Btec music performance unit 43 section 3


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Btec music performance unit 43 section 3

  1. 1. Section 3: Hybrid and Sub-Genres
  2. 2.  For this presentation I will providinginformation on the technique of usingconventions to create sub genres and hybridgenres.
  3. 3.  Hybrid genres are typically sub genres thatstem directly from one genre quite easy tounderstand. Simply the technique is to fusetwo or more genres together. The end resultof this would something along the lines of‘electro-house’ or ‘drum-step’ for example.These are the styles that I will go into detailabout in the next couple of pages.
  4. 4.  Drumstep is a commonsub genre of Drum andBass. This subgenre iscommonly known as beingdrum and bass that isplayed in half time andsharing some conventionssuch as sub bass and dubelements with Dubstep.This genre can also go bythe name of ‘Halfstep’.The Dotexe remix of (Krewella-One Minute) is a good exampleof drum and bass and dubstepelements can be combined tocreate a new heavier form ofmusic.
  5. 5.  Electro-House is a fusionof Electro and HouseMusic. This genrecommonly has the basselements of modernelectro however it tends tofollow the more consistentdrum beat patterns ofhouse music. It also reliesheavily on things such askick sidechaining whichmakes the kick drum in thetrack more audible givingit not only more of arhythm but more bass to itthan some standard housetracks would.‘Soulero – Without a twist’ is agood example of electro house.
  6. 6.  The next few slides will showcase what Ibelieve to be some of the more complexelements to creating sub genres.
  7. 7.  The term ‘Liquid’ refers to forms ofelectronic music that wouldotherwise be known for being morebass heavy, such as Drum and Bassand Dubstep, which much lessemphasis on bass and insteadfocus heavily more on reverbeffects to give a much moreambient feel to the tracks. A lot of liquid drum and bass trackstend to use sampled vocals anddrum samples that have low endfrequencies greatly reduced. There is also a Dubstep subgenrewhich goes by the name ofChillstep however that and LiquidDubstep are very similar if notcompletely identical in some cases.The ‘Avalon EP’ by Maduk is a greatexample of the ambience that can befound in liquid drum and bass and alsoshowcases the unique vocal samplingtechniques.
  8. 8.  Neuro refers to ‘Neuro Bass’ and in thiscase the sub genre is based upon theoriginal genre with a lot of focus onNeuro bass as the main sound to thetrack. An example would be that ifsomebody were resample a classic swingtrack and then add Neuro bass the subgenre woud be ‘Neuro Swing’. The samecan be said for Dubstep, which wouldthen be referred to as ‘Neurostep’ and‘Neurohop’ is essentially re-sampled hiphop beats with neuro bass. A lot ofneuro tracks do however tend to use alot reverb and other effects to addambience and depth. Neuro bass itself is quite a growly, vowelbass sound and takes a lot of resamplingafter creating an initial ‘Reese sound’ itcould be quite commendable for anartist to be able to use it effectively.A great example of Neurohop is ‘EchoBox by Draygn’ It shows how usingreverb and other effects on Neuro basscan create rich, ambient textures.
  9. 9.  Glitch refers percussiveglitch samples that can beused within tracks.Essentially Glitch works thesame way as Neuro basswhen it comes to identifyingsubgenres in the sense thatif glitch samples were to beused with hip-hop sample itwould create ‘Glitch Hop’. Also, as with Neuro, Glitchhop tracks can be quiteminimal and ambient butstill sound great when theyare produced well.The ‘Glitch hop’ track ‘Sundown’ bySean Mackey shows the style can beused create ambient ant and brightmusic.
  10. 10.  The term ‘French’ refers toresampled 70’s disco tracksthat are usually used in houseor electro genres to create‘French House’ and FrenchElectro’. There are also genressuch as ‘French Touch’however these tend to be verysimilar to French House. Personally French House isone of favourite music genresdue to the fact that themajority of French Housesongs tend to have an upbeatrepetitive rhythm.‘The Neighbourhood’ by ‘95 Royale’ is a greatexample of the way 70’s disco tracks can berecycled into modern genre’s and appeal to amodern audience.