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Synopsis on Outlook for Marketing

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Jeetendra synopsis

  1. 1. SYNOPSIS ON “MARKETING STRATEGY FOR INCREASE CIRCULATION” Supervisor Submitted By Honey Dhussa Head of Department (Marketing) Jeetendra Pathak Enr. No. : 11061248040 Marketing Management Remarks of Evaluator Approved/ Disapproved (I Evaluation) Approved/ Disapproved (II Evaluation) Session:-2011-2013 FORMAT FOR RESUME OF SUPERVISOR AND GUIDE
  2. 2. 1. NAME : Honey Dhussa 2. DESIGNATION : Head of Department 3. QUALIFICATION : MBA 4. AREA OF SPECIALIZATION : Marketing 5. EXPERIENCE : 6. OFFICIAL ADDRESS : NBA Group of Institutions Scindia Villa, Sarojini Nagar Delhi 7. TELEPHONE No. 7 Year : 0120-4136697 8. MOBILE : 9810616966 9. E-MAIL : I am willing to supervise: - Jeetendra Pathak Enrolment No. 11061248040 On the Topic: “MARKETING STRATEGY FOR INCREASE CIRCULATION” (Signature with Seal) Countersigned by the Director of study center SEAL CERTIFICATE
  3. 3. This is to certify that Jeetendra Pathak, Enrolment No. 11061248040 has completed under my supervision his/her Research Project Report on “MARKETING STRATEGY FOR INCREASE CIRCULATION ” in the specialization area Marketing. The work embodied in this report is original and is of the standard expected of an MBA student and has not been submitted in part or full to this or any other university for the award of any degree or diploma. He has completed all requirements of guidelines for the Research Project Report and the work is fit for evaluation. Signature of Supervisor/Guide (with SEAL) NAME: Honey Dhussa DESIGNATION: Head Of department (Marketing) ORGANIATION: NBA School of Business Forwarded by Head/Director of Study Centre (With signature, Name & SEAL) DECLARATION
  4. 4. This is to certify that the project Report entitled “MARKETING STRATEGY FOR INCREASE CIRCULATION” is my original work and this has not been submitted in part or full to this or any other university/institution for award of any degree or diploma. Signature of candidate: NAME: Jeetendra Pathak Enrolment No.: 11061248040 Specialization: MARKETING Session: 2011-2013 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT
  5. 5. Project work is never the accomplishment of an individual rather it is an amalgamation of the efforts, ideas and co-operation of a number of individuals. I am highly indebted to my project guide Mr. Honey Dhussa of NBA Business School for his invaluable support and guidance during the preparation of this project. It gives me immense pleasure to take this opportunity to thank all those who helped in the successful completion this project. Jeetendra Pathak Statement of Problem
  6. 6. • To know the best suitable product offers by the Outlook Group. • To study which factor influencing the Marketing of the Outlook Group. • To know about the perception in buying from Consumer. • To compare the various competitors prices • To know about brand loyalty. • To know about consumer satisfaction. • To know about the services. • To know about the product price. • To compare the various competitors offers. • To know about the consumer behavior. LITERATURE REVIEW Introduction: RAJAN RAHEJA GROUP
  7. 7. The Rajan Raheja Group is a diversified conglomerate which has interests in sectors such as building materials (through Prism Cement, H&R Johnson (India) and RMC Ready-mix (India)), automotive and industrial batteries (Exide Industries), cable T.V. (Hath way Cable & Datacom and Asia net Satellite Communications), financial services (in life insurance and asset management through joint ventures with ING), retail (Globus, H&R Johnson (India) TBK, Food world and Health & Glow), real estate development, software, petrochemicals and hotels. Outlook is a part of the Rajan Raheja Group which made its beginning in the construction business and after building a single presence in the realty market the group diversified laterally into manufacturing, financial services and media. OUTLOOK: In October 1995, group company Hath way Investments Private Limited entered the print media. OUTLOOK, a weekly newsmagazine headed by Vinod Mehta, galvanized a sluggish market reeling under the impact of satellite TV.
