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.NET Developer

.NET Developer

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  • Brief review of: .NET background other professional experience work habits personal comments


  • 1. Jed C. Morris [[ Junior .NET Developer What Can I Do For You? Jed C. Morris [email_address] 860.373.4036
  • 2. For a better viewing of this slide show click on the word ‘Full’ below the slide.
  • 3. Introduction – Jed C. Morris
    • Software developer for over 20 years
    • One year .NET experience
    • Graduated from the SetFocus Masters .NET program (intense, 13 week, $20,000 program)
    • Expert level Visual Basic programming in Microsoft Access and Excel
    • Microsoft Access database administrator
  • 4. Introduction – Jed C. Morris
    • The following slides review one specific .NET development project.
    • Technologies demonstrated are: WinForms, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, T-SQL, SQL Server
  • 5. N-Tier Development Multiple tiered Solution:
    • Windows Client : User interface
    • Business : Business rules and entities
    • Data Access : Interface to T-SQL stored procs
    • Stored Procs : Database access
    • Entities : Business and Exception objects
  • 6. Windows Client
    • MDI Windows Forms app
    • Clean, professional user interface
    • Simple, clear error messages
    • Pleasing use of color and fonts
  • 7. Business Rules
    • Encapsulation of discrete
    • business objects and logic
    • Validation of business entities
    • Use of XML documentation tags
    • Fully commented
  • 8. Data Access
    • Stateless data access tier
    • No direct SQL
    • db access through ADO.NET
    • Using to Dispose() objects
    • Custom exceptions
  • 9. Transact-SQL
    • Database security
    • Network efficiency
    • Code re-usability
    • Use of transactions
    Stored Proc usage:
  • 10. Test Scripts
    • Controlled unit testing
    • Ease integration testing
    • Re-test after future changes
  • 11. Code sample
    • Full object oriented programming
    • Use of polymorphism, inheritance, and n-tier
    • Try/catch blocks
    • Status strips
  • 12. Web based
    • Same application as
    • an ASP.NET web app
  • 13. SQL Server
    • SQL Server database diagram
    • Use of Identity columns
    • Use of Indexes, keys,
    • relationships, and constraints
  • 14. Documentation
    • Always fully document my software
    • Above manuals written for: DB Admin, Users, Support personnel
    • Not just an after thought or a “bother” but integral part of project
  • 15. Documentation
    • Documentation is extensive (this manual is 75 pages)
    • Is of the highest quality
  • 16. User Training
    • System also supported by Viewlets
    • Viewlets are a product of ViewletBuilder5 from Qarbon
    • Viewlets provide a “simulation” of actual software usage.
    • An presentation provides a series of screens that simulate mouse movements, menu selections, data entry, etc.
    • Training is also enhanced with “text bubbles” that provide comments
    • The “movie” presents a realistic presentation of actual software usage
  • 17. Work History
    • Driven to complete projects
    • Consistent strong reviews for both quality and quantity of software
    • Very client oriented
    • 22 years with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
    • Strong presentation, teaching, and mentoring skills
    • Excellent references
    • In January 2008, awarded by Pfizer, with a 6 month sabbatical in Guyana South America serving as a database administrator in a non-profit HIV program
  • 18. Personal
    • Excellent health.
    • 30 years of exercising: 23,000 miles jogging, 5 years swimming.
    • Adventurous, high-energy life style.
    • 1,400 skydives and a 3,500 mile bicycle trip across US.
    • Six months traveling at sea in Central America.
    • Hobbies are home improvement and furniture making. Have installed my own indoor, in-ground exercise swimming pool.
  • 19.
    • What Can I Do For You?
    Jed C. Morris [email_address] 860.373.4036