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Cost Per Click network to drive volume traffic cost effectively

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Rewards Central Ad Clicks

  1. 1. About Us • Largest Australian permission database • 1.3 million registered members • Over 500,000 active members • Over $7million spent on advertising • 10 years online experience Database Features • Drive high-frequency traffic • Auction-based Cost per Click platform • Low cost: from 2¢ to 10¢ per click • No setup cost • Maximum program control • Fast ad deployment – within minutes • Guaranteed 10 second landing time Driving high-frequency AdClicks Traffic Packages traffic to your website Choose a package that suits your needs and price range. Drive thousands of eyeballs to your website almost • Gold: 9,500 clicks per day instantly. You only pay per click, from as little as 2 cents • Silver: 1,500 clicks per day to a maximum of 10 cents. Unbelievable value! • Bronze: 200 clicks per day RewardsCentral receives over 20 million page impressions on average per month. Your text-ad is displayed to over 50,000 unique RewardsCentral members everyday. Ads are categorised which means you receive qualified clicks based on the consumers’ interest. Easy 3 Step Process Sign Up 1 at Your ads are displayed on a high-traffic Pay only when people click on your ads. You have full control over the Cost per Australian website. Click and budget Your ad here Advertise your business online. Category News Only pay when people click. Cost per click $ 0.02 Create 2 Daily budget $ 10 your text-based ad. Save Submit 3 for approval and go live! Contact Us - Phone: +61 2 9409 8600
  2. 2. AdClicks Categories Art Benefits • High-frequency daily traffic Auctions (up to 9,500 clicks per day) Automotive • You set the Cost per Click • You set the daily budget Business & Trade • Gold, Silver or Bronze Children & Babies listings available • Auction-based Cost per Clothing & Accessories Click platform with no Computers setup fee Dating Department Stores Discount AdClicks Traffic Packages Electronics Your ad will feature in a different location (Bonus, Featured or Categorised sections), depending on which package you select. They each allow Environment you to customise your daily traffic and budget. Fitness Flowers • Gold Your ad is placed under the ‘Bonus’ section of RewardsCentral’s Food, Beverage & Alcohol Web Clicks page.You can also place multiple ads, as long as each URL is different. Games Gifts • Silver Your ad is placed under the ‘Featured’ section of RewardsCentral’s Health Web Clicks page. Home & Garden • Bronze Your ad is placed under your chosen AdClicks Category. Insurance Internet Products & Services Job Search Price Packages Traffic (per click) Make-up Movies Gold Approximately 9,500 daily 2¢ clicks per ad. (Minimum News budget $400 per day) Outdoors Perfume Silver Approximately 1,500 daily 5¢ clicks per ad at an estimated Reading cost of $75 per day. Restaurants Shopping Bronze Approximately 200 daily clicks 2 ¢ - 10 ¢ per ad at an estimated cost of (Auction based Skin Care $4 per day. Cost per Click platform) Sports Superannuation Telecommunications Contact Us - Phone: +61 2 9409 8600 Part of the PermissionCorp™ Group of Companies