  8. 8. OUTLOOK quickly carved a significant niche for itself among discerning readers who value its in-depth, investigative reporting as well as its stylish visual format. Known to be fiercely independent, OUTLOOK has shaken the establishment on events ranging from Kargil to Kashmir to cricket, sensitized the reading public to important issues like big dams, education and gender, and provided an unremitting focus on South Asian geopolitics. Today, OUTLOOK is the preferred magazine of 1.5 million readers in India, and sells more than 11.2 million copies over the year. OUTLOOK is one of India's four top-selling English weekly newsmagazines. Like many other Indian magazines it is reluctant to reveal its circulation, but the 2007 National Readership Survey suggested 1.5 million copies. OUTLOOK's competitors are India Today & The Week. Currently it has several magazines like OUTLOOK Business, OUTLOOK , OUTLOOK Money, GEO, Marie Claire, People, Traveller, Career 360, News Week to name a few. Vision 'The most successful and admired life insurance company, which means that we are the most trusted company, the easiest to deal with, offer the best value for money, and set the standards in the industry OBJECTIVE • To identify the factors have a bearing on customer’s purchase decision. • To understand the customer’s views towards various offers.
  9. 9. • To understand the consumer behavior towards the Outlook Group. • To know about the consumer response for services. • To know about the magazine content. • To develop marketing strategies to attract new customers. • Analyzing marketing problems from a current consumer and finding ways to retain them. • To find ways with which customer reach could be increased. • To provide some simple techniques that can be used for expanding the market. • To compare with online or offline payment system. • To know about the E-Magazine service. RESEARCH DESIGN & METHODOLOGY MARKETING RESEARCH Marketing is the process of discovering and translating consumer needs and wants into products and service specification, creating demand for these products and services. It is the function which links the consumer, customer and public to the marketer. RESEARCH DESIGN
  10. 10. Despite the difficulty of establishing an entirely satisfactory classification system, it is helpful to classify marketing research projects on the basis of fundamental objectives of the research, consideration of the different types, their applicability, their strength and weakness. The two general type of research based on the basis of the fundamental objective of the research are:1. Exploratory Research Design 2. Conclusive Research Design Exploratory Research Exploratory research design seeks to discover new relationships between several facts. In well established field’s of study, hypothesis usually is drawn from ideas developed in previous research studies or is derived from theory. Research could be then used to determine if the hypothesis was correct. Too little is known, however about consumer reaction to marketing stimulate to permit the formulation of sound hypothesis in many specific situations. As a result, much marketing research is of exploratory in nature; emphasis is placed on finding hypothesis relative to new product’s or marketing practices that can be changed profitably. Conclusive Research:Conclusive Research provides information that helps the executives make a rational decision. The marketing executive has to arrive at a suitable decision from the various alternative decisions. In some instances particularly if an experiment is running, the research in many cases come close to specifying the precise alternative to choose; in other cases, especially with descriptive studies, the research will only partially clarify the situation, and much will be left to the executives judgment. Conclusive Research studies can be classified as either descriptive or experimental.
