Five innovative laptop concept designs


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Some say the PC is dying and the laptop is a thing of the past, as smartphones and tablets rapidly become our digital windows to the world.

Meanwhile, others are busy designing the laptop of the future, leveraging the latest advances flexible displays and industrial design.

Here’s a look at five concepts that offer a glimpse of what could be tomorrow’s laptop.

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Five innovative laptop concept designs

  1. 1. Five innovative laptop concept designsSome say the PC is dying and thelaptop is a thing of the past, assmartphones and tablets rapidlybecome our digital windows to theworld.Meanwhile, others are busy designingthe laptop of the future, leveraging thelatest advances in flexible displays andindustrial design.Here’s a look at five concepts that offera glimpse of what tomorrow’s laptop Image courtesy of basketman at FreeDigitalPhotos.netcould look like. By Jeff Jedras
  2. 2. The smartphone will be assimilatedOLO Computer has teased themarket with an interesting concept:a netbook that appears to haveswallowed an iPhone.In fact, the iPhone is inserted intothe netbook chassis and functionsas the trackpad.It’s unclear if the smartphonewould also power the device, but ifthe smartphone can be assimilated,perhaps resistance isn’t futile afterall.
  3. 3. The FlexbookA project designed by Taiwanesedesigner Hao-Chun Huang for aFujitsu design contest, the Flexbookfolds in on itself for portability, andalso promises to be waterproof.It would have an 11” OLED screenand could function as a netbook, oras a tablet or e-reader when thekeyboard is tucked away.Colour customizable rubber screenswould be another distinctivefeature.
  4. 4. iWeb 2.0From designer Yang Yongchang, theiWeb 2.0 is another foldable laptopdesign that uses flexible materials tocorrect one problem that often arisesas devices get smaller: tiny keyboards.This design boasts a full-sized foldablekeyboard that tucks away when notneeded. It would also boast a 6.5”touchscreen.The screen is a little small but, if youmiss the keyboard, this may be theanswer.
  5. 5. Bento BookDesigned by René Woo-Ram Lee, the BentoBook isn’t so much a laptop, as it is a dockingstation for your laptop and smartphone.The concept features a 15” OLED screen andsolar-rechargeable batteries, but no keyboardor trackpad. That’s where your devices comein. You would insert your 11” tablet tofunction as they keyboard, and yoursmartphone as the trackpad.Not sure it would all come together well, butits an interesting concept.
  6. 6. CompenionConceived by designer FelixSchmidberger as his answer towhat the laptop will look like in2015, the Compenion boasts asleek minimalist design.Not only is the display OLED butthe keyboard is too, whichmeans it could easily be adjustedfor size, layout and language.A number of docking stations fordifferent uses would beavailable, including one with abuilt-in projector for watchingmovies.