Baby names with a tech twist


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Have a serious love of technology, and what to share that love with the world through the naming of your child? We’ve got five actual names that tech-loving parents have chosen for their offspring, and a few more subtle suggestions.
But remember, technology changes fast. Make sure baby Phonograph will stand the test of time…

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Baby names with a tech twist

  1. 1. Baby names with a tech twistHave a serious love of technology, andwhat to share that love with the worldthrough the naming of your child?We’ve got five actual names that tech-loving parents have chosen for theiroffspring, and a few more subtlesuggestions.But remember, technology changesfast. Make sure baby Phonograph willstand the test of time… Image courtesy of photostock at By Jeff Jedras
  2. 2. AppleIn 2004, actress Gwyneth Paltrow andColdplay frontman Chris Martinnamed their daughter Apple.Now, it’s possible she was named forthe fruit, and not the technologycompany and her favourite MP3player.But when they later had a son, he was Image courtesy of m_bartosch at FreeDigitalPhotos.netnamed Moses, which does seem likean obvious Steve Jobs reference, no?
  3. 3. FacebookThe protests last January inEgypt, centred in Tahrir Square, thatled to the downfall of president HosniMubarak have been dubbed the socialmedia revolution. Social networkswere used to organize protests, shareinformation and videos, and thwartgovernment censorship.Twitter played a role, but an Egyptianman, Jamal Ibrahim, decided to namehis daughter Facebook to honour itsrole. Hopefully she’ll have lots of likes.
  4. 4. LikeSpeaking of likes, Israeli couple Lior and Vardit Adler choose a name fortheir daughter that was less on the nose, but still Facebook inspired: theynamed her Like.Papa told an Israeli newspaper they wanted something unique, and theysee Like as the modern equivalent of Love.Now where’s that dislike button, Zuckerberg?
  5. 5. HashtagWe can’t let Facebook have all the baby-name fun. The Daily Dot reports Twitter hasmade its first foray into the namegame, with one tweet-happy couplechoosing to name their daughter Hashtag.In an amusing note though, they apparentlyposted the news on Facebook instead oftweeting it. To quote the late JackLayton, that’s a hashtag fail.And so is that name.
  6. 6. HalHal has actually been a common name forsome time, and is often used as a short-form for Henry or Harry.So it’s possible actor Hank Azaria (alsoknown as the voice of many popularSimpsons characters) wasn’t naming hisson for the HAL 9000 super computer from2001: A Space Odyssey. We’d like to thinkhe did though.Let’s wait and see if he names is next sonDave.
  7. 7. More subtle choicesIf you want to show your love of technologythrough your child’s name but don’t want to setthem up for a lifetime of ridicule you may wantto go with a more subtle tech-inspired name.You could name your daughter Perl, for theprogramming language. After all, Pearl wasonce a common (if old-fashioned) name choice.Show your love of Linux by naming your childLinus, for Linus Torvalds (or, if anyone asks, theCharlie Brown character). Image courtesy of sixninepixelsat FreeDigitalPhotos.netPascal is another option. Just drop the Turbo.