  11. 11. RESEARCH INSTRUMENT • Structured and Disguised Questionnaire The questionnaire is a standardized form for recording answers on the basis of set questions. The questions provided limited answers. • Sample size The sample size chosen should be 150. • Sampling Method Sampling Method is the process in which only a few units of population under study are considered for analysis. The sampling method was random sampling in which the respondents were given the questionnaire. The Questionnaire was framed in such a way to get continue response. And to achieve flexibility by asking certain open ended questions. The time constraints and various other factors were also kept in mind while framing the marketing research methodology. COMPARTIVE ANALYSIS DATA COLLECTION METHOD: Surveys have become so common in today’s world that the average person seldom questions the idea about the useful information that can be obtained in a particular manner. Various findings of one type or another are developed and are usually seen possible after the acceptance. QUESTIONNAIRE:
  12. 12. Questionnaire and observation are two basic methods of collecting data in marketing research. In questionnaire method a formal list of question is prepared in a sequence which is provided in printed forms to the respondents, for them to answer. ADVANTAGES OF QUESTIONNAIRE METHOD: • Versatility:- Probably the greatest advantage of the questionnaire method is its versatility. Almost every problem of marketing research can be approached from the questionnaire point. It is helpful for getting any desired data. • Speed and Cost:- Questionnaire is usually faster and cheaper than observing interviewee. It has moreover better gathering activities. As a result, less time is required in a questionnaire study. • Accuracy:- The data or information obtained by questionnaire method is accurate. TYPES OF QUESTIONNAIRE: a) b) c) d) Structured Disguised Structured Non-Disguised Non-Structured Disguised Non-Structured Non-Disguised SCOPE OF STUDY 1) Customer expectations are always ever increasing and the competition among various magazine companies. 2) Brands with good offers and reasonable price will service well in the market.
  13. 13. 3) The likes and dislikes of people are different, the companies should have different magazine to suit different needs and wants. 4) Prices and offers play an important role in the success of a product. 5) Majority of the people prefer effective offer of magazine. 6) Different offers made by “The Outlook Group” to attract the target audience. 7) Consumers become more aware of print media sector. LIMITATION 1. The Research study is confined to only limited area of Delhi 2. Data collection was not easy; during research we have seen grey faces and some respondents were not willing to fill the questionnaire.
  14. 14. 3. People do not co-operate with marketing executives and they don’t have free minutes to attend them. 4. Some people directly refused to co- operate and some gave biased and dishonest replies. 5. Time, Money and other Resources also acted as a barrier. 6. Questionnaire should be of single page only. 7. People were reluctant to give away personal details. BIBILIOGRAPHY • •
  15. 15. • • • . Questionnaire RESPONDENT’S PERSONAL INFORMATION Name :………………………………………………………………… Age: - ……………… E-mail:- …………………………………………………..
  16. 16. Phone No: .……………………………………………….... Q1. Do you read magazines? Yes No Sometimes Q2. Have you ever subscribed for outlook magazine? yes no If Yes please refer to question no. Q3 to Q8. If no please refer to question no. Q9 to Q14 Q3. Which brand of OUTLOOK, did you subscribe? You may tick more than one. OUTLOOK GEO TRAVELLER MONEY NEWSWEEK MARIE CLAIRE PEOPLE BUSINESS
  17. 17. Q4. Please tick the following. (Rank accordingly) (1 – Very bad , 2- bad, 3- satisfactory, 4- good , 5- very good ) Very bad very good 1 2 3 4 5 Brand Image - - - - - Content - - - - - Special Offers - - - - - Service - - - - - - - - - - Salesman’s behavior Price Overall experience Q5. Why did you subscribe for outlook magazine? You may tick more than one Product Price Exclusive Offers References Q6. Will you renew your subscription of the magazine? Yes No Maybe
  18. 18. Q7. With reference to question 6th. If NO then please state the reason for your decision. ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________. Q8. Any suggestion for OUTLOOK GROUP. ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________. Q9. What kind of magazine, do you read? News Entertainment Knowledge Finance Travel & Tourism Business Career Fashion Q10. Which magazine are you aware of? You may tick more than one. Outlook India today Lonely Planet Tehelka
  19. 19. The week Forbes The Economist Femina Q11. How do you know about outlook magazine? ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________. Q12. Please tick the following. (Rank accordingly) (1 – Very bad , 2- bad, 3- satisfactory, 4- good , 5- very good ) Very bad very good 1 2 3 4 5 Brand awareness - - - - - Content - - - - - Special Offers - - - - - Price - - - - - Q13Would you like to subscribe for outlook magazine? Yes No Maybe Q14. With reference to question 13th. If NO then please state the reason for your decision.
  20. 20. ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ______________________________