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Online video is booming. If you’re doing business online and you’re not using video, you’re missing a HUGE opportunity! Explaining or demonstrating your product or services with video on the web is more engaging than text or pictures alone. Online video has the power to boost customer interaction, drive sales, encourage viral sharing and build brand awareness.

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Online Video for Business

  1. 1. Using Online Video for Your BusinessLeveraging the power of online video to grow your business
  2. 2. Learning Objective & GoalsUnderstand: Inspire & Motivate:• Benefits of online video • Inspired & Motivated to get started• Uses, types, tools & styles • Have ideas for your own business• Basic processes• Itʼs not as mysterious or difficult as you might think• It doesnʼt have to break your budget
  3. 3. AgendaWhy Use Online Video?Online Video Landscape (Who, What, Where)Process (How)Exercises & Demonstrations
  4. 4. What Got Me Hooked on Online VideoHuge spike in traffic when I published new videos online Videos Published
  5. 5. PerceptionsWhat comes to mind when youhear the words “Online Video”
  6. 6. ExpectationsThere’s a lot to learnbut you don’t need toknow everything to besuccessful
  7. 7. Online Video SkillsetPlanning, storytelling, scripting... You don’t have Shooting video to be an expert Editing in all of these. Publishing Focus on your SEO strengths. Promoting and Marketing
  8. 8. ???? ? WHY should you get into online video
  9. 9. Of the 1.73 Billion Internet users worldwide 80% watch online videos
  10. 10. 84% watch online videos in the U.S.
  11. 11. In March 2011, 174 million U.S.Internet users watched online video
  12. 12. The average American Internet user watched 889 minutes ofonline video in March 2011
  13. 13. The duration of the average online videowas 5 minutes
  14. 14. By 2013 video will be 90% ofall consumer traffic and 64%of mobile
  15. 15. Video gets people’s ATTENTION
  16. 16. 57Seconds Average time spent on a website without video 1 min 2 min 3 min 4 min 5 min 6 min6Minutes Average time spent on a website WITH VIDEO
  17. 17. “ video simply engages people in a way that static text and images cannot......dozens of studies that show the power of video to boostcustomer interaction, drive sales, encourage viral sharing, and build brand awareness. Source:
  18. 18. Video will helpyou rank better in Google
  19. 19. Forrester Researchfound that videos were53 times more likelythan traditional webpages to receive anorganic first-pageranking
  20. 20. Universal Search Results“Videos in universalsearch results have a41% higher clickthrough rate thantheir plain textcounterparts.”
  21. 21.
  22. 22. Buy Now! Click! Video Sells Products
  23. 23. 46% increase in Click! conversion rates withBuy Now! video on a page - whether watched or not WSI Superior Web Solutions report that “52% of online video ad viewers take action and 16% make purchases” (Marketing Sherpa). Source: Source:
  24. 24. Benefits - SummaryYou’ll rank better in GoogleMore people will find your site or brandOnce on your site, people will tend to stay longerPeople will be more engaged and connected with youYour conversion rate will probably improvePeople will understand your product or service betterYou can reduce the time you spend answering questions
  25. 25. ?WHO is using it
  26. 26. All over the world, business are usingonline video to: Inform Educate Entertain & Connect with Their Customers
  27. 27. WhoBig businessesSmall businessesNon-profitsEntrepreneurs and consultants... every type of business entity of all shapes and sizes is using online videoin some way
  28. 28. WHAT ?kinds and types of videos are they producing
  29. 29. Advertising
  30. 30. How-Tos
  31. 31. Product Descriptions & Demos
  32. 32. Types and StylesLive Action Screencasts Photo Slideshows Animation & Motion Graphics Live Streaming
  33. 33. How Business Are Using Online Video - Some ExamplesWhat different styles are used in these videos?Do any of the styles or types resonate with you and your business?Which videos are made with just software, no video camera?Are these video hard-selling or soft-selling?How successful do you think these videos have been for thecompanies who produced them?
  34. 34. Some Examples
  35. 35. Review ExamplesWhat different styles were used in these videos?Do any of the styles or types resonate with you and your business?Which videos were made with just software, no video camera?Are these video hard-selling or soft-selling?How successful do you think these videos have been for thecompanies who produced them?
  36. 36. More Ways to Use Online Video Training Customer Testimonials Events VLOGS Video Podcasts...
