Industry edge communications edition spring 2013


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HP helps the world’s communications service providers (CSPs) transform the
way they do business—to grow in a fast-changing market. CSPs must meet
the huge demand for new services and streamline internal operations. HP
is unmatched in its ability to help CSPs drive transformation with more than
30 years of telecom experience, global IT leadership, and a broad telecom specific
portfolio coupled with leadership in telecom services including
consulting, outsourcing, and managed services.

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Industry edge communications edition spring 2013

  1. 1. Communications Edition 1.HP • Issue 014 • Spring 2013IndustryEdgeCommunications EditionSpecial IIR Telco Cloud Summit IssueFeature storiesEnabling CSPs to becomecloud service brokersAs cloud expands,so do the dangersWhen launching cloudservices, the market comesbefore the technology
  2. 2. Monetizing the cloudWelcome to IIR’s Telco Cloud Read on to learn more about how HP can help service providers build and launchSummit World Forum. new cloud services quickly, with lowerCommunications service risk and higher cost-effectiveness. The HP Converged Cloud solution provides simpleproviders (CSPs) are ideally tools and portals for adding, defining, andplaced to sell bundles of bundling new service offers and packages,cloud services including cloud which can then be presented to the endcomputing (storage and virtual customer or distributor via a simple portalmachines), platforms, and all view tuned to their needs.kinds of Software as a Service. HP is a Gold Sponsor of the IIR Telco Cloud Summit. That’s just part of our globalThis spells both a challenge and an commitment to working with CSPs toopportunity for CSPs. In this issue of Industry drive cloud forward. Visit us in Booth 1,Edge, we’ve assembled fresh thinking and Westbourne Suite 1, to learn more aboutideas about the cloud opportunity, including: HP Converged Cloud solutions or attend• Top ten non-technology essentials to consider our expert panel discussion: “Getting the when launching public cloud services customers and getting it right.”• How targeting the customers who can deliver David Sliter higher margins over the long term is key to a Vice President and General Manager Communications, Media, and Entertainment successful launch of cloud services HP Enterprise Services• Machine-to-machine (M2M) communications in the cloud• How to manage security as the cloud expands
  3. 3. In this issue4 Enabling communication service providers 14 Turkcell offers customized cloud service to become cloud service brokers bundles for enterprise customers8 When launching cloud services, the 16 M2M delivers a profitable new revenue stream market comes before the technology 20 As cloud expands, so do the dangers12 Ten non-technology essentials when 24 Cloud and mobility: keys launching public cloud services to a better retail experience
  4. 4. Communications Edition 5.Enablingcommunicationservice providersto become cloudservice brokersThe communications industry HP believes CSPs can benefit from the cloud in this changed ecosystem:ecosystem has fundamentallychanged; legacy business models • To choose hybrid delivery and hosting options that best meet their requirementsand their associated revenuestreams have either transitioned • To become a cloud service broker andto new entrants or been replaced monetize their network assetsby modern IP-based applicationsand services. The communication Converged cloudservice provider (CSP) is no longerthe owner of the ecosystem. And in enables a choicea more wide-open and competitive of hosting andenvironment, CSPs need to evolveand create new services that can business models Through the HP Converged Cloud solution, CSPshelp them expand into new markets. can choose the hybrid delivery and hosting
  5. 5. 6. Communications Editionoption that best meets their unique needs and As a key component of HP converged cloud, HPopportunities. A CSP may: CSE gives CSPs the benefits of:• Buy HP hardware and software to run • Faster time-to-value—with accelerated from their data center, which they deployment of cloud services made possible operate themselves. with mature preintegrated solutions.• Buy HP hardware and software to • New revenue streams—from the creation install in their data center, which HP of a differentiated portfolio of Infrastructure can operate for them. as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) offered via a marketplace portal.• Buy and have HP host and operate the solution they select in an HP data center. • Lower total cost of ownership—by the ability to launch new services with limitedNo matter which hosting model a CSP chooses, investment as well as mitigate the risk ofthey also have the option of reselling IT and new market entry with a consulting programcloud services to their enterprise customers. dedicated to the public Cloud as a ServiceTogether with these delivery options, HP Cloud business model. A choice of multiple deliveryService Enablement Solutions (CSE) enable CSPs and go-to-market models helps optimize build, operate, and monetize their public cloudinfrastructure and become cloud service brokers. Read how we have worked with Turkcell to achieve these benefits on page 14.
