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Facebook: Start to Finish (Aug 2012)

Facebook: Start to Finish (Aug 2012)






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  • McDonald’s Just like all marketing, Social Media is not a “get rich quick” scheme it’s a ongoing commitment to communicating with your prospects, clients, customers
  • PROFILE MAIN PAGE ~ edit your About section to include your business How to friend (do we need this?) How to send a private message LEFT COLUMN click on the word 'Facebook' (top left) to get back to this page news feed Friend List – only you see them, can only include your friends or people you have subscribed to Interest List – are public, can include people and businesses CENTER status update ~ can select who sees your post ~ Can put where you are – if you are at a biking event ~ can select to see all posts from a certain person (click on down arrow at right of their status update) ~ Can share a post that shows up in your newsfeed ~ sort RIGHT COLUMN ticker sponsored stories/posts click on your name to get to your page Click on ‘down arrow’ to change Privacy settings ~ be sure under Timeline & Tagging ‘who can see what others post on your timeline’ is set to friends of friends or everyone. Personal Information click on your name, click on Update Info, 'edit' info in any section *be sure to link your business
  • In the past, many public figures used profiles to connect with friends and family, and Pages to connect with their public audiences. Now, you can use your profile to connect to your public audience too, with the Subscribe button. When you allow people to subscribe, anyone who’s interested can get public updates you share from your profile, right in their News Feeds. This lets you share with a broader audience, while reserving personal updates for people you know well. Subscribers can see your public posts Goes back to if you are using your personal profile to promote your business then this is a good option. People may want to connect with you but are not personal friends or business associates – you can turn this on. You may want to subscribe to people who are influential in the biking industry to keep up with their posts and share their content
  • Unknown platform applications or games may contain or let in viruses. Avoid them Hide them DO: Completely familiarize yourself with Facebook’s privacy settings, including: a.    Default sharing b.    Tagging c.    Instant personalization d.    Authorizing apps e.    Blocking
  • Interest List ~ can be created by going to a business page, hover of the LIKE button and ‘create a list’ ~ can include people and business pages Friend List ~ can be created by clicking on ‘more’ or ‘friends’ in left column
  • Your Facebook personal Profile can be a place to nurture key relationships with specific friends + reach a wider audience of acquaintances + keep up to date with close personal friends and family members... so publish a mix of personal/professional content.
  • how do I get to my business page how do I switch to posting as my business page? ~ use drop down arrow at right and 'post as' ~ note: when posting on another page as your business, sign your name to your post how do I find my 'news feed' ~ after changing to your business page, click on Facebook logo Why become ‘Balance’? LIKE other pages Comment on other pages Check your news feed Build your referral sources Get noticed
  • Need more than 1 admin
  • NOTE: Once you have a personal url people can also then join your fan page via SMS/text message by simply sending the words "like yourusername" to 32665
  • Facebook pages to look at: http://www.facebook.com/bicyclingmag http://www.facebook.com/USABMX http://www.facebook.com/TrekBicycle http://www.facebook.com/leagueamericanbicyclists
  • Add a custom fbml page Use a video message adding a custom landing tab. Studies show that you'll increase your conversion rate (visitors into fans) by having them land on a custom (welcome page) tab vs. straight to the wall. Use a sign-up box ~ be sure to tell them what to do – ie: sign up, visit our site ~ when they sign up, give them something ~ tell them what you do! A few considerations: Width must be no longer than 520 pixels External style sheets may/may not be used – depending on Facebook’s mood that day ;) You can hire people to do this or purchase some templates Set this as your landing page
  • Don’t forget Pinterest
  • Can also setup Milestones – which get a flag – when company started, when big events occurred, etc. How about posting a screen capture of someone’s nice comment on your page? Using timeline as a timeline: http://www.facebook.com/HistoryofSweden
  • Insights – where are they & what do they mean – we will cover in another slide Reach : How many people saw your post in last 28 days Engaged : How many clicked on it Talking : How many Like’d, Commented or Shared your post Virality : Talking/Reach (how ‘viral’ is your post) Average is 2% Excellent is 5%+ Look at the Virality for the last 28 days and determine: ~ best time and day to post ~ best types of posts
  • influential people in your industry and related industries, prospects, media contacts, people you admire, potential collaborators
  • On your personal Facebook page : Update your ‘status’ with an invitation to become a fan of your page Link to your Fan page in your personal profile (under your profile picture) Put your Fan page address under ‘websites’ in your info Tell your friends they can become a fan vis SMS text fan (or like) MarkbeechMarketing to 32665 Use @tags (@MarkbeechMarketing) to post about your company on your status update to let friends/family know what is happening on your fan page Put a link to your blog postings in your ‘status’ update Additionally Join relevant Facebook groups Ask friends/business associates to promote your page Become a fan of other people’s fan page
  • Engage Ask questions Be prompt in responding to comments Address people by name Add your own thoughts/comments Hold a Q&A session Thank your fans Use @tags Post between 9am and 2pm when most people are on – experiment with this for your page (post at the top of the hour?) – look at who’s on through your ‘chat’ box, or at what time people are commenting on your posts
  • Charity – or if you want to support one, ask for suggestions on which ones you will support
  • Promotions include contests, competitions, sweepstakes, and drawings. If in doubt, the litmus test is will one or more winners be selected? If so, the rules apply. If you’re just giving away a gift to all your fans, then that’s a giveaway and isn’t affected by the rules.
  • I usually find the tipping point in social media is between 500-1,000 fans/followers/friends/email subscribers . You’ll start to see measurable results with this size group. You’ll be building trust and loyalty among your fanbase with consistently good content and reliable responses. Now you must have a strategy in place to convert your fanbase to paying clients or customers. Perhaps you’ll offer a special event (live or virtual), coupons, discounts and other incentives to give your fans a strong call to action. The bottom line is to let your fans know exactly what you want them to do. And pace your offers. If you’re hosting live/virtual events, be sure to also use the Facebook Events feature. See this post for ideas: 10 Tips for Creating Buzz With Facebook Events . EXAMPLE: discount tickets to Busch Gardens Christmas Town
  • Email sent weekly from Facebook
  • Become a fan of these pages to keep up with all the ongoing updates and changes to Facebook. AllFacebook.com is the online guide for everything related to Facebook. We provide everything from tips to how-tos, and the latest news for Facebook users as well as brands, marketers, and anybody else looking to take advantage of Facebook. Mashable.com is an online magazine with great tools and tips and information about the web and social media Dubbed the Pied Piper of Facebook by Fast Company magazine – she was part of the beta testing of FB and got hooked and saw the business potential right away. Very casual and full of information Facebook Pages keep you on top of the changes to your Facebook page – they why, how and when – ie. Changing width of FBML tabs, Moving the boxes from the left column, etc.

Facebook: Start to Finish (Aug 2012) Facebook: Start to Finish (Aug 2012) Presentation Transcript