  37. 37. More Ways to Use Online Video 42 Ways To Use Online Video For Business Marketing
  38. 38. Secret: “Your video does not have to be professionally produced to be successful and tell a story.”Steve Garfield - Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business
  39. 39. WHERE ? should you upload your videos
  40. 40. VenuesYouTube - 2nd largest searchengineTubemogul - upload once,distribute to othersBrightcove, Wistia, et al - $,keep from being shared, stats-galoreSelf-hosted - not easilyshareable, more technicallyinvolved
  41. 41. VenuesYouTube most popular videoplatform for embedded & linkedvideos with 81.9% market YouTube ReportWant to promote your brand?Upload to YouTube
  42. 42. Venues - FacebookFacebook is the 2nd largest referralsource for video.Recording Video Directly In Facebook -poor qualityEmbed video in your Facebook businesspage - easy to share and by “liking” thevideo, they become a fanPost YouTube videos as links on yourwall. YouTube views plus easilyshareable and likeable in Facebook
  43. 43. Screen Convergence T VsVideo Content Computers Mo bil e
  44. 44. Online video is comingto has arrived on your TV
  45. 45. That means your videos can be on TV!
  46. 46. Don’t Forget MobileVideo accounts for 35% ofmobile usage video is “stickier” thanonline video
  47. 47. Don’t Forget MobileIf youre publishing videocontent and want to keepyour audience growing andconnected to your content,you will need to make surethat your video is availablevia all manner of mobiledevices.Hint: YouTube does a goodjob at this.
  48. 48. HOW ?do you create your own online videos
  49. 49. Some Keys to Good Online VideoGood content - Content is kingPlan aheadDon’t blatantly market yourselfQuality (But content trumps quality)Keep it short!
  50. 50. The Basic ProcessIdentify Pick Pre- Production Goals Style Production Post-Measure Promote Share Production
  51. 51. Identify Your GoalsWhat are your business needs?Increase traffic to websiteIncrease conversions. i.e. $Educate and inform your customersShow how your products workBuild brand awareness & loyalty
  52. 52. Identify a StyleIdentify the type of video & stylethat’s appropriate for yourbusiness.
  53. 53. Identify a StyleFrom Humor Informational/Instructional Demonstration Testimonial Commercial Interview Performance Artistic Inspirational Documentary Shocking Combinations
  54. 54. Identify a StyleChoose a style that’s consistentwith who you are and what yourbusiness is.Be Genuine.Don’t try to be something you’renot
  55. 55. Pre-Production - Story & PlanningThe planning stageBefore camera starts rollingCreate scripts & storyboardsScout locationsDetermine budget
  56. 56. Pre-Production - Story & PlanningSome videos about storyboarding:
  57. 57. ProductionThe shooting stageShooting with video camera if liveactionCapturing computer screen forscreencastsCreating & animating for animatedinfographics
  58. 58. ProductionGreat resource for learning moreabout video production:VideoMaker.com Video School
  59. 59. ProductionWant to learn more about videography on Maui?Take a class at Akaku Community Television -
  60. 60. What kind of video camera should I buy?
  61. 61. That Depends...But start with what you have -smartphone, digital camera
  62. 62. ToolsVideo camera & accessories(tripod, microphone, etc.)Screen capture softwareEditing softwarePowerPoint & Keynote!
  63. 63. ToolsDon’t get hung up on needingexpensive camera gear.Some great videos have beenproduced with just somesimple software ...... or an inexpensive videocamera and iMovie (free)
  64. 64. Flip Video Aquatic Fitness Concepts shows howthey install their swim spas by shooting video with an inexpensive Flip Video camera Thai food brand Curry Simple, uses his Flip to ask customers what they think of his products
  65. 65. Anybody know whoGary Vaynerchuck is?
  66. 66. Anybody know whoGary Vaynerchuck is?
  67. 67. Yeah, but... Iʼve heard it takes hours and hours of shooting just to come up with a few minutes of video...
  68. 68. ...not necessarilyJeff: “How much time is it taking to do those Shocklesvideos?”Eric: “The script is pretty much in my head.  I jot down somenotes (5 minutes), do a dry run or two (5 minutes), and thenwe shoot.  We might do 2-3 takes, sometimes from a differentangle.  So each one takes perhaps a total of 20 minutes.  Max.  Then it takes Rod (a professional videographer) another20 minutes each to edit and tweak.Now if we were to do something a bit more upscale, I wouldfigure around an hour each.  That would include shootingfrom different angles, overdubbing the voice, etc.  If youwanted to get real fancy with a script, good lighting, and morepro studio time, 2 hours each (for a 40-60 second spot).”
  69. 69. In other words...Focus more on developing your story andmessage than on the technology
  70. 70. Production - Video Sizes 1920 x 1080 (HD 1080p) 16:9 Aspect Ratio 1280 x 720 (HD 720p) 16:9 Aspect Ratio 720 x 480 (SD) 4:3 Aspect Ratio
  71. 71. Post-Production - EditingSelect the shots you wantArrange the shots to tell the storyTrimAdd transitionsIncorporate, text, music andnarrationAdd effects
  72. 72. Post-Production - EncodingNeed to compress video to share onlineCODEC - Compressor/DecompressorLots of file formats and CODECs mp4 flv HD 16:9 Aspect Ratio Recommended (4:3) letter boxed Resolution HD = 1280x720 or 1080p NTSC Else = 640x360 (16:9), 480x360 (4:3) CODEC Mp4 file format .h264 video compression H.264 AAC or MP3 audio compression Frames per second: 30 Maximum length: 15min (recommend 16:9 Quicktime 2-3 minutes) Maximum file size: 2 GB
  73. 73. Sharing - Uploading & PublishingToo Complex?Current editingsoftware exportQuickTime to YouTubeStick with the basicsfor YouTube
  74. 74. Post-Production - EncodingNot complex enough?