  6. 6. Communications Edition 7.Why is HP unique?Converged cloud solutions from HP are uniquein the choice, confidence, and consistency theyprovide to CSPs and enterprise customers.ChoiceHP cloud delivery models cross private, managed,public, and traditional IT to provide a continuumof service-level agreement (SLA) choices.Platforms are built with open, heterogeneousarchitectures to accommodate multiple operatingsystems, hypervisors, developer frameworks,and multivendor infrastructures. We have awide range of partners to work with and choosefrom, including strategic alliances, value-addedresellers, system integrators, and outsourcers.ConfidenceHP can manage and secure data andapplications across delivery models as well as mission in the communications industry is tooffer the scalability that enterprises need to deliver solutions and services that supportdrive business forward. emerging business models and the increased demand for enterprise mobility solutions.Consistency Converged cloud is a key part of that.HP Converged Cloud provides a common For more information on converged cloud,architecture across delivery models, allowing please go to For specificworkload portability that gives users a single information on how we’ve worked with CSPs,consumption experience. please visit our website.Find the cloud For information specific on becoming a cloud service broker, click here.option that best Larry Marson WW Business Lead, Applications and Cloudmeets your needs. Enablement Domain Communications and Media SolutionsEvery CSP and its enterprise customers have HP Enterprise Servicesdifferent needs for IT infrastructures. HP’s
  7. 7. Communications Edition 9.When launchingcloud services, themarket comes beforethe technologyCloud services are too importantand too rich of a competitive Target yourenabler for business enterprises customersto treat them as a mere Cloud service providers typically market tocommodity. That means cloud small- and medium-sized businesses of fewer than 250 employees. But these customersservice providers shouldn’t market desire the same benefits from cloud servicesthem as a commodity either, by as large enterprises do: help to speedjust offering a one-size-fits-all innovation, create organizational agility, andservice at a very low price point. lower costs. That’s part of the reason IDCInstead, think through a go-to- predicts that SMB spending on cloud in the United States will double in six years, frommarket strategy that identifies US $9.8 billion in 2011 to US $20.8 billion inand markets to a more targeted 20171. Further, because these market layerscustomer base. That’s what will have similar needs, offering cloud servicesdrive higher revenues and profits provides you with the opportunity to move up-market into larger enterprises.for cloud going forward.1 IDC, “The SMB Cloud Story: An Unexpected Journey,” Chris Chute and Ray Boggs, March 2013
  8. 8. 10. Communications EditionGo vertical to new research from Gigacom3. The firm reported that leading IaaS vendor AWS madeThe key to driving higher top-line cloud service an 18% price reduction in the fourth quarter.revenues without having your bottom-line And this is the 21st time AWS dropped its pricesmargins commoditized is better targeting of since launching cloud in 2006. Google and otheryour markets. HP believes that it’s important top IaaS providers have also cut prices.for our CSP clients to specialize by focusing onvertical market segments. New services, same old reliabilityMarket segments will have different needs, Rather than trying to compete on price forbundled value propositions, price sensitivities, IaaS, you can compete with a suite of cloud-and cloud adoption rates. Although all enabled services that are bundled specificallysegments are migrating to cloud over the long for your target market. These could includeterm, there are significant differences in level other service provider offerings (backup andof maturity and adoption in the short term. For restore services), horizontal services (VoIP,example, 59% of wholesalers and retailers are email, customer relationship management,currently using cloud services as part of their digital content management), and Software asIT provisioning, but the health and education a Service cloud offerings for verticals.sector relies on cloud for 71%, according to The whole point is to aggregate these servicesresearch from Current Analysis2. to deliver value and create stickiness with yourBut perhaps more importantly, focusing on customers. And remember, you can also leveragejust a few markets enables you to quickly what you’re already excelling at. The reliablebecome knowledgeable about their unique service-level agreements, established value, andrequirements. Understanding those needs trusted relationships that you’ve built with yourhelps you put together the right bundle of customers for other network services provide aservices that can justify premium prices. strong foundation for marketing cloud.Determine the best Follow a checklistbundle for them for successful launchCloud is a rapidly evolving technology. MostCSPs start by offering Infrastructure as aService (IaaS) to provide basic compute capacity Bringing cloud services to market is differentto their customers. But that’s a trap since IaaS than selling hardware and mobile voicecloud prices are racing to the bottom, according services. First of all, do you have your own2 Current Analysis, “Cloud Services – The Impact by Vertical Markets,” December 20123 Gigacom, “Cloud and data fourth-quarter 2012 analysis,” Jo Maitland and David S. Linthicum, January 17, 2013
