6 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Blogger Outreach Strategy Right Now


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A PDF detailing the basics of effective influencer and blogger outreach.

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6 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Blogger Outreach Strategy Right Now

  2. 2. 2 BLOGGER OUTREACH GUIDELINES Approach: general company awareness, blogger and media relationship-building. education campaign. Tactical: split the blogger/media targets according to type of content you are pushing - grouped by topics. The more well-known the interview subject or content, larger outlets (and fansites) will more readily respond. Pursue niche outlets for lesser-known video or content subjects. Content shared should feel indigenous to the platform where it is displayed and authentic to readers of the blog. Research existing press and blogger mentions for each video subject - add these outlets to existing list. Set a Company Goal: Examples • To have specific content shared on blog - for video, ask for embeds to be placed on blog site • Establish company awareness • Mention of company, its founders, and team • Link back to site and/or link back to specific content • Invite certain bloggers to be Interviewed “How do you make it as a blogger?” • Adding subscribers to your email database • Product - if selling a product, having product featured on blog (with product link)
  3. 3. 3 BLOGGER OUTREACH GUIDELINES Create Outreach and Messaging: • Introduction email - About your Company, Why you are writing, What you are offering, Call-To-Action (CTA) • Be specific about why you chose to send a message to this particular blog • Read several posts on each blog to get a feel for subject matter before pitching each one - and craft your note accordingly (“I noticed you covered xx so thought I would reach out...we’re a startup that create video diaries of xx to empower..” • Follow an Editorial Calendar: Pitches around the Holidays, Fashion Weeks, Social Media Week, Key Events, etc. • Provide “ready-made” stories and/or suggest story ideas that can be published easily • Invite bloggers and journalists sign-up to your E-letter • Ask certain bloggers to take over your Instagram, host contests, give feedback • If a blog has multiple writers, send message to individual writers • Provide stills or photos Don’ts • Do not send an email broadcast to this list - these will be ignored and are considered spam. Types of Paid Blogger Relationships • Sponsoring Existing Content • Product Giveaways - proposing to give blogger free product to test out and post at their discretion • Paid Content - paying to have blogger write a post about your product or service
  4. 4. 4 BLOGGER OUTREACH GUIDELINES Follow Social Channels • Follow Twitter Accounts of Each Blogger • Follow Instagram Accounts of Each Blogger • Follow Pinterest Accounts of Each Blogger (if applicable) • Like Facebook Page of each blog from your Company Page (if applicable) • Create Your Own Twitter “List” Called ‘Fashion Bloggers’ (or name of your choosing) to keep track of bloggers on the list, react to the topics they write about, and to retweet • This kind of activity also allows your company to show up on bloggers’ radar. Tracking • Create spreadhseet to track progress with each blog and media outlet • Set up custom URLs via Bit.ly or Google’s Custom Link Builder Tool to track traffic from blog hosting your content.
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