolution.Actors also play Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer,Steve Wozniak and other tech luminaries.Watch for lots of bad hair, bad behaviour,and a few early tech stories you may nothave known.
  3. 3. We Live in PublicThis 2009 Sundance Film Festival-winningdocumentary explores the loss of privacy inthe Internet age by profiling JoshHarris, who the film calls “the greatestInternet pioneer you’ve never heard of.”Harris became a dot-com millionaire in the1990s and founded, anInternet television network.Through a series of experiments, heexplores how the willing loss of privacy inthe future will impact our lives.
  4. 4. Startup.comA documentary delving into the dot-comphenomenon from the high of the bubbleto the low of the burst, followse-commerce web site govWorks, along withits founders Kaleil Isaza Tuzman and TomHerman, from 1999 to 2000 as the bubblecame to an end.It explores the personal conflicts, thefinancing pressures, growing pains, andother challenges faced by many startups.The heady days of the dot-com bubbleseem so long ago, but its lessons will stillring true for today’s entrepreneurs.
  5. 5. The Social Network If you don’t know the others, you know this one. Based on Ben Mezrichs book The Accidental Billionaires, The Social Network dramatizes the founding of Facebook, tracing Mark Zuckerberg’s rise from Harvard undergrad to tech visionary, and the trail of lawsuits he left in his wake. With Aaron Sorkin writing the screenplay the dialogue was whip-smart, but the real Zuckerberg took issue with some alleged inaccuracies and creative liberties.
  6. 6. Iron ManBillionaire industrialist, major technologydeveloper, loves fast cars and cooltoys, has a bit of an attitude … wait, whatdo you mean Iron Man isn’t a biopic ofOracle CEO Larry Ellison?Well, O.K., at least, not officially…