Five festive Christmas infographics


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Our Halloween roundup of spooky IT-related infographics so, as it 'tis the season, we're back for the the Christmas season.

This time though, the infographics are festive, rather than spooky.

Or are they? From statistics on holiday shopping to Santa's carbon footprint to, gulp, Mommy Googling Santa, there is a somewhat spooky note to some of these Christmas infographics.

Perhaps the spookiest thought of all? Just 10 shopping days remaining...

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Five festive Christmas infographics

  1. 1. Five festive Christmas infographicsOur Halloween roundup of spooky IT-relatedinfographics was a success so, as it tis theseason, were back for Christmas. This timethough, the infographics are festive, ratherthan spooky.Or are they? From wallet-busting statistics onholiday shopping and Santas carbon footprintto, gulp, Mommy Googling Santa, there is asomewhat spooky note to some of theseChristmas infographics.Perhaps the spookiest thought of all? Just 10shopping days remaining... Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at By Jeff Jedras
  2. 2. Holiday eCommerce trendsShoppers are buying online, theyre buying early, and theyre buying big, according tothis eCommerce infographic.Nearly a third of shoppers will begin buying before October, and over half will havemost of their shopping in November.And the rest are men.
  3. 3. The Commerce of Christmas Worldwide, we spend $2.6 billion on wrapping paper. Just think about that for a moment. Over two billion dollars. On something we immediately rip off and discard. Heres a few more sobering statistics: $26.52 per person will be spent on cards, and $96.75 per person on candy. OK, I kinda like that last one. To bring it back to technology, 46.7 per cent of shoppers will shop online this year and theyll spend an average of 22 per cent more than retail shoppers. So keep an eye on that credit card.
  4. 4. Shopping OnlineThis infographic is from Australia, whereChristmas is in the summer andkangaroos are hopping down the streetsbut the toilets dont flush the wrong way(sorry Simpsons).Otherwise, Christmas seems pretty muchthe same down under.Aussies will spend $10.11B on food and$2.8B on electronics, so clearly theirpriorities are in order. Or maybe not;only $1.3B on liquor?Must be the temperature.
  5. 5. What is Santas Carbon Footprint?Remember that $2.6 billion spent onwrapping paper? Heres where the billcomes due, with this infographic on Santascarbon footprint. Warning: it isntpretty, my friends.When you travel 122 million miles in a nightthats a lot of emissions, even whentravelling on reindeer power (lots ofmethane). The milk and cookies alone areover 8,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide.And the lumps of coal for the naughty kids?All carbon.Hopefully Santa asked himself for carbonoffsets.
  6. 6. I Saw Mommy Googling Santa ClausAccording to this naughty infographic a newmeme is set to take the nation by storm:showrooming.Its the practice of going into a retail location tohave a look at an item, and then going online tofind the best price and buying it online instead.Retailers must love it, with 56 per cent ofconsumers expected to participate this year.Nearly 11 per cent will shop on their mobiledevice, with the iPhone and iPad proving themost popular