  9. 9. Communications Edition channel or do you sell through others? that they can quickly be turned on or off toEither way, expect to make significant provide assurance to customers that anyinvestments in channel activation strategies. vulnerabilities or service problems that showThis includes sales force training and education up can be quickly resolved.about your customers’ needs and how you’vecreated the right service bundle to satisfy them. HP helps you realize theRemember that channel partners are busyselling several vendor offerings. You haveto win them over to what you’re selling byshowing that you’ve thought through the power of theneeds of good customers, have prepared astrong offering to meet those needs, and can cloud computingprovide training and support to help yourchannels succeed. You will also need to train portfolioyour own sales force and think through a HP provides a unique end-to-end cloud servicedifferent sales compensation structure than enablement solution for CSPs. We help youthey may be used to. profitably build, operate, and monetize your public cloud infrastructure with:Be proactive • A business consulting program dedicated to public Cloud as a Service business modelabout overcoming • Mature pre-integrated solutions allowingsecurity and CSPs to become cloud service brokers and offer an on-demand portfolio of differentiatedreliability issues services to their business customersConcerns about security and service reliability • Multiple delivery and go-to-market modelsare still inhibitors for cloud adoption across to fit your unique business needsall markets. CSPs need to prepare an ongoing To learn more about how HP can help you buildPR campaign to explain these issues to and market cloud solutions, click here.their markets. This should include a candiddiscussion on the different levels of security Sita Lowman Portfolio Managementthat are available and the best choice based HP Enterprise Serviceson cost-effectiveness for a customer’sneeds. The advantage of cloud services is
  10. 10. 12. Communications EditionTen non-technologyessentials whenlaunching publiccloud services
  11. 11. Communications Edition 13.1. Don’t be all things to all people. Identify your target market.2. Don’t “bundle” services without thinking of the audience. Make compelling offers for specific needs.3. Don’t assume channel sales success. Give them what they need to sell and what they need to believe.4. Don’t think it’s going to be the same as selling hardware and voice services. Provide internal sales training for cloud services.5. Don’t get stranded on IaaS. Find a supplier that can help you with various SaaS services on top of IaaS.6. Don’t forget security. Head off these concerns with education and pilot programs.7. Don’t make cloud services a silo. Bundle cloud with your other network services.8. Don’t go it alone. Commit to working with major technology vendors and partners in your local market.9. Don’t treat it as a one-time sale. Seek long-term value by creating stickiness with targeted offers and responsive services.10. Don’t take your eye off your customers. Continually add to your customer knowledge and adjust your offerings to change with the market.
  12. 12. Communications Edition 15.Press releaseTurkcell offerscustomized cloudservice bundles forenterprise customersTurkcell, the leading communications and with business-ready offerings and to achieve antechnology company in Turkey, with 34.5 million advantage over would-be competitors.customers, needed a single software platform to Turkcell is using the key components of HPset itself up as a “one-stop shop” for providing CloudSystem Service Provider:cloud-based services to its business customers. • HP Converged Infrastructure provides anThe company wanted to provide business integrated platform designed to enable thecustomers with both Infrastructure as a Service rapid, efficient delivery of IaaS.