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What's a 21st century global corporation ?
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What's a 21st century global corporation ?



The world economy is change. The model of the 20th century corporation need to be adapted toward a 21st century model: flat, connected, focused on innovation, collaborative, global.

The world economy is change. The model of the 20th century corporation need to be adapted toward a 21st century model: flat, connected, focused on innovation, collaborative, global.



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What's a 21st century global corporation ? What's a 21st century global corporation ? Presentation Transcript

  • What is a global corporation?
  •   « It’s not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent… It is the one that is the most adaptable to change » Charles Darwin
  • Presentation in three part: 1. Corporation in the 2Oth century 2. A transforming world 3. Corporation in the 21st century
  • 1. Corporation in the 20 th century
  • Taylorist organization of labour
  • Management focused on efficiency …
  • … and cost reduction
  • Organigram in pyramid shape
  • Management by command and control
  • Silos…
  • Weak flow of information
  • Internal mistrust
  • The burden of the legacy
  • Unmotivated employees
  • Pressurized executives
  • Loyalty loss
  • Talent price’s inflation
  • Innovation ?
  • A closed door process
  • Scientists and researchers exclusive responsability
  • Untapped internal creativity
  • Outward….
  • Locked intellectual property, image control
  • One way external communication
  • Partners stuck in client/supplier relationship
  • Mass marketing dominates
  • Clients considered as shoppers, no partners
  • Does this corporation pattern work?
  • Yes !
  • World wealth has tripled between 1950 and 1998
  • This corporation pattern fits perfectly…
  • … in a pretty predictable environment
  • Where the mainest competitors are steady and well identified
  • In a world where anyone’s position is clearly established Ouest Est Tiers-monde
  • Where size is the first driver of power
  • This world isn’t any more
  • 2. A transforming world
  • Landmarks are moving
  • Regions weight is changing
  • New economical powers have emmerged
  • Sectors loose their shield Aviation Energie Télécommunications Finance Transport
  • Trade is global
  • Technology is overall
  • Internet breaks barriers to entry
  • Fresh challengers have already dig their hole, like…
  • Low cost airlines
  • Online bankers
  • New economical models are rising
  • very fast !
  • Unexpected competitors can pop up anytime, from anywhere
  • And reshape consumption codes
  • Like in the wine industry Australie France
  • In the music industry
  • In the pharmaceutical industry Today, big generic drugs manufacturers come from India , du Brazil , Thaïland , Israël , China , Romania …
  • Sales strategy are easily cloned
  • Product lifecycles shorten
  • Technologies are always more sophisticated
  • Planned innovation doesn’t guarantee breaktrough anymore
  • « We are experiencing an innovation crisis  ! » Pedro Lichtinger, Chairman Pfizer Europe (september 2008) Pharmaceutiques
  • Within 25 years, development costs for proprietary drugs have increased 15 times 1984 : 53 millions de US$ 2009 : 880 millions de US$
  • However, the number of new molecules annually put on the market decreased by 60% Les sociétés bio tech sont à l’origine de 70% des molécules approuvées, contre 40% en 2000
  • Businesses can’t innovate alone anymore
  • Innovation is a collaborative process
  • All these changes are deep and structural
  • They require methods and mindsets updates
  • 3. Corporation in the 21 st century
  • Globe Corp
  • Innovation is the number one priority
  • Foster individual creativity
  • Coordinate rather than command
  • Make innovation everybody’s business
  • How?
  • Promote personal and unformal interactions
  • Give anyone the opportunity to be a project owner
  • To give input and issue propositions
  • And be rewarded for it
  • No cutting edge innovation without enjoying
  • Give meaning
  • Embrace openness
  • Multiply interactions opportunities
  • Within…
  • … implement collaborative platforms
  • Outside…
  • Build and join clusters and networks
  • Welcome external contributions
  • Get embeded into peers projects
  • Use social networks and 2.0 (social internet)
  • Listen and interact with your communities
  • Look for talents and markets anywhere
  • Look beyond own sector
  • Consider disruptive innovation and create new needs
  • Explore and invent new markets
  • Set up a global vision
  • They did it :
  • And you ?
  • «  Our main competitor is someone with an idea !  » Procter & Gamble
  • Economic Think tank : - Rich web content production about the 21st century networked economy - Expertise building - Meeting moderation and animation - Speaker
  • Contacts: www.globecorp.biz www.entrepriseglobale.biz Jean-Yves Huwart economic journalist, globalization specialist, book author, blogger, speaker [email_address] mobile: +32 476 295 641 www.globecorp.biz www.entrepriseglobale.biz
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