How to look taller without heels


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Petite women want to look taller, here's how.

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How to look taller without heels

  1. 1. How to look taller without heels
  2. 2. If you are under 5 feet 3 inches tall you are, at least as far as the fashion industry is concerned, a petite woman. This may be something you embrace and it may be something you hate, but if you want extra height here are some quick tips of what you can do with your wardrobe to make yourself appear taller, aside from wearing 5 inch heels. Don’t fret because there are actually quite a few easy rules to do this that won’t break the bank and don’t require you to use a medieval torture device to stretch yourself!
  3. 3. Rule #1 Make sure your clothes fit correctly. Avoid baggy outfits, heavy fabrics, too many ruffles and pleats as you will look wider and in turn shorter. Sleeves or trousers that are too long will also make you appear shorter than you are, so make sure you get them hemmed correctly to your particular frame.If the extra cost of hemming is a problem, buy only from petite brands.
  4. 4. Rule #2 Show more of your arms. Instead of using ‘normal’ length sleeves reduce them to ¾ sleeves to make your arms look longer and also more elegant.
  5. 5. Rule #3 Use one color whenever you can. Your top should match your skirt or trousers, don’t use a wide color belt. If you’re going to wear boots with a skirt make sure that the boot color matches the skirt. Different colors on top and bottom create a ‘cut-off’ that makes you look shorter, so eliminate it.
  6. 6. Rule #4 Your bag should be no bigger than the length between your bust and hip. If you have to carry anything do it in the smallest handbag or purse possible. Do the same with laptop bags. The bigger it is the smaller you look and carrying around all that extra junk is bad for your back anyway.
  7. 7. Rule #5 Stand up straight. If you compound short stature with slouching you’re not helping yourself. Get in the habit of standing and sitting as straight as possible ALL THE TIME. This is great for your back as well as great for your stature.
  8. 8. Rule #6 Wear V-neck blouses. A V-neck blouse creates a ‘vertical’ look that is slimming no matter who you are and makes your neck look longer which makes you appear taller.
  9. 9. Of course it's a lot easier to put on a pair of heels when you're petite, but it's a high price to pay on your long term health especially when studies have linked high heels to knee osteoarthritis, ingrowing toe nails, shortened calf muscles.... the list goes on. So remember to give your feet a break and accentuate your height in other ways.