(IaaS) and Communications as a Service (CaaS)offerings. Benefits would include more predictable • HP Aggregation Platform for SaaS (AP4SaaS)operating costs, low capital investment, and provides a common foundation for multiple as-minimal risk in new technology adoption. a-service offerings. It integrates and automates important service management processes suchFinding a flexible solution would be critical in as provisioning, activation, reporting, serviceenabling the company to adapt quickly to market usage, and revenue settlement.changes and deliver cloud services that could betailored for each customer. Turkcell selected HP • HP Cloud Service Automation providesCloudSystem Service Provider as its best option. advanced provisioning and management ofThis comprehensive solution includes hardware, applications and infrastructure using industrysoftware, and services. best practice templates, linking HP AP4SaaS with HP Converged Infrastructure.Everything is integrated to streamline the on-boarding and operation of IaaS and Software HP also provides consulting and integrationas a Service (SaaS), including CaaS, business services for design, implementation, andapplications, device management, and security. project management, as well as supportSpecific services, such as email, can be easily and management. To learn more aboutenabled within the solution, allowing the cloud solutions from HP and the Turkcellcompany to quickly enter a growing market agreement, read the original press release or visit
  13. 13. 16. Communications EditionM2M delivers aprofitable newrevenue streamWhy is machine-to-machine (M2M) one of the fastest growingcommunications trends? For communication service providers (CSPs)alone, M2M services could be worth up to $260 billion1. M2M technologyhas been around for decades, but with device and network connectivitycosts falling rapidly, M2M is becoming affordable for the mass market.When combined with mobility and the cloud, the possibilities for M2M areendless—and very profitable for network operators.New growth of M2M across many market segments. Creative new uses for M2M that takearea for network advantage of mobility and the cloud include: • Automotive—Insurers install devicesoperators in cars to detect driving habits such as speeding, tight turns, or sharp stops, andM2M is an exciting area of growth because ithas a model similar to short message service. use this data to determine whether goodWith a high volume of small messages delivered driver discounts should a good margin, M2M can provide a lucrative • Healthcare—A blood glucose monitor reportsbusiness opportunity. Service providers can vital information about a remote patientleverage their infrastructure and capabilities to to a physician. Or, a fleet of blood glucosebecome key players in this area. monitors sends anonymized data to the cloudToday, innovative vertical industry for researchers to analyze health trends aboutapplications are driving the rapid expansion an entire population of patients.1 Machina Research at M2M World Congress 2012
  14. 14. Communications Edition 17.• Enterprise—When an employee walks into customers, carriers must work with partners a corporate building with his or her own to complete the ecosystem. smartphone or tablet, M2M makes it possible HP helps carriers build a profitable M2M to detect the device and automatically ecosystem with: configure a container around it for business use with enterprise controls. When the • Traffic balancing—HP helps carriers employee exits the building, it is again optimize profitability by determining which detected automatically, and the controls are network to use for M2M traffic. For example, lifted. This makes the use of personal devices the solution weighs the convenience and for business seamless for employees. ubiquity of LTE versus the cost advantages of moving small data on 2G.• Retail—A retailer guides customers to what they’re looking for when they are shopping • Platform services—HP provides a M2M in a mall. The retailer uses M2M to interact service platform that allows carriers to with customers via smartphone, and offers connect to machines, manage machines, and incentives for purchases when customers are connect to the application services layer. in the store’s vicinity. • Application services—In certain markets,• Utilities—Promoting operational efficiency HP provides ready-to-use, revenue- through the green agenda, M2M brings data to generating applications. For instance, in people. In the utilities industry, smart meters the utilities market, HP solutions provide a not only replace human meter readers, they single, comprehensive view of smart grid provide comprehensive usage information and information network operations. It adds in near real time that both the utility and its value by providing meter data management customers can access via the cloud. as well as event management capabilities for near real-time problem diagnostics.Build a profitable • Integration, consulting, and analytics—OneM2M ecosystem of the best ways carriers can add value is to help the customer understand what they canImplementing M2M involves an entire learn from M2M data and build in analyticsecosystem that includes connectivity, platform upfront. HP has expertise in your customers’services, application services, as well as vertical markets and can deliver integration,integration, consulting, and analytics services. consulting, and analytics services to get theTo present a complete solution to their most out of M2M data.
