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A Telecom Consulting Approach that Leads with Engineering with and Eye and Ear for Cost Savings!

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  • We’re committed to the best platform and innovator in the industry when it comes to collaboration, data center and network infrastructure.
  • Telecom Consulting

    1. 1. Presidio Telecom Solutions Consulting and Advisory Services Jeff Hagadone Telecom Consultant 678-848-5285 Ingenuity Associates November 20, 2013 Practical thinking for a connected world
    2. 2. PRESIDIO TELECOM SOLUTIONS Consulting & Advisory Services • • • We take a consultative approach to assist in solution design, contract analysis, procurement, implementation coordination & optimization across all telecom-related services Provide ROI modeling against current and future projects to validate financial feasibility Ongoing Telecom-Management for clients as an operational partner Leverage • • • Presidio negotiates & sources nearly $100M annually in telecom contracts Presidio provides our own in-house engineering expertise to maintain neutrality for your project Benchmark carrier offers ensure best rates, contract terms & SLAs
    3. 3. Process Analysis Negotiation Implementation Managing Partner Phase-1 launches with a complete inventory and spend analysis for your project and delivery of a practical and comprehensive options report for your team to consider. Technical design review is also conducted in order to future-proof proposed solutions against company goals. Phase-2 consists of contract negotiations and sourcing as PTS helps clients retain maximum contractual flexibility so you are not put in an unbalanced position with the chosen vendor(s). We examine dozens of contractual points to increase leverage and ensure fair terms and conditions as well as accountability for carrier performance and SLAs. Phase-3 focuses on implementation support for new or changed services. Presidio Telecom Solutions provides inhouse support to closely manage the chosen service provider(s) delivery of contracted services in the timeframe promised, meeting technical and financial goals. Phase-4 continues PTS' value, now as a managing partner for ongoing support of telecom services procured throughout the lifetime of the contract. In providing and maintaining carrier escalation lists and leveraging relationships and contacts as an industry leader, Presidio Telecom Solutions will actively help you manage your telecom services.
    4. 4. Carrier Solutions Plus… Access One Broad Sky Networks Broadview Cbeyond Charter Comcast Colo Atlanta Earthlink GSG GTT Integra iCore Intelisys Mobility Infinite Conferencing Internap McGraw NetWolves NBS Voice New Edge Optimum Lightpath Windstream Premiere Global RapidScale SAVVIS Sprint TelePacific Time Warner Cable TNCI more…
    6. 6. Case Study - Banking A Southeastern regional bank with 30 branch offices had delayed upgrading their severely outdated infrastructure for four consecutive years. This hesitation was due to issues tied to unorganized telecom services, not understanding what they had nor the impact what the upgrades would have on their network, operations and spend. Our team was brought in to conduct a telecom analysis in order to help clean up the inventory and ideally create a $1.4M ROI in order to help cost justify a complete infrastructure overhaul in order to leverage Cisco UC. During the analysis we discovered that the regional bank had accumulated over 80 individual telecom accounts with 9 different carriers, their current telecom network included legacy services such as Centrex lines, handset maintenance, voice tie lines, and other services decades old with an estimated monthly spend over $81,000 / month. Once the baseline inventory was identified, Cisco and Presidio Telecom Consulting worked together to identify hardware and network requirements in order to replace the outdated infrastructure, upgrade to Call Manager, leverage SIP between sites, rebuild a WAN that included QOS, and prepared for true Disaster Recovery. The new network was a combination of MPLS for WAN, centralized voice for ingress/egress, analog line aggregation, and managed services. When the cost savings model was presented and included close to 60% monthly saving which triggered the project to move forward. Here is the project summary by the numbers: Original Telecom Spend MRC’s Data Service (WAN) Voice services Total Estimate Spend $ 28,480 $ 52,743 $81,223 Monthly Savings Annualized Savings Savings over life of contract (36 months) % of Savings ROI NEW Telecom Spend MRC’s Data Service (WAN) Voice services Total Estimate Spend $ 46,094 $ 553,133 $1,659,401 57% 30 months $ 24,059 $ 11,069 $ 35,128
    7. 7. Case Study - Manufacturing An International manufacturing company needed a new data storage and infrastructure environment. Upon considering their options the company agreed to purchase and stage a entirely new environment in a Southeastern regional colocation center, however budget constraints forced them to put off the purchase until the following fiscal year. Our team was engaged in order to analyze telecom spend in hopes to find (save) money on monthly telecom spend and use it to offset the expense of the new project spend ($350k) thus accelerating the time frame to purchase and implement the new infrastructure. During the discovery phase of the telecom analysis, it was found that the current IP Voice provider had frequent outages which added motivation to switch telecom providers. After completing the vendor analysis and evaluating multiple carrier options for telecom (voice & data), colocation replacement, CDN (Content Delivery Networks) services, we helped capture a 39% savings that funded the new infrastructure. The overall cost saving model generated the following results: (1)Cost savings (2)improved stability (3)Upgraded CDN services (4)Financial justification Here is the project summary by the numbers: Original Telecom Spend MRC’s Voice / Data Service Colocation CDN services Total Estimate Spend $ 3,500 $ 7,500 $ 15,000 $ 26,000 Monthly Savings Annualized Savings Savings over life of contract (36 months) % of Savings ROI NEW Telecom Spend MRC’s Voice / Data Service Colocation CDN services Total Estimate Spend $ 10,100 $ 121,200 $ 363,600 39% 36 months $ 4,400 $ 1,500 $ 10,000 $ 15,900
    9. 9. Practical Thinking for a Connected World Jim Sheldon Director - Sales 904-607-0424 Jeff Hagadone Sr. Telecom Consultant Ph. (678) 291-1926 Nick Wesol Sr. Telecom Engineer 703-885-7807 THANK YOU