  75. 75. Video SEOVideo SEO is a set of techniques designed to make sure that:•Google finds your video content•Google successfully indexes your video content•Google will display your video content when specific keywords areentered as search terms
  76. 76. Sharing - OptimizingYouTube RankingFactorsTitleDescriptionTagsViews & frequencyLikes, dislikesPlaylist additionsFlaggingSharesCommentsAge of videoVideo ResponsesSubscribersFavorites Embeds & inbound links
  77. 77. Use YouTube AnnotationsAdd annotationsSolicit feedbackAdd links to send viewers tomore of your videosLearn more:
  78. 78. Optimizing for YouTubeLearnmore...
  79. 79. YouTube Tips for Partners
  80. 80. Promoting Once your video is published online... Blog it Embed it Tweet it Share it Facebook it
  81. 81. 20 Free Tips to Get Your Videos Seen on YouTube and Beyond1. Hook viewer in first 10 seconds (teasinghighlights)2. Keep it short. A one-minute video willalmost always trump a 3.3. Encourage interactions. Controversialquestions to viewers can jolt views.4. Personalize it. Look at camera as if it’s afriend’s eyesRead more -->
  82. 82. Twitter Video Marketing Embed “micro-videos” on your Twitter page 10 - 30 second clips Great for smartphones Indexed by Google very quickly
  83. 83. Google Video SitemapsA great way to provideGoogle with informationabout your videos is tocreate and submit whatʼsknown as a video sitemapto Google. Google videositemaps tell Google allabout the video content onyour website.
  84. 84. How To Embed a YouTube VideoClick on the Embed buttonPick your desired sizeCopy the embed codePaste it into your blog or website
  85. 85. YouTube or Vimeo Video GalleryEasily create video galleries on your site
  86. 86. Measuring & TrackingWho’s watching?Where are theywatching?How much are theywatching?Links followed
  87. 87. Video Abandonment Expect to Lose 20% of Your Audience Within the First 10 Seconds of Playback bid/14410/Benchmarking-Viewer-Abandonment-in- Online-Video
  88. 88. AssessFigure out what worked and what didn’tMake adjustments for next video
  89. 89. WHEN ?is the best time to upload your video
  90. 90. When to Post VideoStay away from weekends and Fridayafternoon (when there’s a lot of viewing butheavy competition).Mornings are good and Tuesday is a heavyconsumption day.
  91. 91. Exercises &Demonstrations
  92. 92. Online Video SkillsetPlanning, storytelling, scripting... Shooting video Where are your Editing strengths? Start Publishing there! SEO Promoting and Marketing
  93. 93. Exercise 1: Brainstorming SessionEach person say what their business isIdentify business need that video can support (goals)What style would suit your business?Do you have any ideas for videos for your business?Everyone else, brainstorm more video ideas for that business
  94. 94. Exercise 2: Script & StoryboardWe’ll take a video idea and identify some key story elementstextuallyThen we’ll sketch some storyboard ideas for that
  95. 95. Exercise 3: iMovie, Keynote & Camtasia Demo
  96. 96. Where to learn more 5 Tips for Using Video to Grow Your Business in 2010: YouTube Your Business With Online Video: The Three Types of Online Video for Business: 34 Ways to Use YouTube for Business: YouTube for Your Business: How To Use YouTube To Drive Business: Using Viral Video to Boost Sales: 5 Ways Small Businesses Can Take Advantage of YouTube: Online Video Marketing Myths Busted!: Video = Fastest Growing Website Feature for Small Businesses: Online Video Marketing Basics: Part 1 - The Case For Online Video & Why You Should Get Involved: Online Video Marketing Basics: Part 2 – Choosing A Video Style: Online Video Marketing Basics Part 3 – Self-Produce Or Hire A Professional? Online Video Marketing Basics: Part 4 – Choosing The Right Video Production Equipment Online Video Marketing Basics: Part 5 Video Distribution: Where Should You Upload Your Videos? Online Video Marketing Basics Part 5 Video Demos: Powerful, Effective, & Yet Still Pretty Rare Five Ways Pocket Video Betters Business:
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  98. 98. Where to learn more Team up with others with complementary skill sets and knowledge
  99. 99. Where to learn more