  15. 15. 18. Communications EditionDip your toe • Dynamic SIM management—How to reduce M2M OPEX with SIM self-servicein the water management • Usage-based insurance application—In thisIf you’re not quite ready to go “all in” onM2M, the cloud makes it possible for you to automotive and insurance application, a carproceed more cautiously. Using your existing sensor (rating engine) monitors and reportsinfrastructure, built for cell phones and driving behavior, and the insurance companysmartphones, can be very expensive for M2M can use this data to set rates for driverstransactions. Rather than investing capital • Asset management application—Allowsin new infrastructure specific to M2M, let organizations to monitor any GPS-enabledHP host your M2M transactions in the cloud. logistics asset. This helps companies deliverYou’ll pay only for the transactions and higher service levels, reduce theft andservices that you use, so you can ramp up on shrinkage, and hold the optimal number ofyour own schedule. assets, products, and inventoriesThis approach gets you started in M2M, so you Jeff Edlundcan find out what this exciting technology can CTO, Communications and Media Solutionsdo for your customers and for your bottom HP Enterprise Servicesline, such as:
  16. 16. Communications Edition 19.7 M2M best practicesfor mobile providers1. Realize that M2M is different from your core business and requires different market skills. Build M2M as a separate business with different KPIs.2. Make sure you have global connectivity with local sales. To compete in a market such as fleet telematics asset tracking, your platform must operate globally, but to grow the business, you must understand local requirements and regulations.3. Participate in industry standards. Cooperation between network operators is key to growing the M2M market.4. Be flexible about technologies such as operating systems as well as management systems. Machines come in all shapes and sizes.5. Think carefully about your pricing, taking into account costs to deliver as well as perceived value. Some machines may output an unending stream of data while others, such as medical devices, may be critical to life-or-death decisions. Have your business and financial analysts work closely with the people designing the M2M solution to get your pricing right for the market.6. Grow in the vertical markets you know. While the M2M network and platform are horizontal solutions, the applications are highly tailored to specific vertical markets. If you’ve already built partnerships and developed an expertise in a particular vertical market, look to grow within that market to take advantage of your expertise and existing partnerships.7. Be proactive about analytics. Make analytics part of your offering. Instead of just billing for data from machines, demonstrate the value of finding insights in the data from a fleet of machines.
  17. 17. 20. Communications EditionAs cloud expands,so do the dangersMaintaining the securityof customer data and Rising expectationsprivacy has always been for securityan important consideration CSPs have seen an explosion in virtualization,for communications service public cloud computing, and broadband adoption by their enterprise customers. Andproviders (CSPs). But the cost of at the consumer level, the expansion of socialcybercrime is increasing rapidly. networking, bring-your-own-device (BYOD)According to a Ponemon Institute policies, mobile payments, and wirelessresearch report, the average networking make it easier for customers toannualized cost of cybercrime connect to enterprise applications and to one another. These trends potentially expandfor a CSP organization in the the “attack surface” at the perimeter of theUnited States is $8.91 billion1. enterprise network.That’s up from $5.28 billion just As these technologies become more widelythree years ago. adopted, enterprise customers are increasinglyThe expansion of network access through expecting their CSPs to act as securityadvances in cloud and mobile technologies guarantors across these services.brings greater complexity and additional Successfully staying on top of such riskssecurity risks to providers and their customers. can result in greater customer loyalty andAnd the regulatory pressures on CSPs to resulting share of wallet with the businessmaintain security—from Sarbanes-Oxley and consumer customer.(SOX), Payment Card Industry (PCI), and otherregulations—are not easing up.1 Ponemon Institute, “2012 Cost of Cyber Crime Study: United States,” October 2012
  18. 18. Communications Edition 21.Securing cloudcommunicationsPublic cloud architectures add a new layer ofcomplexity. Security technology will be a criticalcomponent to enterprises in private cloudarchitectures. But enterprise customers havethe same expectations for security here also.The cloud security market comprises a diverseset of technologies from on-premise software,hardware, and virtualized appliances to securitydelivered as Software as a Service (SaaS).Also, cloud service providers and CSPs will needsecurity hardware, software, and SaaS productsto help secure their public cloud serviceofferings. These can include cloud storage andservers (Infrastructure as a Service), clouddevelopment platforms (Platform as a Service),and enterprise and consumer SaaS applications. To effectively address these problems, enterprises need to comprehensivelyMoving beyond monitor all locations and infrastructure, including data centers, retail branches,point security online infrastructure, and service usage activity. A comprehensive security solutionsolutions should address five key priorities:CSPs and their customers want to mitigate the • Manage information risk by identifying threats.threat of attack from competitors and malicious • Protect against increasingly sophisticatedoutsiders—attacks that could put financial cyberthreats.records and intellectual property at risk. Pointsecurity technology investments have helped • Improve reaction time to security incidents.but do not provide the complete visibility • Increase the efficiency of security management.needed to detect fraud, combat cyberthreats,and streamline compliance efforts. • Achieve compliance in a predictable and cost-effective way.
  19. 19. 22. Communications EditionMonetize security Therefore, comprehensive monitoring is critical to recognizing patterns. Today a dual approachwith managed of real-time monitoring and right-time analytics helps businesses stop fraudsters whilesecurity services gaining the enhanced knowledge they need to implement effective preventive measures.The need for comprehensive security solutions,frequent technology refreshes, and ongoing Extension of fraud management tools tocommitment to fighting fraud can make include intelligence capabilities enablessecurity an expensive proposition for CSPs and companies to perform data mining for bettertheir customers. Fortunately, managed security risk management. For example, with suchservices (MSS) not only provide a cost-effective functionality not only are operational alarmsbusiness model for countering cyberattacks but triggered, as is the current practice, butalso a profitable way for CSPs to expand their historical data can be analyzed to see broaderofferings to enterprise customers. trends. By proposing a cloud computing infrastructure combining real-time monitoringWith the MSS model, there’s no need for your with right-time analytics, CSPs can help theircustomers to spend their limited budget and business customers dramatically reducestaff resources on trying to keep up with security fraudsters’ threats to the hard-earned customerdemands. Instead, you can sell them security as base, products, and brand image.a managed security services provider (MSSP).An MSSP offers remote monitoring andmanagement of a customer’s IT security An affordableinformation, assets, and processes where the business model to help CSPs expanddelivery of these services is via a remote securityoperations center (SOC) managed by the CSP.Examples of MSSP offerings that can be providedrange from identity and access management their offeringsto firewall services to managed security The MSS model provides many securityinformation and event management services. solutions to customers for a low fixed set-up cost and then allows a predictable variable costDetect fraud for bringing new customers on board. This business model reduces the cost for a CSP towith pattern offer security services as an MSSP and then expand its offerings over time. Further, therecognition MSS model provides technical future proofing to customers by maintaining a more efficientDetecting fraud is a game of patternrecognition, and the patterns always change. security platform.
  20. 20. Communications Edition 23.Learn more about a managed security services practice, visit oroffering managed Alain Decartessecurity services WW Communications, Media, Entertainment Lead, Industry Market Developmentusing HP solutions HP Software MarketingTo learn more about the HP securityportfolio and leading solutions thatyou can offer your customers as part of
  21. 21. 24. Communications EditionCloud and mobility:keys to a betterretail experienceWhen customers walk into yourretail stores, how long do they have Accelerateto wait before talking to a sales transactionsassociate? How long does it take toget customers through the process in retail stores You can shave minutes off all your retailof buying a new phone or service? transactions by moving your paper-basedIn a study of the full-service wireless purchase contract processes to the cloud. Thisexperience, J.D. Power found that “Satisfaction helps eliminate time-consuming, tediousimproves notably regarding the promptness administrative tasks and also frees upin speaking with a sales representative and sales associates to spend more timetimeliness of completing the transaction .”1 helping customers.In other words, if you can speed up the In many retail stores today, the sales associatetransaction with just one customer, she’ll be must walk away from the customer mid-happier; the person behind her in line will transaction at least twice: once to verify orstick around to complete a purchase instead copy the customer’s ID documents and aof leaving the store in frustration, and the second time to make multiple copies of theguy browsing the phone display will get his signed contract for record-keeping.questions answered in a timely manner,which may keep him from checking out your By updating the subscription process to takecompetitor on the other side of the mall. advantage of mobile devices and the cloud, the sales associate can complete the transactionSo, how can you speed up your retail faster and keep the face-to-face interactionstore transactions?1 J.D. Power and Associates, 2012 U.S. Full-Service Wireless Purchase Experience StudySM , August 2012.
  22. 22. Communications Edition 25.going without interruption. Using an enterprise- • Increase the number of customers servedready tablet, such as the HP ElitePad, the sales • Provide information that your customersassociate can check the customer’s documents want, such as how to get started with aand capture a signature without stepping new phoneaway. And by automatically uploading thesigned contract image to the cloud, it becomes • Meet compliance regulations and closeaccessible to other retail locations, marketing, the loopholes leading to contract fraudcustomer service, and call centers. • Support environmental sustainability goalsIn addition to providing faster service to your by decreasing the need for paper, storage,customers, using mobility and the cloud for and transportationretail transactions helps you: • Eliminate costs for offsite storage as well• Drive significant cost savings; if you normally as courier services to transport paperwork print or copy multipage contracts, you can between the store and the archive site; save almost $2.50 per contract, which adds typical offsite storage costs for documents up quickly over millions of contracts can run about $70K per year• Eliminate the risks of exposing confidential customer information or losing important paperwork
  23. 23. 26. Communications EditionAccelerate sales faster. Eliminating the need to print and store multiple copies of subscription paperwork, theassociates’ solution scans completed, and signed service contracts and associated documentation, andresponse time digitally routes the contracts to a customer- specific archive for filing. In addition toEven before the subscription process begins, increasing customer satisfaction, this processyour retail associates should spend face-to- also helps mitigate risks, such as exposure of aface time with customers throughout their customer’s confidential information, and assistsinformation gathering. If the customer asks a with regulatory compliance.tough question, the sales associate should nothave to walk away to get an answer. Instead, The HP Account Opening Accelerator ishe should have all the answers available at most effective when paired with a mobilehis fingertips with a mobile device and a cloud device such as the HP ElitePad, a tabletsolution. With a tablet such as the HP ElitePad, designed for business with enterprise-gradethe sales associate can find information, show features, functionality, and support. It is anvideos, and run any Windows® application— ultrathin, lightweight tablet that offers thefrom any point in the store. full serviceability, enhanced security, and manageability found in HP Elite PCs, as well asBy taking the conversation to the customer and military-grade durability for drops, vibration,keeping the conversation going uninterrupted, dust, temperature extremes, and high can reduce or eliminate abandoned It comes loaded with tools, including HPconversations for new products and services. PageLift, an application that automaticallyThis helps improve the customer experience, trims and correctly lights and orients awhich can lead to increased revenue. captured image of a paper contract or other document so it is ready to use or share withoutHP solutions for requiring manual editing.a better in-store For more information, please visit Eileen Griffee Communications, Media, and EntertainmentThe HP Account Opening Accelerator for Market Development ConsultantCommunications, Media, and Entertainment is Managed Servicesan end-to-end solution dedicated to reducing HP Printing and Personal Systemspaperwork, completing transactions moreefficiently, and getting customers out the door
  24. 24. Communications Edition 27.Innovative, cloud-basedservices increase customersatisfaction and revenueLeading carriers are introducing new, HP provides several cloud-basedinnovative services to help increase average services that you can offer under yourrevenue per user (ARPU). Services that own brand to help you monetize user-augment user-generated content such as based content, including:photo services or mobile printing are popular • HP ePrint Service Application provideswith customers. Launched under your mobile printing with a worldwidebrand, these services can not only provide directory of more than 30,000 publica new revenue stream, they can make you print locations.a one-stop shop, which increases customersatisfaction. And, as cloud-based services, • HP Snapfish is a photo service thatthey’ll also increase your customers’ data produces professional quality prints asusage, which adds to your ARPU. well as more than 100 customizable photo gifts, from display-quality photo booksFor example, Verizon Wireless introduced and posters to photo mugs and jewelry.the ePRINTit Kiosk at CES 2013. The kioskfrom St. Joseph Communications was • HP MagCloud is a web service thatdeveloped with cloud printing and mobility empowers users to self-publish andsolutions from HP. Users can submit a print distribute content—for business orjob wirelessly from a smartphone with personal use—as a professional-qualityjust a few clicks and have it printed at the print publication or digitally for mobilekiosk. The printed photos and documents and online viewing on today’s mostcan come from storage on the device or popular devices.from cloud-based services like Dropbox, For more information and to watch a shortBox, and Facebook. video, click here.
  25. 25. Why HPHP helps the world’s communications service providers (CSPs) transform theway they do business—to grow in a fast-changing market. CSPs must meetthe huge demand for new services and streamline internal operations. HPis unmatched in its ability to help CSPs drive transformation with more than30 years of telecom experience, global IT leadership, and a broad telecom-specific portfolio coupled with leadership in telecom services includingconsulting, outsourcing, and managed services.Quick facts• CSP public cloud deployments deliver SaaS, • 90 CSPs globally count on HP Service Activator IaaS, and CaaS solutions on three continents to provision network as well as IT services• 400 HP OSS customers worldwide • 90 carriers worldwide depend on HP’s Revenue Intelligence Solutions to protect their revenue• 250 fault management customers globally streams and customers• 170 customers use HP real-time mediation solutionsLearn moreFor more information visit connected Share with colleaguesGet the insider view on tech trends,support alerts, and HP solutions.© Copyright 2013 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products andservices. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errorsor omissions contained herein.Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.4AA4-6190ENW, Created April 2013